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A Real Smile. Not A Fake One.

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Part 2 ~

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Gerard :

The night went by slowly. Very slowly indeed. Trying to avoid the nightmare. The nightmare that always revolve around a room. Usually with that certain number on it. 623. 623 clearly was my unlucky number. It shadow's my brain. Cautiously looking out for thing's that i hate. Thing's that i am scared of. Thing's that i don't even like to think about and warp them into some twisted tale involving a demon.

I picked myself out of the bed and shuffled my way up the creaky stair's that badly needed repaired. Sooner or later one of those step's is going to break and either me or my mum will fall. My dad is alway's out of the house. Either on business in another town or at the office working late. My brother Mikey, he never goes to my room. Never make's any contact with anyone. Mainly keeping to himself.

The kitchen invited me in with the coffee brewing and egg's and toast being cooked. Clearly it was a Saturday morning. My mum alway's make's egg and toast on a Saturday morning. It was sort of her little tradition. Ever since me and Mikey were young she would have it waiting for when we woke up.

My mum would put all her effort in to keep both of us happy. Her world revolved around family. Since she didn't see my dad too often all that love and care went to me and Mikey. She would see dad at least once a month if she was lucky. I would see him too depending on hwo long he would be here. Because he would usually take mum out and me and Mikey would only see him for no more than 10 or 15 minute's. That got the both of us down.

"Morning!" Mum smiled brightly as she washed the dishes from yesterday that still needed cleaned. She was always so cheerful, i have honestly never seen her down. Always a smile on her face. A real one. Never a fake one.

"Morning," I yawn from the lack of sleep. She does not know about these nightmare's that i have. It would only make her worry. I don't want to be the reason she isn't happy. It's important to me personally that she is happy because me and Mikey is the only one's she really has in this world. We would see our grandmother Elena during holidays but that was usally around Christmas.

"Go to bed late last night?" She joked drying her hand's and sitting down on the wooden chair infront of me. She eyes sparkled due to the happyness that shone through.

"Yeah, didn't realize the time," I smiled taking a sip of the coffee. My coffee changes through out the day. I would start off black with 2 sugar's and then slowly as the day went by i would add more milk. Usually the furthest i go would be a sixth of milk.

"We should get you a wall clock facing your bed," She said taking a cigarette out of her pocket. She dressed casual. She dressed how she dressed, not the way that she would be told to. She works. But not very much. She would be out of the house hours a day. So she would be out while me and Mikey is out in school. This is my last year in school. Don't know where i am heading after high school.

"No, you really don't need to, i just get so lost when i am drawing," I say. Yes i am an artist. Drawing get's me away from real life and those fucking nightmare's. Recently i had noticed that i had started drawing that particular being in my dreams. The demon. This demon was unlike any other demon's out there. This demon was the demon version of my best friend Frank. Or his nickname Frankie. But he does not go to my school anymore. He moved away. He didn't even say goodbye to me. It stung. But i soon enough got over the fact that Frank packed up and left. I still don't knwo where he is to this day.

"You are very passionate about your art work," Mum smiled. She promised me that what ever i want to do she would be behind my back one hundred and fifty percent. I had considered Art as a career but i don't know. Usually i would draw cartoon Vampires, werewolves or comic book characters.

"Yeah, where's Mikey?" I asked finally deciding to start on my meal that she had prepared. I picked up the golden buttered piece of toast with the runny egg yolk on it and bit into it. Of course it was delicious. As it always is. Never changes.

"Getting a shower, he should be down soon enough," She smiled standing up. "I have to go out today, why don't you and Mikey do something? Or invite a few friends around?" She added after slipping her denim jacket on over her yellow top. I only had 3 friends. My brother, Ray Toro and Bob Bryar. Ray was an amazing guitar player and Bob played drums. The common thing between the three of us we loved video games, comic books and no other than the horror movies. Something that we all cherish.

"Yeah, that would be fun," I smiled to her. I always had to be happy around her. Like i said i don't wnat her to worry. I am just glad she does not know the difference between one of my fake smiles and my very rare real ones.

"Okay, tell Mikey i had to leave," She smiled walking over and hugging me tightly kissing my cheek. Her love was so high and the amount of support from her was unreal.

"Okay ma," I smiled and she soon left the house. I called up Ray and Bob. Even they don't know about these nightmares.
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