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Hello London

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“Oi! Lazy!” My head snapped up at the sound of my brother’s voice.

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“Oi! Lazy!” My head snapped up at the sound of my brother’s voice. I looked at him quizzically,
“Get your arse up now, missy. I’ve got to make sure you’re in there before I start working, okay?”
I sighed and got up, “Jeez, man. Chill bro’.” He smiled at me and I grinned back.
“Excited yet?” He nudged my arm.
I snorted, “I don’t get excited Leo.” We started walking along the long, confusing hallway.
“Pssht, not even for your favourite band?” I smiled and carried on walking,
“Well... If you give me a good enough reason to be excited, I’ll consider it.”
He giggled. Giggled. Giggled. Ew. “I know you’ve got a thing for one of them, that’s for sure. Can’t remember which one...”
“And you’re not gonna remember. Because I do not have a thing for any of them, thank you very much.”
He held his hands up, “Woah, chill sis. They’re famous, you can think nasty things about them if you want. It’s not as weird if they’re famous.”
I laughed, “Sick fuck...”
Okay. I may have had a thing for a few of them before... But then most people have, and nothing’s gonna happen in any way shape or form with me or anyone else who likes them, so why bother? Despite the fact they are very nice looking.
I felt a buzz in my pocket. A text, wow I am popular. I popped my phone out of the pocket of my jeans and unlocked the screen, finding a text from my friend Aqua. She was a babe. She was actually my only friend, despite knowing more people than I would have liked. And yes, Aqua is her birth name, her mum is just the best. So, that name clearly had an impact on her, because as soon as she was old enough to obtain some hair dye, her hair pretty much matched her name, and has been a bright, aqua-blue ever since.
‘Guess who’s seeing We The Kings tonight ;)’ I scrunched my nose for a minute, trying to remember who Simple Plan’s support act was tonight.
I rolled my eyes and laughed to myself, texting my friend back,
‘Dude, guess who’s seeing Simple Plan tonight. That’s right. Meet me inside ;D’
I clicked send and turned to my brother, “What time does it start?”
Still walking, Leo replied, “After all the pissing you people about? I’d say half seven.” I giggled,
“Fair enough.”
My phone buzzed yet again,
'Oh, no way! Okay, see you there :D’
I smiled and shook my head, following my brother through a door and into the huge room that was the HMV Forum.


My brother spent 10 minutes telling me how I needed to ‘take care of myself’ and ‘find him if I needed anything’... Right, yeah, shut up.
After I’d managed to get rid of him, I decided to see if I could find Aqua, so I went to the one place I knew she’d go as soon as she arrived; the merch stand. So instead of standing there like an outcast until she got there, I decided to see what they were selling.
I pushed in through the ever-growing crowd of people to get to the desk and saw a whole array of t-shirts up on the board... Well, I’ve never been the one to go to a gig and not buy a t-shirt...
“Er, yeah, can I get the tour shirt and... Ah fuck it, can I get a wristband too please?” I smiled to the merch guy. He nodded and turned round to get what I’d asked for.
I looked round and saw Aqua come in through the big double doors, immediately coming towards the merch stand. I smiled and turned back towards the big merch guy.
“There ya go, that’s £25 please.” I handed him the two notes. “And hold up, you got a poster coming too.” He went to a big box and handed me a blue A3 astronaut poster. Huh... Nice! I smiled and walked out of the crowd a bit.
I decided to wait until Aqua was done buying merch to announce my presence, and so in the meantime, began to study my purchases.
The shirt was pretty cool. The first thing that had caught my eye (besides it being the lowest priced) was the pictures on it. I was always a sucker for pictures, not even sure why. I just liked something to look at and study while I was bored, knowing that I could quite easily notice something new about it each time. This particular shirt had a picture of each of the guys playing live in black and white, and on the back, being a tour shirt, a list of their Europe shows from their current tour.
The wristband was pretty straightforward. A thick, black band with ‘Simple Plan’ written in tall letters. Pretty decent for £5. Also, I hadn’t even realised they’d give me a free poster when I bought that t-shirt. That’s what I call a win. It was a blue and white astronaut with tour dates on it to match the shirt. And oh... Look at that... It was signed. Double win methinks.
I grinned to myself at my luck as I looked up at the board of t-shirts, seeing a sign that said ‘Free poster - First 200’ next to the tour shirt. Sweet!
I had spent at least 10 minutes waiting for Aqua to buy her shit when she finally came out of the group and saw me, grinning excitedly.
“Oh my god! Hey!” She ran up to me with two We The Kings wristbands on and hugged me tightly.
“Woah, someone’s excited, Aq.” I smiled, as we parted and started walking towards the pit.
“Course I am, I get to see We The Kings!”
I giggled, “Chill out, Aqua. I’m just gonna go dump my stuff with Leo.”
“Bit harsh?”
I laughed, “No, he made me wait three hours on my own in a hallway, I’d say he deserves this.”
So we walked down towards the stage and as close to the barrier as we could, but people were blocking the way. I huffed, and just got pissed, pushing past them to get through. Yeah... That tends to happen when people are in my way. I mean, it’s not like they’d care about me, so why should I care about them?
I pulled Aqua in with me and we reached the barrier. I looked from left to right and then spotted my brother in a black t-shirt and jeans, arms folded, looking rather badass... Pah.
I waved at him. Nothing. I waved my arms at him, and still nothing. Jesus.
I curled my hands around my mouth, “Oi, Leo!” His head jerked my way and I sighed, giving him an ‘Are you fucking deaf?’ look.
He walked over, “The fuck? What do you want, shrimp?” I smiled sweetly and innocently and held up my things. He looked back and forth between the objects and myself before sighing in defeat. “Fine, I’ll take them. Now get to enjoying this thing and stop harassing me.” He winked at me before walking away and back to his post in front of the stage.
I turned to Aqua, “Pshht, yeah right.”
We giggled and waited for We The Kings, talking about some random shit and laughing at some of the people around us. You could so tell some of them were there just to see Pierre’s face. I mean, who wasn’t? But it’s not all there was to see...
The crowed cheered as the lights came down and a ginger Travis came out, leading the others, with a guitar in hand, screaming into the mic,
“Hello London!”
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