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Transformers Fall of Cybertron Chapter I: The Exodus (in progress)

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The Story of the Transformers Begins and starts with the end. The Full Version of the chapter will come out soon.

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Transformers Fall of Cybertron: Chapter I
The Exodus

The Story of the transformers journey to the planet Earth begins with their fall. As the peace loving autobots venture and hurry to a highly unstable portal called a space bridge in their shuttle known as the Ark, the decepticons close up on them in their ship called the Nemesis. “I never thought that it would come to this, leaving Cybertron is the hardest decision I had ever have to make,” Optimus Prime said to his scout Bumblebee, “What ever lies beyond that portal is our best and last hope my friend.” A little while later a giant hook rams itself into the Arks wind shield.

“Autobots defend the Ark,” Shouted Optimus. Just as Bumblebee took a fatal blow by another hook, and collapsed on the floor. “All hands to combat,” Optimus yelled again.

“Bumblebee, BUMBLEBEE, Optimus, he’s coming around,” said the Autobot medic Ratchet.

“Thank the maker,” replied Optimus.

“He’s been through worse, voice chip is still crashed, nothing new there,” Optimus paused him to help the others. “I need to test your retinal scanners, follow the light,” he said to Bumblebee. “Okay … on target … looking good,” said Ratchet

“WEAPONS DOWN HANDS WHERE WE CAN SEE’EM!” shouted a decepticons raider. “Don’t fire I’m a medic,” said Ratchet. “Smack a muffler on’em.” then ratchet threw the ball of light into the air and used it as a floating stun grenade. “Take them out Bumblebee!” said Ratchet.

“Megatron wont give up so easily,” Optimus Prime said. Then a transmission came, from Megatron. “Your precious Ark will never reach that portal Optimus,” said Megatron. “ARK SYSTEM SHIELDS FAILING,” stated the Autobot computer Telatraan I. “I WILL TEAR YOUR SHIP APART PIECE BY PIECE!” shouted Megatron.

Optimus gave a quick announcement to the autobots. “Autobots, keep the ark running, Bumblebee guard the deck.” a power shortage occurred after Optimus left the room. “NO the Arks weapon systems have been disabled, without them the ship will be destroyed, take this fuse from Telatraan and install it to the weapons hard-drive
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