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Room 623

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The white corridors got more colourful as you walked further down. *NO LONGER A ONE SHOT*

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Okay Hey ficwad ^w^

I posted thsi yesterday and i am telling you now i am going to continue this story. I promise i will stick with it. Because this just has a good feeling and i think you will enjoy it providing i don't give too much away :)

I miss the world of fanfiction and FicWad.

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Gerard :

The smell of coffee and cigarettes. The usual smell of my basement. The basement that i barely ever leave or have anyone down in. The only place where i can be free do what i want when i want to do it without getting judged or told not to. That's the beauty of your own room. You could cover it in poster's of thing's or band's that interest you or make you, you. The bands who's music got you through everything that the world decided to thro at you. The lyrics that go deep into your soul and connect's like it was a part of you. You have something that really relate's to these emotion's that you feel.

I trudge my way over to my bed and lie down. My eye's shutting resting. My mind just relaxing and my breath's going slower. After awhile. My mind finally decide's to drift off into a dream.

The wall's were white and had a different design as you walked down the hall. One wall would have a purple sort of flower design while the wall facing it was black and had a more of a flora design type thing. The designs change the further you walk down. The purple would change to a grey that blends more with the white while the black would turn to a blue and then green, creating this atmosphere of colour. This atmosphere of colour that lit up the entire corridor. Maybe even the entire building.

But what was this building? Why am i walking down a corridor? I don't even know which way i turn or where i am heading. I soon approach a mirror on one of the wall's and look at myself. I myself is dressed in a white polo shirt, white trousers, white shoes. Why all this white? It make's my skin even paler. My jawlength black hair is clean. Not the usual greasy style it usual stands in. My hazel eye's seem to be filled with hope. Usually they would be engulfed with trauma and despair.

Carrying down this long colourful corridor i finally approach a door. The door is also white but it has a golden knob. I look up and there is a number on the door "Room 623" It read in a fancy gold lettering.

"But what if i am not supposed to open this door?" I ask myself. I looked to my right and notice the window. The window reached from the ceiling to the floor. It was beautiful. I walked over to it and it had a silver frame and clear curtains. The sky was a bright blue and the birds were singing. The building overlooked the city of New York. I smiled at the sight. Everything was so peaceful.

The window was a dead end. Room 623 was the only room on this certain floor. How i got to this floor or even this building still fiddled my mind. I stepped over to the door and pushed it open. I look inside. The wall's were painted a deep red with a black retro design. It had white carpet and a double bed.I observe the bed, it was perfectly tidy. Nothing seemed to have been touched in here. I step further into the room and close the door shut behind me. That's when i spotted a body covered in blood. I gasp and it's head lift's. It's big eye's glowing a bright red.

"You done this, you done this to me," The body muttered standing up and facing the wall.

"I-i'm sorry," I am getting more frightened. This person was someone i have not seen in over 3 years.

"YOU DONE THIS TO ME," He screeched. His nails went down the red wall releasing blood.


I jolted awake and sat up straight in my bed. A cold sweat running down my forehead. my heart beating faster and faster with every passing second. "Im sorry, im sorry, im sorry," I muttered. My hands were shaking and my throat was dried up. I looked at the clock it was 2 in the morning. I got to stop these nightmares.

I got to save him.

The only problem?

Where is he?

He is inside my head.
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