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We Don't Even Like Her

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Chuck placed me carefully on the sofa in the living room. I smiled as I breathed in the comforting scent of his home, telling myself that I’d never let this man go, no matter what he may do.

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Chuck placed me carefully on the sofa in the living room. I smiled as I breathed in the comforting scent of his home, telling myself that I’d never let this man go, no matter what shit he may do. My eyes were becoming rough with dry tears and I yawned with exhaustion as he placed a thick blanked over me.
“You tired already?” He chuckled lightly and proceeded to the kitchen to make the popcorn.
I called back, using most of my remaining energy, “Well, being angry really does take it out of me. I don’t do it often.” I heard his sigh and smiled, continuing quietly, “I’m only teasing you, Chuck.”
He stood in the doorway, facing me, “I know... I just feel so bad... I told myself I’d never let anyone hurt you, and that’s exactly what I did. I don’t deserve your forgiveness, Ri.”
I patted the cushion next to me, requesting for him to sit there. When he sunk into the seat, I wrapped my arms tightly around his waist, “I love you, Chuck. No matter how much you fuck up, it doesn’t change all the great things you’ve done for me, how you’ve always been there for me.” He held onto me extra tightly, not seeming to want to let go, “Plus, you fucked up because you wanted to defend me, so, in a messed up way, you were still there for me... It just went a little wrong...”
He kissed the top of my head before the microwave pinged,. When he got up to get the popcorn, I sat myself in front of the TV with my Harry Potter boxset. After placing in the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ disc, and pressing play, I situated myself back onto the sofa as comfortably as possible, stretching myself out.
When Chuck returned, he moved my body and picked me up, making me whine in protest, but then setting me down on his lap. Without a single word, he pulled the blanket over the both of us and rested the bowl of popcorn on my lap. Which I was more than fine with.
And that’s how we sat. Chuck’s arms were around my waist and my arms were folded over his. If someone were to overlook this image, they’d get the complete wrong idea. It’s been mentioned before that we’d make the perfect couple. But it just wasn’t like that for us. I mean, I know I can’t speak for Chuck, but I would assume he’d say the same...
A knock at the door distracted me from my thoughts, Chuck too, as he shook in surprise. As he got up to open the door, I checked the time. 1:25am. Who in their right mind would visit at half one in the fucking morning?
“She’s a fucking crazy bitch, Chuck!” Oh dear fuck... As it turns out, this man was not in his right mind.
I climbed quietly off the sofa and crawled into the kitchen, closing the door softly behind me. As I leaned back against the door, head in my hands, I listened to the man I hated yell at the man I loved most in this world.

Third Person P.O.V.
Of course, Chuck was the calm, reasonable one, “Relax, man. What’re you talking about?”
“Fucking Riley, Chuck! You should’ve heard some of the bullshit she was coming up with!”
Chuck sighed, “Yeah? Like what?”
Pierre exploded, letting out the rage he’d held in for hours, “How I’ve been such as bastard to her! How I’ve stopped caring about her! For fuck sake, she even said it was because of Erin!”
Chuck looked at his friend oddly, “What did she mean by that?” He asked carefully.
Pierre threw his arms up in frustration, “I don’t know! Some shit about how I’ve cared about her less since I’ve been with Erin. How I have no need for her anymore. Fucking ridiculous!”
Chuck knew he’d regret saying this, but Riley was his best friend, and he knew she really had a point...
“You know what? She’s right.”
Pierre raised his head and looked up at Chuck, surprised and angered by what he’d heard, “What??”
Chuck continued, despite the fact he knew he was tormenting Pierre even more, “In fact, that’s how you’ve been towards all of us.”
Pierre squared up to Chuck, something that rarely ever happened, “Don’t you dare take her side.”
Chuck just stood his ground against the taller man, gradually getting angrier, “No, that’s not what I’m doing. But she is right, you’ve been such an asshole to everyone since you’ve been with Erin.” Chuck could see how Pierre was fuming, and just wanted to push him that little bit further, “And you know what? We don’t even really like her.”
That’s when Pierre snapped, clocking his once closest friend straight in the jaw.
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