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Based On What They See

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Part 3 ~

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Gerard :

Quickly i ran down stairs to get changed before Ray and Bob arrived. Obviously grabbing a random top from the floor which i didn't bother cleaning. I grabbed a pair of grey skinnies smelling them to check if they were clean which oddly they were.

It turned out i had lifted an Iron Maiden top. I took my time walking up the steps and found Mikey sitting drinking coffee with his head down.

"Hey," I smiled brightly at him leaning against the counter lifting a cigarette out of my pocket. Mikey lifted his head and looked at me. His face blank and a smile appeared upon his face.

Mikey was different. Mikey wasn't the usual brotherthat you would have. Mikey had a very bad experiance as a kid and well now he stay's silent. Never talks. Just smiles, nods or shakes his head depending on the question. He keeps to himself and tries to avoid people.

"Sleep well?" I asked taking a draw of my cigratte looking at him. He nodded. "Lucky for you i barely slept at all," I said laughing causing him to smile a little bigger. He lowered his head again drinking some more of the coffee just as the bell rung.

I walked to the door to a smiley Bob and Ray. "Hello!" Ray smiled happily as himself and Bob walked into the house. They settled themselves on the exact same spot they always do. Left hand side sofa beside the Playstation.

"Mikey!" I called. I looked into the kitchen and Mikey was putting his cup into the sink. Ray and Bob couldn't get over the story of what happened to Mikey. He didn't like talking about it.

Basically what had happened was when Mikey was in school he had this reall high pitched voice and then a young boy in the same class as him told him he sounded like a girl. Mikey sort of took it personally and then he got bullied for it.

Everytime he spoke people would shout girl voice at him and when he was getting changed one time. They changed his clothes with this frilly pink dress and then he got beat up and then everytime he talked he got punched so he just stopped and became a mute.

Mikey walked in and sat down smiling and waving at his friends. "You doing okay?" Ray smiled. Mikey again nodded his head. It sadden's me knowing i won't hear Mikey's voice.

You couldn't properly have a conversation but he would listen. If you ask him long stuff he would write it down onto paper. That's what the red book was for.

"That's great Mikey," Bob smiled. Bob and Ray was very supportive of us. Mikey still get's bullied. Only now it was because he never spoke. I hate the way people decide to pick on someone based on nothing more than what they see.

They don't know Mikey's story and they never fucking will.

We soon start to play the Playstation as usual. my eye's dropping. I have not got a proper night sleep. The funny thing was how it all started. How these nightmares actually began.

How you ask?

After what happened with Frank Iero.
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