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Fuck This

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And there he stood in front of me. Unwanted and unwelcome. Yet here he was. “Pierre...”

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And there he stood in front of me. Unwanted and unwelcome. Yet here he was.
“Pierre...” He held up his hand to stop me from talking, his face rid of all emotion. Bar one perhaps...
Taking a step towards me, he forced the door shut behind him, “Why in the hell did you say that to Chuck?” I blinked in surprise. Most of all from the thought of Chuck telling him...
I kept calm and walked backwards into the living room, “Why should it matter? It’s not as if it’s any of your business anyway.”
I’d had my back to him at this point, but he pulled my shoulder, turning me around to face him.
Towering over me, seemingly trying to be intimidating, he spoke sternly, “It’s completely my business, Riley.”
I squared up to him, I couldn’t let him so this. I couldn’t let him win. He’d hurt me enough. “And who said you had to listen to Chuck, eh? Who said you had to give a shit? Because we both know, Pierre, you stopped doing that a long time ago.”
His finger rose up to my shoulder, poking me roughly between the blade and my collarbone. “After everything I did for you? Are you fucking serious?!”
I stepped back, shaking my head, “After all you did, huh? You know what, Pierre? Fuck you. Just get out of my house and get out of my fucking life. I’m not gonna let you do this anymore...” I sat down on the large chair that was behind me.
He put his hands on his head in distress, turning round, “Do what?! Tell me Riley, because I’d really like to know!”
I scoffed and put my head in my hands, “Constantly fucking me over. You know it. I know it. Hell, even your best friends know it.” I paused momentarily, not wanting a reply from him. Eventually, I decided I’d had too much, “Just get out. Leave. Please.” My voice had gone quiet, timid... I just hoped he hadn’t noticed this.
He grabbed my forearm, yanking me to my feet in front of him, “I am not going anywhere. How could you just expect me to simply walk out of your life?”
I wrenched my arm back, “What?! Pierre, you ‘walked out of my life’ fucking years ago.”
His face wrinkled in frustration, “What are you talking about? I never left you!”
I laughed dryly, his ignorance was starting to even become disgustingly amusing, “Sure, you stuck around. With the guys, you’d always be there, and if I just so happened to be there too, you’d have to make do.”
He frowned, and I knew his retaliation would be one in which my head would get bitten off, so I cut him off before he could start,
“I know you didn’t want me there! You didn’t say hello, didn’t say a single word to me, fuck, you didn’t even look at me, Pierre! How the fuck do you expect me to take that?”
He growled fiercely and hit the wall behind him, groaning in frustration, “You think I wanted to do that? I wasn’t proud of myself for making you feel that way.”
I scoffed in disgust, “So you knew? You knew how that shit made me feel and you still did it?” I bit my lip, trying to calm myself, stop myself saying something too stupid. “You know what, Pierre? Fuck what Chuck told you, and fuck whatever assumptions you may have. I feel nothing for you. I don’t even have enough energy to hate you anymore.”
He took a step back, stern expression still painted all over his face, “What?”
I turned round, waving my hand dismissively, “You heard me.” I turned back around to look him in the eyes, “Pierre, you mean nothing to me. Nothing.”
He looked to the floor, then back up to look at me, anger flooding through his eyes, “You can’t say that.”
I laughed an empty laugh, one void of all emotion, “You what? You deserve much worse than that, Pierre, so consider yourself lucky.” I was becoming tired and overwhelmed, sinking down onto the carpet in the middle of the living room.
Pierre just stood there, looking down at me, “You can’t.” He repeated.
I sighed, “Oh stop feeling sorry for yourself, Pierre. You don’t even need me.”
Scoffing, he crouched down in front of me, forcing me to look at him, “What?”
I narrowed my eyes at him, speaking only what was going through my mind, “You’ve got Erin. You don’t have any need for girls in your life anymore.”
That really fucked him off, “What?! You think this is about Erin? I knew you hated her, but seriously?”
I laughed, “Oh, I’m serious. We both know you’ve stopped giving a shit about me since you’ve been with Erin. Even the guys can see it. And for the record, I don’t hate her. She hates me.”
He stuck his hand up to silence my talking, yet he stayed silent himself.
Shaking his head, he wordlessly strode out of the room. Following him, I watched as he left my house, with only the words ‘fuck this’ leaving his mouth.
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