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Okay, so I have a few story ideas for what I want to write AFTER The Gangmaster's Husband (Referred to as TGMH from now on) and I know I'm going to write all of them, but I want to know which one you guys like the most, so I can get a head-start on chapters.

TGMH will still be going on.
The stories:

Baby, I'm Not Your Enemy: The year is 3014, and sexual slavery has been legalized. Barry Stock is a rich man, who hasn't found love yet, and needs a way to take care of his "needs." Brad Walst is recently kidnapped 18-year-old who is up for sale, and doesn't like it. Barry didn't get what he was expecting, and neither did Brad.
There would be a LOT of kinky smut in this one.
Pairing: Brad Walst/Barry Stock (Brarry? Stalst? Walck? Brock? Barlst? I dunno...)

The Light Of Day: Adam Gontier is a 19-year-old Oxycontin addict and alcoholic, Brad Walst is a 1,000 year old vampire who was turned when he was 20. When Brad finds Adam drunk and stoned one night, he makes a decision that even he himself doesn't understand. Can Brad help Adam get clean? One thing's for sure, neither of them expected to fall in love.
Pairing: Brad Walst/Adam Gontier (Bradam)

Portal For Your World: The members of Three Days Grace never expected to wake up and be told that they have to portal their way to freedom. (Basically Portal meets Three Days Grace)
NO PAIRING!! Except for, like, the occasional reference to one of the wives... Which doesn't count.

On The Sides of My Wings: Adam Gontier is the teenage son of an incubus and an angel. He's looked down on by the world as one of the "forbidden" races, a child born to parents that, by law, are not to have had a sexual relationship. These mixed races are look upon as taboo. When he befriends Brad, the son of the angel Gabriel, and Neil, a demon with a haunting past, who don't get along, he has to choose, which friend does he love the most? And who is the mysterious Blood Wolf (Vampire/Werewolf mix, also one of the "forbidden" races) who tends to follow him? Can these teenagers ever just get past their differences?
Pairing: Adam Gontier/Brad Walst, Adam Gontier/Neil Sanderson, AND Adam Gontier/Barry Stock (Adam is going to have to choose.)

Take your pick on which I do first.
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