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Chapter 6

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The person was standing in the shadows so they couldn't see who it was, they could only see the out line of the person. They were very thin and their figure was female, just like Stef. Their hair was dark, messy and looked like an afro. Dru smiled and stood up thinking it was Stef until they walked into the kitchen light, instead it was Olivia. Keavagh's face lit up a little looking at Olivia and smiling a little. Oliva sat next her her looking at her phone and sliding the slide part up and down hoping for some contact from Stefan, but she had none. Keavagh looked at Olivia, took a deep breath in and knowing that the next thing she was going to say she would most likely regret.
"Umm..Liv? Do you think that Stef may have gone back to America?" Keavagh said talking in breath's. Olivia looked up at her and a tear rolled down her cheek. Keavagh left the room and slammed the door behind her, she sat on the sofa and ran her fingers through her hair. Dru sat next to her and put his arm around her, she shuffled it off and moved up the sofa.
"What's wrong with you? Why are you so worked up?" Dru looked at her confused.
"Dru I just need space I know you love me and that but you crowd me too much I just need my own space! I need to be left alone Dru!" Keavagh snapped back at him standing up, facing the window.
"Well what? Shall I go away for a few days? What should I do then because when you're upset you want some support and when I do you push me away? I don't know what to do!" He said feeling his heart break inside as it may be the end of him and Keavagh.
"Yes Dru, just please go and stay with your mom or something," Keavagh answered shaking her head.
" are you saying this is the end of.... us?" Dru sniffled shaking his head not wanting to believe this conversation was really happening.
"Well..Yes I mean No? I just I don't know Dru!" She said turning round to face him. She saw his tears and her heart shattered into a million pieces. Dru didn't want to hear anything else of what she had to say to him. He ran up stairs packing his bags, he couldn't believe it was happening. He kissed Jamie and left. Keavagh watched him leave from the window.

The next morning Olivia woke up to find Keavagh asleep on the kitchen table with half a bottle of Vodka in her hand. Olivia shook Keavagh's head and poured the Vodka down the sink. The running water made Keavagh wake up, it sounded alot louder in her head then it was. Olivia sorted her out with some breakfast, Keavagh looked like death. Olivia sat down her whilst she ate.
" I thought me and you could maybe go out today, i'll go mental if I stay here for another day just staring at four walks. Dru could babysit?" Olivia suggested. Keavagh stopped eating to try to remember what happened last night, she couldn't remeber what had happened. Once she finished eating they went up stairs to see if Dru was there but obviously he wasn't. They called a babysitter and went out. Keavagh kept trying to remember last night but she really couldn't, they had some coffee in starbucks and that was where Olivia spotted Stefan. He was sitting with a girl which Olivia had never seen before. She wanted to go over to him but Keavagh was stopping her.
"If you want to work this out, you will not go over there, instead you are going to wait until he goes up to order then you will go up. Okay?" Keavagh said trying to convince her. Olivia nodded. When Stef eventually did go up to order Olivia went up to. She tried to speak but she didn't know what to say, then she thought of something which she knew would get to Stef.
"Pick Madeline up at 5 today if you want to see her and you can have her the weekend if you like?" Olivia told him. Stef smiled a little, turned around and nodded. They both collected their order and went their other ways. After that they kept trying each other and smiling when they received the texts. After a while Stef left the girl and sat with Olivia and Keavagh. Olivia and Stefan worked things out between them and finally go back together. Keavagh was trying to remeber it was really hurting her brain. She sat up straight and her eyes widened.
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