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Hi there, I’m Phoenix. Phoenix Taylor. My life isn’t particularly exciting, nor is it important, really. But I suppose introductions are necessary sometimes...

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Hi there, I’m Phoenix. Phoenix Taylor. My life isn’t particularly exciting, nor is it important, really. But I suppose introductions are necessary sometimes...
So I’m Phoenix, called ‘Nix’ by my one and only friend and my family mainly. I’m 20 years young, living in a one bedroom, pretty fucking small, flat alone in Camden, good ol’ London Town. I’m about, I don’t know, 5’4”... As if it matters, either way I’m shorter than most people that pass me by. I don’t know what stereotype you’d “class” me as, I’ve been called ‘emo’, ‘scene’, even ‘indie’ on occasion... I’m far from any of these, or I suppose you could say I’m a little bit of each. I get called ‘emo’ or ‘scene’ mostly, mainly because of my hair. Yes, I have a pretty ‘scene’ side fringe. Yes, my hair is also jet black. Maybe it does contrast with my pale white skin, but I just like it that way. I don’t have one specific ‘style’ in my eyes... I’m just me. Pathetic, boring, useless old me...
Alright, so maybe it isn’t just my style that causes people to call me ‘emo’. I never was much of the outgoing, loud or bubbly kind of teenager that people would expect you to be. I was quiet most of the time, just created my own inner sanctum. I took care of myself and lived my life in my own way, alone. It didn’t do me much good, though. I guess I took a wrong turn while in my teenage years. At the age of 16 I had been admitted to hospital for self harm, they kept me there throughout a couple of my GCSE’s, which just then put more pressure on me, and it just kept getting worse and worse.
I got through it though I guess, eventually. And here I am, living on my own in a messy Camden flat, with one friend and my brother, Leo, that live in the same city, taking a computing course at University of London. Nothing happens. Ever.
Except tonight, that is. My doll of a brother decided it would be good for me to get out for once, do something fun. So he got me a ‘surprise’ Simple Plan ticket. I have to admit it was sweet, purely because of the fact that he remembered they were my favourite. Not favourite as in ‘crazy fanatic’ favourite. Just favourite as in, I love their music and how they’ve impacted my life. Throughout my teenage years, they were the band I turned to, simply because they made me feel that little bit better. Sad? Perhaps. But I couldn’t give a fucking damn.
See, my brother Leo works at the HMV Forum as a security guard. He’s a pretty beefy guy. Not fat, just very well built. So of course he could get a decent priced ticket, and quick too. He also mentioned how he could check up on me, that part I decided to ignore. I also wouldn’t have to wait around in the freezing cold outside for ages, I could just go in with him.
So that’s what I did. At 4PM Leo brought me to the venue in his yellow truck (Gaudy. Disgusting. But at least it gets the job done) and led me through a side door, entering the building.
I turned to my brother, “Wait, what am I meant to do for the next three hours?” He carried on walking so I speed-walked to catch up with his quick pace.
“Well, I don’t know. Find something to do. I told you we couldn’t come any later, I still have a job to do you know?” I sighed, so he stopped walking and turned to face me, smiling, “Look. Quit complaining okay? I’ve brought you to see your favourite band, ever, and all you have to do is wait three hours. It’s not even like you have to wait outside, you’re nice and warm in here. So just follow me, wait it out, and you’ll be enjoying yourself in no time.”
I huffed, smiling behind my frown. He laughed and pulled my arm, “Fucking little diva...”
I smiled, my brother’s a dick, but I really do love him.
So my brother took me to a room where he said he usually sat when he had nothing to do, leaving me there alone with nothing but an apple. Yes, an apple. Incase I get hungry, he said. Idiot. So instead, I decided to take a little sneak peek of my surroundings.
I opened the door and found myself in a long hallway, sprouting off into several other rooms. Even this was too tedious. So I just leant against the wall and slid down it, placing my arms on my knees and my head on my arms as I closed my eyes, wishing the time, and my life, away.
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