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His first day at college, really wasn't that bad. His roommate, he thought, was pretty rad too.

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Frank had no idea what to ask Gerard about. He wasn’t good with making conversations really, even with people that he knew for years. Gerard, he thought, was going to be just the same. So in answer, Frank just nodded his head and looked over at Gerard with large eyes.

Gerard smiled over at Frank, his new roommate. He was really excited to get to know him, because wow. Frank had some nice tastes in comic books. He seemed pretty cool though too, Gerard thought. A lot more down to earth and not all about him self. Gerard knew this already, because when he took out his drag outfit Frank didn’t jump up from where he was sitting and smoke him in the face like people did at high school. ‘Fag’, they would scream at him. Menacing things. And if one thing was for sure, Gerard was not a fag. So he liked to dress up as a woman sometimes, that doesn’t mean he likes taking it up the ass.

“So Batman, what other kind of super hero’s do you like? I’m a Doom Patrol kind of guy myself.” Gerard spoke, making conversation with Frank, or well trying to. Gerard wasn’t too sure how much Frank would talk.

“Well, I hate Spiderman. He’s a winy little bitch. Always complaining that he’s a superhero and he always gets hurt on purpose too. He doesn’t deserve to be titled as ‘Super.’’ Frank complained hatred just seeping in his voice, making his boyish looks look kind of menacing. Gerard couldn’t help but giggle just a bit, but tried hiding it with his hand. He didn’t want to be rude.

“Hmm, looks like you got beef with Spiderman.” Gerard laughed out loud, not able to hold his laughter in anymore. Frank wasn’t fazed by it and just nodded his head vigorously.

“You have no idea!” Frank jumped off the bed and went over to his bedside table to grab out the other miscellaneous comic books for Gerard to have a look at. “But I do have an issue of Doom Patrol.” He declared, rummaging around in the drawer.

“Ah ha.” Frank smiled as he bounded right back up; throwing his new founded comic books on the bed. “I have more at home, and a few novels too. I’m kind of a book worm.” Frank said, emphasizing to his hands, which he put together. He did it in a kind of over lapping style, showing letters on each one of his fingers. ‘Bookworm’ it read on his fingers, a slash over the second O on his tattoo.

Gerard starred at the tattoo in aw. Gerard always loved body art, even though he could not get them himself. He is petrified of needles. Just the thought of some foreign sharp object going into his skin made Gerard freak the fuck out. He couldn’t even deal with a measly shot himself at the doctors let alone sit there for hours straight with needles poking and prodding him. That, is the reason Gerard doesn’t have, and never will have piercings or tattoos.

“Fuck man, your tattoos look awesome.” Gerard grabbed Frank’s hand to have a better look at all of his ink. He looked over his arms, which had a complete sleeve full. He had some family portraits as well on him, which Gerard liked a lot. He already knew Frank was really close to his Mother, by the way he had heard Frank talk to her on the phone. But seeing all the family portraits that were engraved on his skin, he knew that he was a family oriented kind of guy.

“Yeah, I have a lot more on my chest and back. The first one that I got was a jack o lantern on my back.” Frank spoke, starring down at the hand that Gerard grabbed with his own. He really didn’t mind Gerard touching him, he was used to people admiring his ink. And he also likes telling people the stories behind them. “The Halloween on my knuckles is for my birthday,” Frank explained as he watched Gerard as he ran his fingers over the H on Frank’s knuckle.

Gerard’s smile got larger as he looked up to Frank’s face. “Halloween is your birthday? That’s bad ass dude!” Gerard proclaimed as he let go of Frank’s hand to let it drop down to the bed. “You are like, really awesome so far dude. What kind of music are you into?”

Frank smirked at Gerard and folded his legs up in an Indian style on the bed. “You seem pretty awesome yourself man,” Frank told him honestly. He was actually kind of glad to have a roommate like Gerard. So far, even though he did just meet him, he seemed like someone he really would not mind to room with.

“Some of my favorites are Misfits, Black Flag and Bouncing Souls. Really anything that’s punk, rock, metal and some alternative. Mostly the hard shit. I did kind of grow up on Green Day too. I like a lot of stuff, the lists really too long to say it all.” Frank spoke, moving his hands while he talked for emphasis. Gerard just smiled and nodded along with the names of the bands Frank was naming off.

