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Chapter 7

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Lots of fluff and Adam shows his girly side.

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The medic, I think Adam said his name was Frankie, has me standing on a scale in my underwear. I think this is a good time to mention that Adam was none to happy about me having to strip. I glance down at the numbers, frowning a bit. I can see Frankie frown as well and motion for me to get off.

We're standing in one of the guest rooms, and I don't know why we couldn't have just done this in Adam's room. Frankie has me sit back down on the bed and breath in and out as he places his little stethoscope thingy in places over my back. I can see him biting his pierced lip, looking worried.

"You can get dressed. I think I'm done." He says, nodding at me, then pulling Adam out of the room. I can't understand the hushed voices outside the door, but I know that they mean nothing good for me. I quickly pull the black shirt I was wearing, which is actually one of Adam's, and my pair of grey skinnies back on. I glance at the mirror on the wall, seeing my stressed face, my boring brown hair. I really should do something with it.

Adam walks back into the room, and motions for me to follow him. "Come on, we're going to go get a few suits tailored for you, and then we're going to get you a few casual outfits."

"What did Frankie say? And why do I need suits?" I know Adam hates questions by now, but I can't help but to ask them. I mean, everything he says somehow manages to confuse me. And I can't help but to know what a medic said about me.

He sighs, and looks at me, shaking his head, "Frankie said that your underweight and need to be on an about 2500 calorie diet, you need suits because I said you need them. No more questions, Brad." He grabs my arm and pretty much drags me out of the room, pulling me downstairs.

When we get downstairs, he waits for me to pull on my Converse, having already pulled his boots on. I swear, that dude never takes those things off.

We get to the tailor and Adam spends about half an hour telling him what colors and fabrics, showing a bit of his more feminine side. I mean, that dude knows the name for every color and every fabric known to man. I spend another two hours standing in front of a mirror while the tailor, who had introduced himself as Reid, pins a suit and takes measurements. I quickly learn that Adam had asked for the suit to fit to my chest, hugging my waistline. The suit fabric looks like the color of charcoal, and the waistcoat (Which I apparently have to have) is a light medium shade of grey. I had heard enough of Adam's conversation with Reid to know that the one of the suits was going to be black and red, and the other grey and white.

So, when we finally get out of the tailor's, it's like, 1:00 pm. Adam decides that we need to get something to eat and takes us to a restaurant. It's a small Mexican place, and Adam ends up putting on a pair of sunglasses and pulling his hat down over his eyes. His black coat's collar hides his face and I doubt that anybody will recognize him. We're led to a table and told that our waitress will be right will us. Adam pulls the sunglasses off right away, not liking to keep them on for too long. We talk for a few minutes as we wait.

A bowl of chips is placed in front of us and a very average looking girl sets a bowl of tortilla chips in front of us. "Hi, I'm Natalia and I'll be your server today. Would you like to start of with drinks and an appetizer?" Comes her soft voice. Her brown eyes contrast with her pale skin and platinum blonde hair. Normally I think the blonde would look fake, but it looks really natural on her.

"Hey Natalia, it's been awhile. Spencer hasn't brought you around in awhile. Anyways, I'll have a coke." Adam's voice is smooth, and I wonder how he knows her. I assume that Spencer is her boyfriend and he's part of the gang.

"Oh! Mr. Gontier! I didn't recognize you, and that is probably a good thing. Anyways, what would you like?" I know that the question is directed at me.

"Just some water. I'm not really all that big into soda." I mumble. I play with my hands, wondering if someone is going to object. Natalia just looks at me for a second and shrugs, writing down the drinks.

"No appetizer? Alrighty then. I'll bring the drinks right out." She says, turning around and walking back to the kitchen. Adam smiles at me, taking a chip out of the bowl and dipping it into the salsa.

"Mmm..... They have the best salsa here." He says after chewing a bite of the chip, then pushing the rest into his mouth. "Try some," He grins broadly and practically shoves a chip into my mouth when I open it to object.

"Mph!....... Oh fucking lord that IS good." I can't help but smile at the amazing burst of flavor in my mouth. We laugh and eat more of the chips, checking out the menu before brings our drinks back.

"Here are your drinks. Have you decided on what you're going to have?" Natalia's voice interrupts our joking. Adam smiles at her and hands her his menu.

"I'll have the enchiladas rancheras please." His eyes twinkle as he tells her his order.

"I'd like the tamales please." Yet again my response is mumbled due to my shyness.

"Okay, is that it?" When Adam nods, she walks off. Adam and I sit there joking for quite some time, just talking about random things. I talk about how I'm such a girl when it comes to clothes, he laughs and says that he is too.

"I know! I swear, you know every color and fabric known to man!" I laugh, teasing him. He shoves me playfully, not seeming at all like a gang leader. His smile seems so easy going, he seems so relaxed.

We talk about trivial matters, like the recent hockey games and stuff like that. Yea, we're Canadian, we like hockey, deal with it. We're forever rooting for the Toronto Leafs. He tells me about his childhood, how he grew up in a small town in Canada, but his dad ran over 400 different gangs in the U.S. He moved here to L.A. at 17, and took over the gang when his grandfather died when he was 19. When Natalia brings back our food, he ends up laughing at my attempt to eat the burning hot food. My tamales came with a stuffed jalapeno, which he steals. We act like a couple, and it feels right.

He pays, and we leave. We go to a mall nearby and begin a shopping spree. He takes me into Aeropostal and laughs and picks out a bunch of t-shirts and jeans, then takes me into Hot-topic, which we run wild in. He buys me a new hoop for my lip piercing.

Currently we're standing in Rue-21, him pulling out insanely colored pants and shirts, and I manage to convince him to try on a pair of rich green skinnies. When he walks out I can't help but to whistle. Damn, he looks good in green. He manages to get me in a pair of turquoise blue ones, and playfully wraps his arms around me like we're an old couple. I can't help but to smile at the man who you wouldn't expect to be playful.

I mention that I want to do something with my hair, and he pulls me into a hair place. They cut my hair into a fairly normal cut, but leave my bangs long and flopping over one eye. Then they pull out a bottle of hair bleach and dye my bangs a yellowish-blonde. Adam comments on how much he loves it, and I blush.

When we finally arrive home, it's around 5 P.M. and we're both tired as fuck. But I learned something, never judge anyone based on their line of work.
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