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Chapter 7

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Keavagh got her phone and texted Dru.
'Dru I'm so sorry why didn't you stop me? x'
She didn't get a reply from Dru, she waited for a while before she could think of what to do. Keavagh felt like a complete idiot, her head was so messed up, she was so confused. She left Starbucks leaving Olivia and Stefan to talk. Keavagh began panicking, she tried his mother's house. She knocked on the door breathing heavily, his mother answered, she shook her head and let her in. Keavagh walked into the living room, Dru was aware she was there but decided to ignore her. She tapped him on the shoulder her her looked up at her and saw her tears. He pulled her into his old bedroom. They began talking and Keavagh held his hand crying to him. Dru felt asif he didn't trust her anymore, it wasn't just this time, he'd felt like it before like when they went on holiday. Dru let go of her hand and told her to leave. She stood up and looked at him. He felt so bad inside but he didn't want to show any emotion on the outside. She lowered her head and left.

Back at Starbucks Olivia and Stef were still talking. They were giggling about all the memories they'd had. There was then a silence, Stef looked at Olivia's hand and held it tight, they both smiled and kissed. Olivia noticed that the girl sitting with Stefan was still sitting watching Olivia and Stefan. She scrutinized to see if she could recognize the girl, but she couldn't she couldn't even think of anybody it even looked like.
"Ummm...Stef who is that girl?" Olivia asked Stef looking curious.
"Oh right...Well about that, well you know how I thought you cheated on me with Ash, well I wanted to get my own back, so I-"
"So you cheated on me?" Olivia butted in, getting her bag ready to leave. She stood up and Stef pulled her back.
"Well no not exactly it's just well, I've been kind off living with her?" Stef questioned Olivia and himself. He squinted expecting some kind of major reaction from Olivia. Olivia just left she didn't have anything to say to him. She left questioning herself. 'What if he is hiding something? Who is she? What if they've had sex and he has got her pregnant?' She stood outside trying to get some air. Stef thought he'd leave her for a minute. She turned back to the window and saw this woman sit next to Stef. Stef looked up to the window and just saw Olivia leave, he grabbed his coat and left the woman alone.

The girl looked confused, lonely and unclean. She ponged a little, her clothes had no real colour to them they were very dirty and grey. Her hair was scraped back on top of her head, it looked greasy. Her face was bruised and cut. It looked like she was beaten a lot through out her life. She felt like Stef was her only friend, but if not a friend just someone she called talk to about everything. Stef knew so much about her but she never knew a lot about Stef. She thought Stef was a mysterious man but she also liked the way her kept himself to himself and never really gave alot away. She felt a little awful for coming between Olivia and Stefan. She saw a man walk in and watched him walk up the the counter from the top of her brow. She looked at another man that nodded at her, this girls heart began to beat, she couldn't do anything because there was a man watching her. She tapped the gentleman's shoulder and asked if he would like to sit with her. Ofcourse the man was polite and agreed to sit with her. The man watched the girl's every movement.
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