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Chapter Two

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My name is Gerard Way. It’s nice to meet you.

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The first thing that really stood out to Frank was this guy’s hair. It was this extremely bright neon red color, close to the shade of a fire truck. It was to the point that his hair color could make you annoyed, but Frank loved the color red so it wouldn’t be much of a problem. The man had the biggest, most pretty hazel eyes he believed he had ever seen. And usually, Frank didn’t think really anything on a guy was pretty. And if he were honest enough, this guy had this sort of weird, girlish look to him. So Frank could call him pretty all he wanted. His skin was extremely pale, almost like porcelain. He wore all black, a black leather jacket over a black undershirt with black skinny jeans, which just made the pale complexion of his face even paler. And, just like the girl Lyn-z that Frank had met earlier, this guy was also taller than Frank.

The man stood in front of Frank, just really studying him as Frank did just moments ago. It was strange, he thought, that they were just continuously staring at each other. The man looked at Frank, and just could not help but think of how much Frank’s face resembled a child. That along with his height because Frank was just too small to be in college. He couldn’t help but think that maybe he was too young to be in college too. But he was masculine in some ways, for the muscles that were shown prominently though the white v-neck that he was wearing. Tattoos littered Frank’s arms and neck, and maybe a few other places that the man could not see, but couldn’t help but think about. His hair was somewhat long, not quite reaching the shoulders, but almost there and brown. He recognized the eye color, for it had matched his, a hazel like his own. That was when he realized that he was just starring at this man, and the man was just starring back.

“That was extremely rude of me, I’m sorry. My name is Gerard Way. It’s nice to meet you.” Gerard spoke to him, a smile present on his face. Frank looked at the way Gerard spoke. He seemed to only talk out of one side of his mouth. He couldn’t help but wonder what the fuck happened to his mouth to make him only talk out of the one side. But Frank wasn’t one to judge. He also seemed extremely polite, just the type of person that Frank wouldn’t mind to room with.

Gerard dropped the bags down to the ground at his feet and looked up at Frank, who was still standing there starring at him. Frank, taking in the man in front of him once again. He doesn’t believe that he has seen a man with such a girlish look to him, and it was extremely distracting for Frank. This guy was just pretty.

But Frank snapped out of it as he saw Gerard extend his hand out to him. He grabbed Gerard’s hand and shook it. He tried to ignore how ice-cold Gerard’s hands were, and just smiled, trying to look as polite as he could manage. People most love shaking hands at this school. Frank thought. At least it was better than hugs. He hated hugging people that he hardly knew. Frank was never too much of a touchy feely person.

“Frank. Frank Iero, nice to meet you too.” Frank said, keeping his introduction as short as possible. He wasn’t in a very talkative mood right now and all that he wanted to do was unpack and get situated. Gerard also noticed Frank’s mood and decided not to press and just keep they’re conversation short. So, in the meantime, Gerard decided that now was a good time to look around, then unpack later. Gerard was somewhat a procrastinator.

“I’ll be back in a little bit,” Gerard smiled. “I’m going to go have a look around. If you want you could come too? I do not mind the company.” Gerard offered while he kicked his suitcases farther into the room. He didn’t want anyone to be tripping on them, and even possibly damaging the contents inside.

Frank smiled at Gerard, and thought about it for a moment before declining his offer kindly. He was dead set on unpacking all of his shit so that he could finally call his mom, and maybe even get a good sleep before classes started in the morning. He wasn’t too psyched on his classes, but was pretty excited for the parties that may or may not be going on tomorrow night. So, Frank thought, it would be best to get everything done by tonight.

“Well alright, suit yourself. I’ll be back.” And with that, Gerard was out the door and headed off to god knows where. Also leaving half of his bags in a heap in front of the door, which Frank thought was just fantastic.

Frank decided just to let it be and grabbed his bag from off of the ground. He walked over to the bed that was located closest to the window and threw his bag on top of the mattress. That was one thing that he did forget at home. His blanket and sheets. He didn’t want to have to buy new ones, because well that would be a waist of money. He had a perfectly good Marvel comic book sheet set at home.

Frank sat down next to his suitcase and began to unzip it. All that really occupied the space in his suitcase was his clothes and maybe a few comic books that he could read if he got bored enough. That and some bathroom supplies and his pepper spray. He really had no idea why he brought it and he knew that he was never going to need to use it. But it made his mother feel safer, so he brought it just for her.

“You know how homophobes can be. It’s better to be safe than sorry.” Linda’s words echoed in Franks mind as he clutched the pepper spray. He just sighed at his mother’s words and grabbed his pepper spray and the few comic books he had and opened the top drawer of his bedside table to place them inside.

