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Ice Cream and Harry Potter

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Chuck’s P.O.V. *Bzz bzz* I groaned and sat up in bed, clutching my head. The buzzing continued, *bzz bzz*.

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Chuck’s P.O.V.
Bzz bzz I groaned and sat up in bed, clutching my head. The buzzing continued, bzz bzz. “What the fuck?” I looked around my room, studying the heap of mess it had become to find the source of the buzzing. I stumbled to my feet, grabbing a nearby shirt and slipping it over my head. When it was successfully situated on my body, I, once again, searched for the whereabouts of the continuous buzzing, soon after finding my phone on top of my drawers beneath some jeans. Fuck, I really needed to clear-up in here. I pushed the button to unlock the phone and read the message on the screen, ‘7 missed calls from: Ri’.
I rubbed the back of my neck to soothe the rising tension, “Oh... Shit...” The phone buzzed again and vibrated in my hand. I waited a few seconds before deciding that was definitely best to just answer.
Pressing ‘Accept’, I put the phone to my ear, knowing what she was going to say, “Yeah..?”
Then the phone erupted with the sound of her screaming relentlessly at me, “What the fuck, man?!” I held the receiver away from my ear as a precaution, hearing her continue, “Why would you do that, Chuck?! I mean, fucking seriously?”
I sighed and put the phone back to my ear, “I’m so sorry, Ri... It was an accident...” That sounded much less ridiculous in my head.
I expected her next response, “You fucking what? What kind of fucking idiot does something like that, then calls it an accident? You told him, Chuck. How is that accidental?” I couldn’t bear hearing her so angry. Even worse when it’s at me. Even more so when she had every right to be...
I swallowed the thick lump that had formed in my throat, “Riley, I am so, so sorry. I didn’t mean to say it.”
I heard her growl in frustration, “Well then how did you fucking end up saying it?!” Tears were almost forming in the back of my eyes. I never cried, but I couldn’t bear the thought of losing my best friend. I’d never forgive myself if I did.
“Look, we were talking about you at the time. I was telling him how it was low of him to just cut you out of his life.” I felt my voice waver and she kept quiet. Chances are, she heard it. “It just got out of hand and we were yelling shit at each other. He said, ‘She doesn’t fucking care anyway.’, and I...” I breathed in deep, “It was a mistake, I swear. And I am so sorry, Ri...” I hung my head in shame, ready for the well-deserved rejection, for her to tell me to fuck off, that she never wants to talk to me again.
That’s what I expected.
But then she said something that reminded me why I loved her so much. In a small, dry voice she said, “I’ll be round yours in ten minutes. Make sure there’s popcorn and ice cream. You’re going to apologise ti me once more while we stuff our faces and begin a Harry Potter marathon. Is that clear?”
I smiled as my eyes watered, “Crystal clear, ma’am.” Then she hung up.
I clambered to my feet in a much better mood, extremely relieved that she wasn’t going to rip my balls off, or something. But even more relieved that I hadn’t lost her.
I hopped down the stairs, grabbing my keys and unlocking the front door. I then speed walked out of my house and into the cold air and started down the street.
Once I had located the store, I walked towards the automatic doors, once again being greeted by warmth. After seeking out the freezer aisle, I found her favourite ice cream, pralines and cream. Knowing that I had microwave popcorn at home, I paid for the ice cream and began my short journey back home.
I slowed down when I reached my house, spotting the small girl sitting on my doorstep. As I walked closer, standing face to face with her, and my heart rate sped up again, and i was terrified that she may have changed her mind.
I saw tears brimming her eyes just before she quickly leaned forward, wrapping her slender arms around my torso. When I felt her body shake, I knew she was crying. I felt awful knowing that was all my fault.
We stood like that, in the freezing Québec air for several minutes, and I knew she wouldn’t be moving any time soon. So I lifted her off the ground, making her put her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. I unlocked the front door with my free hand and carried her into the safety of my house.
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