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Chapter 5

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'I can't stop thinking about that kiss x' Stef froze. His jaw dropped. He got out of bed and sat on the sofa in the living room. He rubbed his face and pinched himself. He thought it may have been a dream but it wasn't. He couldn't sleep. He went back and checked who it was from. It was from Ash. Just as Stef thought they might be getting back on the mend he found out this. His face went red. He got dressed and went for a walk to calm himself down .
Olivia woke up to find Stef gone she didn't know where, she went to grab her phone, but it was gone. She covered her mouth her hand.
"He knows." He eyes widened and her face went pale. She went into the living room to find her phone but on her phone was the message she received from Ash what Stefan had read. She sat there staring into space, her breathing became more heavier and then her vision went black. She had passed out.

The next morning Madeline and Jamie woke up to find Olivia on the sofa. Madeline tried to wake her up but she couldn't, then Jamie tried. They ran into Keavagh and Dru to tell them. They looked at each other confused and went down the stairs. They stood in the door way and looked at Olivia then the table. They found the phone next to some clear liquid, they both hurried over to her. Dru tried to wake her up whilst Keavagh was smelling the liquid and looking at the phone. Keavagh smelt the liquid again, she was so glad it was only water then she rang the ambulence. Keavagh called Bethany again to babysit. Dru went to find Stef, to tell him what happened. Keavagh went with Olivia to the hospital. After a few hours Olivia recovered and Keavagh went to visit her. Dru came in after an hour and told them he couldn't find Stef. Olivia shook her head and looked away to face the window wishing and hoping he would turn up. Olivia was in there for a week, Keavagh, Dru, Madeline and Jamie visited everyday. Stefan hadn't though, Stefan didn't even know. He hadn't turned up at Dru's and Ashley hadn't seen him either which everyone thought was a tad strange as they thought Stef would have gone to speak to him. Olivia left the hospital hoping to see Stefan sitting their when she walked through the door. When she did finally get back to Dru's she didn't see him sitting their. She saw no one, she lowered her head and unpacked her things.

Olivia began to pace in the living room. The door made a loud knocking sound. Oliva looked up and ran to the door hoping to see Stefan on the other side. Her face lit up when she saw the person on the other side was male. Their face was facing the floor, their hair to was like Stef's, the afro type. The person looked up at Olivia's face. Her face changed with in an instant her face changed to a frown again. He person walked in a sat down, sadly it was the police. Olivia sat on the arm chair whilst the police asked her questions, she rubbed her temple trying to concerntrate but she couldn't. They were asking to face they figured that they werent helping her or vice versa. She walked into the spare bedroom and told everyone to leave her alone until Stef returned. She closed the curtains, turned off the lights and curled up into a ball under the covers. A few days went by and Stefan still hadn't showed up and Olivia was still not talking to anyone and stayed in her room. Ash hadn't visited, well he kind of couldn't because of what happpened, Stef didn't show up at all and Dru went out drinking all day because of the tension at home which left Keavagh at home looking after the children. At about 12am Dru stumbled through the door and Keavagh shook her head and ignored him, Dru went to hug her but she left the room and walked in the kitchen and sat down at the table and began to think. Dru followed her in and began to shout at her. She wasn't listening and ignored him but he got louder. She turned round to him and he saw tears running down her face and paused mid sentence. He stopped and thought about what he was doing, he rubbed his eyes and sighed. He sat down at the table and Keavagh sat with him.
"Why are you crying? Tell me if it's me please?" Dru said looking into her eyes, holding her hand.
"I...It...the thing is it scares me because when I was little my mom used to get beaten by her boyfriends, but they always started with arguements. I just got scared because I love you Dru but I dont want you to hurt me." She cried out looking up at the ceiling. Dru held her hand tighter.
"Oh Keavagh, I could never do that to you, never, I love you to much, I may get angry but I..." Dru was cut off by someone walking through the kitchen door.
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