After Frank finally got done putting his clothes away into the appropriate place, either in the small dresser that he had or the half of the closet that was his, he walked over and sat on his bare mattress again. He pulled out his phone where it lay in his front pocket and checked the time. It was a little after six in the afternoon. The sight of the time made Frank’s stomach grumble out in hunger. For he had not eaten a single bite since his mother had made him lunch at about noon. But he sucked it up, and began to dial his mother’s number instead of worrying about food.

“Frank?” Linda spoke, her voice groggily and unclear. She answered right on the second ring, like she had been waiting by the phone all day.

“Hey, Mom,” Frank spoke into the phone, smiling sadly to himself at the pain that was recognized in her voice. He felt even more guilt into leaving her than he had when he first left. She had to have been hiding her feelings from Frank a lot more than he had once thought.

“Frank! Oh how are you doing over their baby?” she questioned him, bracing her self for the worst-case scenario that she thought she was going to receive.

“Well I guess okay. I miss you a lot though,” He really did miss her. He had even thought about going straight back home saying, ‘Screw college’. But his mother would not be happy with that thought. It wasn’t every day that you get a scholarship to a college, and it would be a waist to drop out without even the first day going by. So ultimately, he let the thought slip out of his mind.

“Oh baby, I miss you too.” Linda whispered. “But don’t worry about me a single second. I have the family with me, and you know how long I have been wanting to catch up on my reading.”

“Yeah, I suppose.” Frank mumbled as he flicked his tongue across his lip ring. He did this a lot when he was nervous, or practically any kind of emotion that made him feel uneasy. When he couldn’t get his nicotine in, like he couldn’t right now because he left his pack at home, he would flick or suck on his lip ring.

Linda smiled on the other end of the line. “So, enough of this sappy stuff,” She began, making Frank giggle. “How’s that roommate of yours? Did you meet them yet?”

“Yeah, I met him. His names Gerard Way, I don’t really know much about him. He was here for a few seconds then he was gone, leaving his bags and shit on the floor right next to the door. He seemed nice enough though.” Frank said to his mother, little to no interest in his voice at all.

“Hmm,” Linda hummed thoughtfully. “You’ll get to know him sometime. His name rings a bell though, sounds like I’ve heard of him before.” She hummed again and Frank heard the distinctive sound of her long red fake fingernails tapping on the wood surface, probably the coffee table that was sat by the phone. “Is he cute?”

Frank laughed at his mother, but he saw it coming anyway. He didn’t want to answer her question, mostly because Frank never thought of somebody as ‘cute’ until he got to know them. Looks aren’t a thing that Frank felt important for someone to have to like them. Personalities are key for him. He didn’t care what they would look like, they could be ugly for all he cared, as long as they were beautiful on the inside, and then it would show on the outside.

“I have never seen a man look so feminine in my life.” He laughed to himself, making his mother do the same. “Just the way he carries himself, and the way his face just looks. His hair is really long too, and like a fire truck red. And his eyes, god don’t get me started on his eyes.” Frank spoke dreamily to his mother.

Linda flicked her tongue on the roof of her mouth as she listened to her son gush to her about his roommate. She knew he wouldn’t say it, but she knew that he thought this Gerard character was cute. Never in his life has she ever remembered her son gush so much about someone, just be plain infatuated with someone so soon in knowing the person, or more likely just seeing the person. But, she would keep her mouth shut and just let her son have his moment. And with a sly smirk on her face, she continued to listen to her son’s little babbles.

“His eyes are hazel, and just so breathtaking. Especially how he wears his eyeliner bordering his eyes, it really makes the color pop. I have never seen such pretty eyes in my life. The way the colors just mix in together with the differences in the dark and lights, they look amazing. I mean, I only really saw him for maybe a few minutes, but that was really enough.” Frank remembered, drawing a mental picture of the man in his mind. He didn’t understand why he was so hung up on this guy’s looks. He never thought so much of someone’s looks in his life. But then again, it just could be his nerves from his first day at college, or maybe the fact that Gerard really just reminded him of a chick and he was fazed by it.

“I see,” Linda hummed knowingly. “Well it’s nice that you have made a friend.” She laughed and Frank rolled his eyes at his mother playfully, even though she could not see. “Have you met anyone else? Or are you already becoming a hermit?” Linda asked Frank teasingly.

Frank ignored the tone of his mother’s voice and smiled. “Well yeah, one person. Her name is Lyn-z. She seemed pretty cool. She has a lot of tattoos, and kind of like that rocker girl look. She kind of looked like a schoolgirl in a smutty school uniform. But I didn’t really talk to her long.” Frank said shrugging his shoulders as he fell back against the bed, almost smacking his head on the wall.

