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My eyes fluttered open and I could feel that my head was leant on something soft. I lifted my chin and turned my face to be greeted by David’s shoulder.

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My eyes fluttered open and I could feel that my head was leant on something soft. I lifted my chin and turned my face to be greeted by David’s shoulder. Then, eventually, David himself,
“Hey, sleepy-head.” He smiled softly. I groaned lightly and my neck clicked involuntarily as I turned my head, trying to look out of the window. It was dark. I was getting so confused,
“What time is it?” I rubbed my eyes, looking towards the achingly bright screen that was playing some sort of movie.
Jeff spoke, turning his head slightly in my direction, his eyes still fixed on the screen, “Just after seven.”
I groaned again, stretching, trying to turn my body so that I could watch the T.V. properly.
“Guys... What is this?” I asked after about five minutes of not recognising what we were watching in the slightest.
Sebastien spoke, “Fight Club. Jeff can’t watch it enough times, so it seems.” He sounded slightly bored of it, as if Jeff had made them watch it hundreds of times. Which made me think that they could just ignore the film and do something else, if they’d had enough of it. Yet, neither David nor Sebastien could take their eyes off the screen. Ugh, men.
Nevertheless, I laughed, “Ah, I see. How come I’ve never seen this? I’ve known you long enough, Jeff.” Even though I’d never seen it, I knew that Fight Club was Jeff’s favourite film, I’d always known that. It just so happened that I’d never watched it with the guys.
Jeff just laughed loudly, as he does, “You just haven’t been with me at the right time, I guess. But you get to watch it now, so it’s all good!”
I smiled and watched the screen, snuggling into David’s side.

Eventually, the films ended, which was quite alright, if I may say, seeing as I was quickly getting more and more tired, making the film just seem boring to me. It wasn’t a bad film, I just seemed to have my mind on other things...
I yawned loudly, causing all of the guys to look at me and start laughing.
I frowned, “What?”
Sebastien put his arm around my shoulders and squeezed me into him, “You’re just too cute, Ri.” They all smiled, giggling. Okay, most of that giggling came from David, but still...
I moaned, “Leave me alone, guys.” Then, crossing my arms over my chest, I started pouting.
David nudged my arm playfully, “Oh, deal with it.” I glared at him, and his once straight face faltered, as he began to giggle again.
Jeff huffed, seemingly tired, and started rubbing his eyes, “We should probably leave you now, kid. You look tired as fuck.”
I smiled lightly at him, appreciative of the fact he noticed this. The guys never failed to notice stuff like this, it’s what made me love them so much. I loved these guys way too much.
I got up with them, walking to the door so I could say goodbye to them, “Thanks for coming to see me guys. Sorry I’ve been so dull lately...”
I looked awkwardly to the floor and David put his arm around my shoulder, “It’s okay, Riley. We’ll come see you anytime you want.”
I smiled sadly, feeling pretty bad that the guys always had to go to some sort of effort for me. It always bothered me...

After I’d hugged the guys goodbye, I’d retreated back up to my bedroom, reveling the feeling of being alone again.
The closest I had to company was the one message on my phone, which I was hoping was from Chuck. Unfortunately, however, it turned out to be from my mum instead.
‘Have to stay in Ottawa tonight. Will be back sometime tomorrow afternoon. Love you. xxx’
She’s still at work. Great. So, naturally, I was home alone. Again. I texted Chuck, admittedly a bit pissed that he hadn’t spoken to me all day.
‘Hey, where’ve you been?’ I pressed send, flopping backwards onto my bed, clamping my eyes shut, trying to block out all thought. I’ve recently found that thinking only really tends to ruin my life further.
My phone vibrated lightly, signaling a text,
‘Sorry hun. Talk with P took longer than expected. And... I’m so sorry in advance... Love you chick xxx’
My brow wrinkled in confusion, why was he apologising?
‘What? Why are you saying sorry? xxx’
Chuck never needed to apologise to me, he never did anything wrong.

I was about to lie back down on my bed when there was a knock on the front door.
I sighed and looked at the clock, which read ‘11:16’ in blue neon light.
“The fuck? What could someone possibly want at eleven at fucking night?” I spoke to myself as I reluctantly stood up off my bed. As I slumped tiredly down the stairs, I noticed a rather tall figure through the glass of the door. Most of the glass was cloudy, though I could partially see through the clear sections in between each panel of glass. I could see that they also had a pretty large build, immediately making me realise that it was a man.
I stopped in my tracks slightly, suddenly becoming wary of whoever was on the other side of that door.
He rapped on the wood again, causing me to jump, squinting my eyes to attempt to see through the glass once again. Unfortunately, it was way too dark to see a thing. Cautiously, I slowly walked backwards into the living room, hoping for him to just leave me alone.
He started banging on the door again, scaring me to half to death. That is... until he began shouting,
“Riley! Open the damn door!” I recognised the voice as the last one I wanted to hear. Ever.
I walked slowly towards the door and pulled the lock and the handle simultaneously, and upon hearing it click, I yanked the door softly, willing it open. I now understood what Chuck was apologising for...
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