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Author's Note.

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Oh hi!

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So Hi. I haven't done one of these yet on any of the chapters, so I figured, I'd just make one now. I have so many things to say.

I didn't expect people to read this at all. So to the people reading. THANK YOU. thank you for the reviwews, ratings, everything. It keeps me going with this story. I really do appreciate it.

School has started, and I know that the chapters haven't been that long, but I'm going to try to do that as of next chapter. I dunno how consistant I will be since I am in school now, but I finally got over my unmotivated state, so I'm excited to keep this one going.

Other than that, thank you again, and who else is sooooo ready for October? It's a good month for the MCRmy and the Taylor Nation. I've got the best of both worlds right now for real.

until next time you guys,

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