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Shaken Up

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Lindsey is really excited for Frank to meet her friends, but Frank doesn't think it's a good idea...

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What? Could it possibly be? the new chapter you've been waiting oh so long for is FINALLY up?


I apologies if it's a little rubbish and slow, but hey, you gotta start slow to get fast y'know?
Rates and Reviews would be lovely
enjoy ~BitterLoveBlackHeart xoxo

Frank’s POV

Waking up and knowing this wasn’t a dream was amazing, the best feeling I’ve had in a long time, I was sitting at Lindsey kitchen table with a hot mug of coffee in my hands, the early morning sun was peeking through the curtains and Lindsey was talking to me about something, I wasn’t sure what I’d kind of zoned out trying to imagine if this was my life, me and my best friend living together, with nothing to run from, and no reason to hide, I couldn’t ask for anything else…

“Frank are you even listening to me?” Lindsey said her voice slightly raised with a hint of annoyance, I diverted my attention from my own thoughts to her “Sorry Lindsey, I was off with the pixies, what were you saying?” I asked, she sighed but smiled “It doesn’t matter…I was just wondering if you wanted to meet my friends…” she placed a hand on my shoulder before picking up my now empty mug and washing it out in the sink, I sigh heavily “Linds, you know I shouldn’t even be here, I don’t want anyone else getting involved with my life, it’s dangerous, I hate knowing I’m putting you in danger let alone your friends, I think it’s better if I just stay in the house, Harry potter style…I’ll be in my room, pretending I don’t even exist…” I stood up and headed out of the room before Lindsey cleared her throat behind me, I turned around to see she had a slightly guilty expression on her face, I sighed again “What have you done Lindsey?” she brushed her hand through her hair nervously and began twirling the ends with her fingers, her eyes fixed to the floor beneath her “I…I um may have told my friends to come over to meet you…” she trailed off my eyes widened “Lindsey! Are you…oh my god, did you tell them?” I asked hurriedly, she shook her head “No no, I just told them you were my best friend and that I wanted them to meet you, please don’t be mad, but they’re not human, well not all of them, two of them are human, one a vampire and the other is lycan, oh maybe I shouldn’t have said that, but anyway please don’t be mad, I don’t want you to go all crazy hybrid child on me like you used to when we were kids.” She rambled taking in a deep breath at the end to make up for the lack of pauses she used; I shook my head “I’m not mad, it’s fine, I’ll just have to tell them…” I left the room and went upstairs and headed into the bathroom, I stripped down from my pajamas and grabbed some towels from the cupboard under the sink ready for when I got out of the shower, I turned the knob on the shower up so the water running out would be hot and I waited a few seconds before getting in to let the water heat up.

While I was in the shower some worrying thoughts began running through my mind,
what if Lindsey’s friends don’t like me? Or what if they hand me over to them?
Or what if they try to kill me?

I shook it off and the worrying thoughts washed away like shampoo down the drain, I switched the shower off and as soon as I stepped out I regretted turning it off, it’s always cold when you get out of the shower, always.
I wrapped the towel around my waist and used the smaller one of the two to dry out some of the water from my hair, I left the bathroom and entered what I guess is now my room, got dried and dressed and waited for Lindsey’s friends to arrive…

Gerard’s POV

‘Good Morning New Jersey! It’s a beautiful day in Newark, the sun is out, the sky is blue and you my friend are listening to 94.7 FM now to get you early birds up I’ll bust out some summer classics, you’re here with me Sean Smith for the next three hours, and this is Van Halen…’

As my radio alarm clock began to blast ‘Jump’ down my right ear I decided it was about time I got up and out of bed, after all it was 8 am on a Saturday morning, who doesn’t get up at that time?

oh wait…everyone.

I dragged myself out of bed to be greeted by the familiar ding of the coffee maker down stairs…Mikey’s awake then…

I stalked down stairs and into the kitchen to be greeted by Mikey holding out a hot cup of coffee and offering it to me “thanks Mikes” I said with a smile, he smiled but sighed afterwards, we both took a seat at the kitchen table and drank our coffee “Mom go to work?” I asked, Mikey simply nodded in response, his mug not leaving his mouth as he drank the hot liquid, I drank my coffee rather quickly, and soon after placing it down on the table I realised I had a craving for something else…

“Gerard, what’s gotten into you, sicne about about two weeks ago you’ve been really, strange, your urges are going crazy and you’re constantly paranoid…” my brother asked concerned, I looked at my reflection in the window and saw my eyes had turned black, and the once Hazel rings were now a fiery shade of red to match my newly dyed hair, my eyes did this allot, most commonly when I was angry or as I am now craving blood “I’m sorry Mikey, I don’t really know what’s wrong, something has just shaken me up a little I guess, something’s changed…” my brother nodded and said nothing in reply before taking my mug as well as his own and putting them in the dishwasher “By the way you might want to get showered and dressed we’re going to Lindsey’s, she’s got a friend over and she wants us to meet him…” he stated matter of factly, I nodded and went with his suggestion of getting a shower, I didn’t want to meet someone looking and smelling like…well a tramp.

After I had my shower and got dressed I went back down stairs to join Mikey in the living room, his brown hair covering part of his face as he watched the TV intently
“Can you believe it…I mean why would terrorists attack Better Living?” my brother questioned, I shrugged “Well you know all of those Resident Evil style rumours about the place, maybe there wasn’t a terrorist attack…” I stated, Mikey turned to face me with a questionable look on his face “yeah, y’know we’re all going to turn into flesh eating monsters because of the T-virus…” he said with a sarcastic tone, I shook my head “I didn’t mean that, I mean the supposed experimentation they do, I mean their medicines are extraordinary, no one has ever created anything so effective without using illegal experimentation…” my brother sighed “So you’re telling me, BL/ind are producing mass medicines because they’ve kidnapped and experimented on people illegally? That doesn’t explain why their building went boom, I don’t believe that…” Mikey pointed out, I shrugged, “Well we didn’t believe in Vampires until two years ago…” I mentioned, my brothers eyes filled with sadness “Gerard…” he muttered “Mikey, what have I told you, it’s fine, I’m not dead…well I am but I’m still here, I’m still your brother, nothing is going to change that.” I wrapped an arm around him and kissed his forehead softly “come on, we better get going if we don’t want to be late for Lindsey…”
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