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Poor Pewdie, he killed Mr.Chair (to get a key to save Stephano but still..those fuckin' barrels)

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I am happier than hell right now,
and I'm Ficwad married (yes, it was meant to be right from Ryan the Pushy virgin..go read atomickilljoys stories, you'll get it)

Shayla_Boo (I aplogize if I messed up your name) Is Ray's friend
and my wife/husband (I have no idea of your guy's gender wow) atomickilljoy is Bob's Hoe I mean friend (yes you get Bobert)

and well I give up cause I am so happy BUT NEW PEOPLE WHO I SHALL ADD ARE
-Pewdie (it may or may not because my friend; YES FRIEND NOT ME; finds him somewhat atractive, don't laugh at me O.O)
-Stephano (nothing anymore is complete without him)
Mr.Chair (He sings badly enough to be locked in a closet)
the phsycotic dad and poor kid (come here son" "So you can hug me" "No so I can bitch slap you I fuckin' hate you")

OH and yes, atomickilljoy will be telling you all not to waste your launturns...

so if you reveiwed on the last chapter..

Anything else involving looks:
Do you have a lanturn (not really important, and no they do not have voices):
Clothing: (if you say band tees give me at least 3 so I dont piss you off with saying a band you dont like):
Part (unless you already have one):
Anything I may have forgotten:
Annnd anything else you would enjoy in adding:


I shall post the chapter tonight (I don't care what time I love you guys..I died so erm yeah going to go watch Pewdiepie videos..BAI AMAZING PEOPLE)
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