Gerard took the silence that came after Frank got done naming the bands as a cue for him to say his own interests. Gerard smiled at Frank shyly, and began to get more comfortable on Frank’s mattress. The beds, Gerard noted, were actually kind of soft and comfortable. For a college dorm room it is.

“Yeah, I’m into the similar stuff too. I love misfits, they’re one of my favorites really. But Bouncing Souls, I’ve never heard of.” Frank was smiling up until Gerard said he never heard of the Bouncing Souls. Being one of Frank’s favorite bands, he swore to himself that he would get Gerard to be a fan of them himself if it was the last thing he did.

“Dude, Bouncing Souls are awesome like you wouldn’t believe.” Frank began. “I’ll tell you what, whenever I go back home to get more of my stuff I’ll bring some of their albums with me. I swear to you man, you are going to fall in love with them.” Gerard nodded his head in agreement.

“Hey, I bet I’ll love them. I’m always up to checking out new bands. And it seems like you have a pretty awesome music taste,” Gerard laughed at the way Frank’s eyes lit up when he commented on his music tastes. Gerard decided that music must be pretty passionate with his music.

“So, what else do you like other than music and comics?” Gerard asked, truly wondering. He could see Frank being a drummer or a singer in a small town band or something around those lines. He seemed like the musician type.

“Well, uh I play guitar. My mom used to let me practice with bands in the garage and stuff since I was like eleven. My dad and grandfather were also in the music business, so I got taught at a young age. I can play other instruments too, but guitar is more my thing.” Frank said, rubbing his calloused fingers on his own arms, feeling the roughness that was his fingertips. That’s when he started to get the itch to play. Just talking about his guitar made him itch with anticipation to play. That was another thing that he needed to put on the list of things that he needed to get back from home. “What do you do?”

Gerard smiled slyly to himself once he finished listening to Frank talk. He noticed that once you got Frank talking, then it was hard to shut him up. But Gerard loved to talk, so Frank wouldn’t really bother him with it. That and he was actually interesting to talk to. They had a lot in common.

“I knew you had to have been into some type of instruments,” Gerard boasted proudly to himself. “That’s really cool though. I play guitar too, but I’m not really good. I played it in a band one time but they kicked me out because I really couldn’t play worth shit.” Frank laughed at Gerard’s inability to play guitar, but tried to cover his laughter so Gerard wouldn’t feel too bad about it. Gerard didn’t seem to care though.

“I do sing though. Oh, and I’m into art too.” Gerard said while he stood up and walked over to one of the bags that were on the floor in front of his bed. He pulled out a large, plain black sketchbook and brought it over to Frank’s bed with him. He sat back down on the bed, while he placed the sketchbook into Frank’s waiting hands.

Frank looked at the book that was now in his hands, the words ‘Gerard Way’ engraved in gold lettering at the top left hand side of the book. He slowly opened the cover, glancing a look at Gerard to check if it really was okay if he had a look inside. Gerard smiled and nodded at him, giving him the okay.

Frank opened the cover to reveal an extremely demented drawing. It was of a little girl. She was sitting in a small wooden chair that was just a little bit too small to fit her. She was wearing a plain white, bloodstained sundress that went and swayed past her knees. She had a knife in her little hand, clutching it ever so tightly. Blood, fresh blood still dripping off of the knife. The look on the little girls face was so dark and demented, her black hair in clumps from the dried blood that was on it. Her smirk was sewn shut with thick black strings. She looked someone out of the Nightmare Before Christmas. She looked insanely evil. The thing that really made Frank squirm though, was her eyes. The black mesmerizing pits where her eyes would be located were empty.

“Wow,” Frank breathed out. “This really looks incredible.” Frank said, the drawing, truly too amazing for words.

He flipped through the book, looking at all of the different sinister images that showed up on each page. It made Frank wonder why all of the things that was in this book had something to do with death, loss, murder, and just plain misery. Gerard’s style looked completely different than the way that his drawings would consider for him to look like. His image looked happy and cheerful, while as his artwork looked like death in itself. But, never the less, his artwork was truly amazing.

