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Fuck You, Desrosiers

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I woke up the next morning alone, with nothing but a text on my phone. Chuck had stayed the night before, at least... he’d been there before I fell asleep.

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I woke up the next morning alone, with nothing but a text on my phone. Chuck had stayed the night before, at least... he’d been there before I fell asleep.
I sighed at the thought of the conversation I’d had with Chuck the day before, “Well done, Ri. There goes the rest of your dignity.” I said to myself, leaning over to grab my phone off the table beside my bed.
Unlocking the device, I saw that the text was from Chuck. Fucking good.
‘Sorry I left, got a call from P, wanted to talk about some band stuff. I told the guys to come keep you company. I’ll see you later on. Love you xxx’
I smiled at the end of the message, but I then frowned when I remembered who ‘P’ was... Though, I was appreciative of the fact he hadn’t actually written his name. Chuck always had been over-cautious when it came to sensitive subjects.
Well, I guess I’m going to have to be sociable today... Yippee.
I got up from my bed, grabbing a pair of black skinny jeans and a Blink-182 t-shirt. After putting those on, reluctantly however, I got Chuck’s Role Model hoodie out of the drawer and slipped it over my head, snuggling into it and smiling at the familiar scent.
I stared at myself in the mirror, “Fuck... You sure do look like shit, Riley.” I sighed and put my hair up in a messy ponytail. Wasn’t going to bother making an effort, the guys a used to that by now.

Not long after, I heard the doorbell ring, and seeing as my mum wasn’t home, I had to go get it. As I made my way down the stairs, one of them started knocking, then eventually rapping hard on the door.
I sighed and hopped to the bottom of the stairs, yanking the door open to reveal David, his fist in mid-air.
I frowned at him and he gave me a sheepish grin, “Sorry...”
I smiled and he stepped towards me to wrap me in a tight hug. Then, stepping to the side, he revealed my two other friends, Jeff and Sebastien. Yeah, I only have four friends. So what?
I hugged the bald man first, then Sebastien, “How you doing, Ri?” He spoke in a French-Canadian accent. He’d always had the most French accent. It was adorable.
I shrugged in response and he lightly patted my shoulder.
Davide then spoke up, “So! What are we gonna do?”
I looked to the other guys, and realised that we were all still stood in the hallway.
“I don’t care, you guys pick.” They all looked at each other shrugging.
Sebastien then spoke slowly, “T.V..?”
I chuckled and nodded my head. But before I was given a chance to reply, David had lifted me over his shoulder, screaming, “I’ve got her!” He ran into the living room with me still on his shoulder, Sebastien and Jeff following us. Being David, however, running doesn’t always end well for him.
He’d tripped up over his own feet, flinging the two of us onto the carpet, him on top of me. He immediately straddled my legs and started tickling my stomach viciously.
I hit his chest repeatedly, “David! Get off me!” I could barely even breathe, and he knew this. It happened on a pretty regular basis. He just doesn’t usually fall over.
Sebastien and Jeff then got to their knees and joined David in trying to practically kill me. each of them earning a hit from me.
My eyes were watering as I was laughing too hard, wheezing with the blonde lump on top of me.
“Fuck off, guys!” I yelled helplessly, all anger being clouded by my laughter.
I started kicking my legs, eventually resulting in David leaning off of me onto the floor, in fits of giggles as he lay next to me on the carpet.
I looked at him with a pissed off face, “You really are an ass, you know that?” He grinned at me and rolled over, pulling me into a hug. I immediately had to forgive him now, those had been the rules since I was five, I just couldn’t help myself.
Jeff then laughed loudly, “Right, come on! T.V time!” He walked over to the flat screen and pressed the button, then falling back onto the big chair with the remote. The guys treated my house like their own home. But, to be honest, they’d spent enough of their lives here for it to be considered that. So it was pretty fair.
David stood up, picking me up and carrying me to the sofa, throwing me down onto it, “Fuck you, Desrosiers.” I pouted.
He just grinned and grabbed a blanket, sitting down next to me, Sebastien coming to sit on the other side of me, then placing the blanket over the three of us. I snuggled into the two guys. It was always like this, except Chuck would usually be here next to me with David and... He... Would be sat as far away from me as he could get. If he was even here. Usually he just didn’t bother anymore, and when he did bother, he was only here because of the four guys.
I sighed, and pushed the thought of him out of my head, just focusing on trying to enjoy the time I was spending with the guys I loved.
I looked at the screen, watching the brightly coloured animations of Family Guy flicker, trying to forget. But it was the kind of thing that kept niggling at the back of my mind. And it bugged the hell out of me.
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