“Smutty schoolgirl huh?” Linda chuckled. “Sounds like Rutgers is a pretty interesting school.”

“You have no idea.” Frank agreed, shaking his head along with his conformity. “Oh and I forgot my sheets at home. And I may need to bring a few of my posters here too. These walls are so bare it’s close to driving me to insanity.”

“Ah ha! See Frank, I knew you were going to forget something. I guess I could have made a better checklist for you. Oh well,” Linda sighed. She knew her son so well. Maybe she should have checked with him again before he left.

Frank laughed at her, like he had the multiple times that he was on the phone with her today. Hearing his mother’s voice always cheered him up. Even when he was little and he scraped his knee on the sidewalk after being chased by his neighbors Labrador. After a few minutes of his mother’s calming voice he was out and playing again. And it was the same feeling that he was having today. After going through what felt like the worst day of his life, his mother was there once again to cheer him up.

“Oh Frank, I need to go your father is on the other line. I miss you, so much baby. Goodnight and I love you.” Linda voiced out in a rush, her words almost jumbling together. Frank frowned and felt his mood dampen at her words.

“I miss you too. Goodnight I love you.” Frank was then answered by the call tone. He shut his phone and threw it on the bed next to him before bringing his hands up to his eyes and digging the heals of his hands into his eyes to keep himself from crying. He really did not want to cry right now. He has been crying for the past week before he even showed up here. Frank is nineteen years old, and he really doesn’t think that he’s acting his age.

“So, was that your girlfriend?” Frank heard a voice ask. He jumped up at the sound and sat up, while he opened his eyes and looked at the person that was standing at the front of the door. It was Gerard, and he was finally home from wherever he was at before.

Gerard was standing there by the door, bending over and picking up his bags that were just strewn around the room. Frank stood up off of his bed and walked awkwardly over to where Gerard was standing to help him with his bags.

“Uh- no. It was my mom.” Gerard looked at Frank like there was something wrong with him. Frank just picked up the nearest bag and walked over to place it on Gerard’s bed.

“Wow. You guy’s sound close then.” Gerard said as he grabbed the final bag off of the floor and threw it across the room. It landed swiftly on the bed with a small thud.

Frank nodded his head at him and followed Gerard as he walked his way further into the room. Frank sat on his own bed as Gerard stood by his own bed, empting out the contents of his many bags onto the bed. Frank was surprised when he saw one full suitcase filled with only hair products. And when he looked up at Gerard’s hair, he then understood why he had all of that junk. All Frank usually does in the morning is comb through his hair with his fingers. He actually grabs a comb if he needs to look nice.

“You already unpacked?” Gerard’s voice sliced through the quietness in the room, making Frank jump a little at the sound.

“Uh, yeah I’ve been done for a while.” Frank answered in a whispering tone. He felt kind of strange talking to Gerard after everything that he had said to his mother on the phone about him. And with all of the things that Gerard was pulling out of suitcases, Frank decided that Gerard might be women. That or maybe a cross dresser.

“Are those stilettos?” Frank eyed the items that Gerard pulled out of his bag curiously. Gerard chuckled as he placed the shoes on the bed along with some fishnet tights, a short skirt with black lace and a black and red tube top. Frank’s jaw completely dropped as he starred at the clothing like they were about to pounce on him.

“It’s my drag outfit,” Gerard began. “You never know when you might want to dress up like a woman.” Gerard laughed this little schoolboy laugh and folded the remaining clothes that were on his bed.

“Oh yeah, that’s true.” Frank giggled right along with him. Gerard looked up at Frank and smirked, before picking up his folded clothes to go put in his own dresser drawers.

Gerard worked on unpacking his things for about ten more minutes, getting through about two bags and a half before he sighed and threw the rest of the bags down on the floor in a huff. He folded his arms across his chest in a pouting motion. Frank put down the comic book that he was once reading and laughed at how dramatic Gerard was being right now.

“Unpacking is way too much work!” Gerard complained to Frank as he shot him a helpless look. Frank looked over at him with a tilted half smile and a shrug of his shoulders. “I am now calling a five minute break!” Gerard yelled as he shot up off of his bed as he walked over to Frank’s. Frank eyes him suspiciously as Gerard sat down next to him, completely invading his personal space.

“So, since we are now roommates for this college experience of ours, how about we get to know each other?” Gerard asked as he began to get situated on Frank’s bare mattress, slinking in between the wall and the bed frame.
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