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If you understand where I got the title from, I will love you forever..and auditions

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SO; I've been crammed up to my non-existant nuts with shit to do..which somehow led me to a new idea for a story.
Weird huh? One minute doing a character sketch thing (no drawing supposed to be involved) for enlgish, then the next thinking 'huh, that would be an amazing ass fanfic'

WHICH, gets me here.

*Le Idea

The MCR boys get these weird ass invites to this house (no I am not talking about like in the game luigi's mansion, which I am a total fail at) hehe) okay but they are allowed to bring one other counterpart with them (so they all say 'hey, with chances of getting lucky, lets bring the girlfriends) AH FUCKFUCKMYFOOTJUSTVIBRATED, oh that was my phone haha. But they go there, blah-blah-blah, figures out this ain't a scene it's a goddammed arms race and yeah.

More of a literate and articulate way of describing my idea
-They get invites to a creepy ass house
-They bring the girlfriends whom they love oh-so-dearly (except Ray and Bob who bring their best friends (girls) and they somehow hook up hopefully)
-They realize it isn't a nice dinner or anything like that
-Either it's going to be Saw related (so I will be writing in my favorite genre of movie, GORE) or Paranorman..did I really just say that? Meh it was a good movie I guess..hehe (yes I a 14 year old sitting by my little bro at a little kid movie in the theaters..bite me)
BUT Paranormal (Have you guys seen possesion? Like god, it's amazing, I flipped shiznuts, cause it was my first scary movie in theaters but WOW that little girl (who couldnt be over 7) is an AMAZING actor (legit)
So instead of saying 'here is the form', and you all go type it out, adding crap loads of detail spending all that time, I will do that NEXT
But for this;
It's like a contest
So you answer 1 question, well 2

1: What part would you enjoy (I'll put them down after)
2: What's a good title for the fic? (and chapters)

Oh and if you get where I got the title from, you automatically get the part you want (because I will love you forever)
So if 2 people guess and want the same part the first person who says where, gets it? Alright?

-Game Maker
-Mikey, Gerard, and Frank's GF
-Bob and Ray's friends (if you want to make up a guy friend for 'em, they will be bi, I don't care)
-Person who is in on all of the shit with the house

Okay? I love you all broskies


(Gawd I fail at this aha, hope you didnt get confused..sorry)
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