"Oh wow thanks," Gerard smiled. "People have a ton of differing opinions." He grabbed the book from Frank's hands and flipped through the pages, a small smile present on his thin lips. "Most people, when they first look at my art, they tell me that i should be placed in a mental institution." he giggled and closed the book, letting it drop to his side.

"I tell them they just need to have an open mind."

Gerard tapped a spider-like finger to his chin, before he picked up his sketch book and flipped it open to the page where the little girl was sitting on the small chair with blood dripping off her. He taped to her face, pointing to the lips that were sewn shut.

"She's keeping a secret." he explained, running his finger around the shadings, the differences in tones and the different colors. Rubbing the shades together as he moved his fingers along the page. "Someone in her family, maybe a close group of friends, murdered someone. They're using her as bait to save themselves. Cause really, who's gonna lock a kid up for that long?"

Frank thought about what Gerard had said, the image of that little girl swam around in his head. To be honest, he thought she was just a little girl that had been hurt or abused in some way or another, but that smirk on her face made him wonder if something was up. Truth be told, Gerard was a wonderful artist. And he was a great mind fuck.

"I do sell my painintings at the local coffee shop that is in Bellivile. It's really awesome there. They listen to great music too, it isn't like the mainstream shit that coffee shops usually listen to. Plus, the coffee is like amazingly awesome." Frank's eyes grew ride at his words. They had lived practically in the same area for how long, and they were just meeting now? Frank could'nt help but think it would have been awesome to know Gerard sooner.

"I lived in Bellivile since i was little. I'm surprised I never saw you, did you go to school there?" Frank was never a hermit in school really, he talked to a few people, but everyone knew about him and some of the crazy shit he did when he was with his friends. Or mostly when he was with Jamia.

"Oh no, I was homeschooled. I used to go to school untill I got beat up horribly one day and it completelty traumatized me. Also I never went outside to hang out with anyone." Gerard explained. "So obviously, I have completely changed by now."

Frank nodded his head along with what Gerard was saying, but he had to admit, no matter how interesting Gerard was, it was just way too hard to pay attention. He was extremely tired from all of the stresses of his first day at college, he really just wanted to hit the hay. He yawned and patted his cheek, trying the best he could not to sleep. It had just completely washed over him with no warning.

They had stayed silent for a few more moments, Frank bobbing in and out of sleep, while Gerard just sat there, tapping his leg to some unhearable beat. The silence was no where near as awkward as Frank had once anticipated that it would be. He was either comfortable with Gerard, or he was just way too tired to really care.

"So I just have one more question before I can finish unpacking and let you go to sleep." Gerard broke the silence, his voice somewhat rough sounding from the short lack of convorsation. Frank nodded his head, and quietly mumbled the word 'shoot.'

"So earlier, you were'nt talking to your girlfriend," Gerard began. "Do you have one?" he asked Frank, curiously. Frank shook his head no. Gerard nodded his head and played with his knee.

"A uh boyfriend? I just wanted to know if there was anytimes that I needed to possibly be out of the room."

"Nope, no boyfriend. You?"

"Well yeah," Frank starred at Gerard with a raised eyebrow. Didn't he just say he was straight?

Gerard's eyes grew wide. "A girlfriend! I meant i have a girlfriend. I'm straight. I do not like guys at all in that way. Her name is Lyn-z though, she is going to college here too."

"Oh," Frank said, thinking back to the girl he had just met earlier. He also could'nt help but feel a pang of indifference at Gerard's words. He was worried that he could possibly be homophobic. Frank really hoped not. "I think I met her. She seemed nice."

Gerard nodded his head. "She really is. We've been dating for almost two years now this November." Frank mumbled his congrats to Gerard, his tiredness finally winning the battle.

"I'm sorry dude, I am just so tired. I think I'm gonna hit the hay." Frank apologized, but he was actually just really excited to finally be able to get some sleep.

"Oh no problem dude, I think I'm gonna sleep too. I can always unpack tomorrow."

Gerard got up from Frank's bed, dragging his things along with him, before he just threw them all in a heap on the floor. He grabbed out a plain black comforter from one of his bags and threw it on the bed. Frank laid down on his bare mattress, wishing that he could go back home tomorrow and grab the few things that he needed. His first day at college, really wasn't that bad. His roommate, he thought, was pretty rad too.
And before the light was even turned off, Frank was out.
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