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Chapter 8

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They both sat down and began to talk. The girl kept looking up from her coffee and over to the other man who was watching them from his newspaper. The man who was sitting with the girl was Dru. The girl began to shake with fear, Dru turned to see what she kept looking at, he didn't see anything. He asked her what her name was trying to be polite. She looked up at Dru and this was the first time he actually saw her face.
"Ha...Hannah." She whispered. Dru looked at her examining her cuts and bruises, he saw a fresh cut and he began to wipe a tissue on her cut to mop up the blood. It stung at times, the tissue was covered in blood. They both smiled at each other and Dru laughed. He looked at his watched and thought it was getting late. He offered to walk her home as he could see how much of a state she was in. They came to a block of flats on a rough estate, Dru looked around and gulped. The estate was full of people with hoods up and they were listening to street music which in a way Dru liked. The bins were over flowing and ripped so rubbish was spread across the street. Dru walked her to the flat doors and opened it for her. When he opened the door he got a waft of stale urine, he pulled a face which made Hannah.
"After living her for 5 years, you kind of get used to the smell." She giggled looking up at Dru, he nodded back at her unsure if you really can get used to it. Dru let her in and stopped for a minute he thought to himself 'Did she just say 5 years?' They got to her flat and looked inside he said he's leave but Hannah insisted he'd have a cup of tea for all his trouble.

The flat was old and rundown. There was no colour to it. The wallpaper was ripped from the wall and hanging off the was no carpet or wooden floor either. As Dru was quite a nosy person he looked in her bedroom. It was smelly and there was no bed frame , it was just a mattress on the floor with sheets and a pillow spread across. They were stained and grey, Hannah joined him at the door frame and handed him the tea. After Dru seeing the state of her fat he turned it down. They walked into the living room where Hannah sat down and asked Dru to sit with him. He shook his head he felt like lots of germs and diseases had just landed on him.
"So you've lived here 5 years?" Dru asked her to make sure he heard right earlier. Hannah nodded and laughed a little, Dru looked puzzled, she didn't look old enough.
"And how old are you?" Dru asked her sitting down not caring about the germ feeling.
"I'm 15" She said putting her mug onto the floor. Dru's face dropped
"And you live here? On your own?" She nodded not seeing what the problem was. Dru kept asking her many questions, she felt trapped and told him to shut up.
"When I was ten me and my mother lived here. We had a happy life until she met her new boyfriend, he used to beat me, I used to go to school, but not anymore. I came home from school and she was gone, her and her boyfriend. I'm not sure where the are. But I get looked after by someone called Joel? He sends me food and people, mostly older men to keep me company." She explained to Dru. Dru saw her fiddling with her sleeves, so her took her hand and lifted up her sleeves. He saw bruise's and hand marks running up her arm. He looked at her.
"It's okay, honestly!" She took Dru's hand placed it on her face she sat closer to him. Dru jumped up from his seat, he was aware she was coming on to him.

Just at that moment there was a loud bang at Hannah's front door. Dru looked up and grabbed Hannah's hand, he had a feeling it was another man. He took her into her bedroom and hid her and covered her mouth so she couldn't scream. After ten minutes of knocking the person walked away.
"Are you crazy?! I could have got money then?" Hannah stood up going to open the door. Dru stopped her and explained that what was happening her was illegal. He left her alone to shower and clean up whilst he went to get her food. He got back made Hannah some dinner. He promised her he would visit her every week and bring her food and clothes. When Dru left Niamh spotted Dru leaving the building. She texted Keavagh telling her that Dru had just left somewhere that wasn't his mothers or hers. When Keavagh received the text she just giggled she thought Niamh was drunk...AGAIN! Dru left with a smile on his face not thinking about Keavagh or Jamie. He arrived back home where he saw Niamh standing in front of his car. She opened the door and joined him inside.
"You best tell Keavagh who's you was just at okay?" Niamh asked him. Dru put his head in his hands and remembered about his wife and son he nodded and took her home. When Dru got home finally, he got into bed and thought about Keavagh and Jamie he looked at the picture of the two of them that was sat next to he bed. He kissed Jamie's head and slept.
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