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Chapter 8

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Adam's dad.

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"Ummmmppppphhhhhh...... No." Is the voice I hear upon waking up. I can hear Adam roll over and groan again. "No...... Just.... No....." He mumbles into his pillow. I groan in agreement.

"GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP!!" Comes a very loud, gruff voice. Adam sits up very quickly.

"Fuck! What the hell is he doing here? Brad, get up, hurry, before he comes barging in here." He says, jumping out of bed and yanking a suit out of the wardrobe. "Wear one of my suits, they should fit fine, I'm not that much taller than you. Wait, yea I am. Still, let's just hope he doesn't realize." He yanks yet another suit out of the wardrobe, tossing it to me. I try to dress as quickly as possible, finding it only a little big on me. I wonder why Adam is panicking, but don't ask. He's far too stressed.

"ADAM WADE GONTIER!!! YOUR LAZY ASS NEEDS TO BE DOWN HERE IN 2 MINUTES OR I'M COMING UP THERE!!!!" Comes the voice again. I can hear the voices traveling up the stairs, but I can't make out what they're saying. Nobody calls Adam by his full name, much less tells him what to do.

Adam sighs and starts dragging me down the stairs. "Calm your tits, dad, we were asleep. We needed to get dressed" He says when we get halfway down the stairs. His voice sounds so much more composed than when we were in the room.

As I follow him down the stairs, three figures come into view, and I recognize one as Neil. The other two figures are older, and both are blond as well. I can see the similarities between Neil and the man beside him, and assume that the other man is Adam's father.

"Now are you gonna tell me why you woke me up at 4:30 in the morning? And how the hell did you get into my house?!" Adam says tiredly, moving to stand in front of the three men. I stay at the staircase, and Neil looks over at me, giving me a nod as a way of greeting.

The man who I have decided must be Neil's father looks at me for a second, before turning to Adam, "You gave Neil a key. And who's this young man?"

Adam glances at me, before yawning and turning back to them. "Oh, right. This is Brad. Brad, this is my father and Neil's father." He says, leaning against the wall behind him and lighting a cigarette. He takes a long drag and flicks the ash off the end into a ashtray sitting on a side table.

"Pleased to meet you Mr. Gontier, Mr. Sanderson." I nod in their general direction

"He's polite. That's a very good quality." Mr. Gontier says as he approaches me quietly. I flinch slightly, and he glances back at Adam. "Why does he flinch? And he looks familiar."

"I would say ask Zatto, but Zatto's been dead for 2 days. He looks familiar because he's Matt's older brother." Adam takes another long drag from the cigarette, blowing smoke rings into the air.

"Zatto? Why would he be with Zatto?" Mr. Gontier frowns, his eyebrows creasing together. "Adam, vous n'avez pas mis la main sur ce garçon, et vous?" I can barely tell that his words are French, much less what they mean.

Adam looks at him, a very offended look on his face, "Non! Je ne suis pas une personne assez horrible de battre quelqu'un! Je peux tuer des gens pour gagner leur vie, mais je ne suis pas un salaud abusif!" I can understand 4 words that Adam just said, No, horrible, bastard, and abusive. (Non, horrible, salaud, and abusif) I wonder what he just said to his father.

Neil looks at Adam for a second before saying softly, "Adam, calmez-vous, ne voyez-vous pas que votre père est juste inquiet? M. Gontier, Brad était fiancé Zatto, et il abusé de lui. Vous pouvez vérifier autour de sa poitrine et de l'estomac, il a lacets bleus son corps." Wait, am I the only person in here who doesn't understand French?

Mr. Gontier bites his lip and looks at me, and mumbles, "I'm so sorry." I have no idea what he is apologizing for, but I heard fiance and Zatto in there.

"Wait, am I the only one here who doesn't speak French? I mean..... Geez, I only understood a few words of what just went on there." I mumble. Adam looks at me, a slight frown on his face. He pulls in one last lungful of tar and nicotine, and stubs out the cigarette.

"Which ones?" He asks softly. He shakes his head, his unbrushed black locks going everywhere.

"No, horrible, bastard, abusive, abuse, fiance, and I heard both my name and Kyle's last name." Adam frowns at my words.

Neil's dad speaks up, "You got the gist of the conversation there, then. Ethan asked Adam if you flinching away was because he had hit you, and Adam got mad at him for thinking that he would do that. I believe his exact words as a translation you would understand is 'No! I'm not horrible enough to beat somebody! I may kill people for a living, but I'm not an abusive bastard!' Neil said for Adam to calm down and explained why you flinched." Neil nods after his father's speech.

Adam pushes himself up off the wall, looking more like a sullen teenager than a cold blooded killer. "Oh, and, yea, you are the only one in here who doesn't understand French. I'm pretty sure the rest of us think in French, since it's our first language." His voice is blunt and tired. Yea, Adam is NOT a morning person.

Mr. Gontier walks up to me gently and whispers "Neil mentioned that you have a great deal of bruises over your stomach, may I please see them? I don't like seeing people my son has fallen for get hurt, and I have ways to prevent it." I nod and he kneels in front of me, gently lifting my shirt. He gasps at the heavy bruising along my sides. I can see Adam's sick look, that 'I really want to blow up' look. He's biting his lip, looking like he's about to throw up.

"How someone could do that to someone as innocent as Brad, I don't know. I'm just glad that I killed the bastard that did it." He grinds out.

Mr. Gontier puts down my shirt and stands up, "Adam, I want no less than 4 guards with him at all times that you are not. And, also, I'm issuing an order, he's immune, someone touches him and means harm, snap their neck. No matter who they work for."

I never expected Adam's dad to be this nice.

A/N Translations of the French:
Adam's Dad: Adam, you have not laid a hand on this boy, have you?

Adam: No! I'm not a horrible enough person to beat somebody! I may kill people for a living, but I'm not an abusive bastard!

Neil: Adam, calm down, don't you see that your dad is just worried? Mr. Gontier, Brad was Zatto's fiance, and he abused him. You can check around his chest and stomach, he has bruises lacing his body.
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