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Come On, Shrimp

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Aqua and I spent the whole time bouncing and singing to We The Kings. Granted, I didn’t know all of their songs, but the one’s I did know, I certainly sang along to.

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Aqua and I spent the whole time bouncing and singing to We The Kings. Granted, I didn’t know all of their songs, but the one’s I did know, I certainly sang along to.
“Cos’ I’m never going down, I’m never giving up, I’m never gonna leave so put your hands up!” Travis’ hand flew into the air, signaling everyone in the crowd to do so too. And of course, they all did as they were told.
“This is so fucking awesome, Nix!” Aqua screamed in my ear, trying to get her voice above the sounds of the band and the crowd. So, basically, I could only just hear her.
As we looked up at the ginger, mop haired man, the song changed and he spoke again,
“London. You guys are so fucking beautiful tonight! It’s been a while since we’ve been here, and we’ll be back as soon as possible. But for now, this is our last song.” All of the men up on that stage smiled brightly and started playing ‘Check yes, Juliet’.
Again, I’m sad to say I didn’t know this song as well as others, but it was catchy, so of course, I sang along when I could.
“Run baby, run. Don’t ever look back. They’ll tear us apart, if you give them the chance.” Everyone was singing in unison, it was pretty amazing really.
Jumping up and down, the music started to come to an end, and Travis sang the last few lines of the song,
“Don’t sell your heart, don’t say we are not meant to be. Run baby run, forever we will be, you and me, you and me, you and me.”
All of the guys blew kisses of some sort to the crowd and ran off stage, Aqua was still hyped up,
“Oh my God that was so freaking awesome!”
I smiled and giggled, “Fuck yeah, it was!”
We paused for a minute... “And so now we get to wait another half an hour for Simple Plan... Pah.” Yippee...
I looked around, and started people watching. There were some interesting looking people here. And... some complete and utter pos3rs. Joking. Basically, it just didn’t look like they were meant to be there. But. Each to their own.
Okay, that was boring, so I decided to try and get Leo’s attention again. I did try waving my arms, like last time, but of course that didn’t work. So I went in my pocket and got out a rogue stick of gum. I don’t even... I don’t know.
I aimed, and threw it towards him, hitting him on the stomach. He turned his head with an annoyed look on his face, which turned into an odd expression when he saw it was me.
I just grinned as he walked over, “Heyyyy brothaaa. How’s it hangin’?”
He folded his arms, “I am still a member of security, you know? I still have to authority to man-handle you and kick you out of here.”
I smiled sweetly, “You’d never do such a thing...”
He chuckled, “I probably would, but I won’t. Not this time...”
My brows furrowed, “Cheeky fuck...”
He laughed heartedly, “So. What is it you wanted, Shrimp?”
I hated that nickname... “Urm... Yeah... Anyway. Me and Aq just wanted to know what to do afterwards, cos, as much as it hate it, your banana truck is the only way home for us.”
He pointed a finger at me, “Don’t diss the truck. You dare diss the truck.”
I raised my eyebrow, “Gonna answer my question, then?”
He sighed and rubbed his temple, “Just wait behind, and when enough people are gone, we’ll go to the back rooms again. You guys are just gonna need to wait for a lil’ bit while I patrol the inside doors, kay?”
I shrugged, “Sure thing, bro’.” I smiled and he patted my head before walking away. Huff.
I turned back around to Aqua, “That okay with you?”
She shrugged, “Sure, it’s warm and we still get a lift so it’s all good!”
I smiled at her as the lights went back down. I think it’s safe to say my smile widened significantly...
Pierre, Sébastien, David and Jeff all came running out on stage with their instruments, and Chuck with his drumsticks. The music started pounding, the loud drone of a few repeated chords came through the speakers.
The song was undoubtedly ‘Shut Up’. Win. Pierre ran freely across the stage, singing one of the songs that showed the link between the 32 year old he was and the adolescent inside of him.
“So shut up, shut up, shut up, don’t wanna hear it! Get out, get out, get out, get out of my way!”
I looked up at the five men that had impacted on my life so much since I was seven. I could appreciate them so much more in the flesh. See how much effort they all put in to make their fans feel good. I loved it. I loved all of them.
Pierre was in the middle, Chuck was at the back with his drums, of course, Jeff and David were on the far left, and Sébastien was on our side, right in front of me. So, basically, I got a nice view of Sébastien.
We were right by the barrier still, jumping and singing. Though, some bitch was screaming. Right in my ear. But, whatever.
I looked up at Sébastien. I never really looked at him much, though he was cute, they all were in their own way, I just never really looked at him properly. Tonight, he was wearing dark gray, almost black skinny jeans with a black buttoned-up shirt tucked in. Oh. My. Fuck. I never thought that would be a good look in my eyes, in general really. But on him. Oh yes.
I found myself smiling to myself at this thought, I did worry myself sometimes.
These guys were insane. David had decided to put his hands down his pants...
“Hey, Pierre! High five?!” Oh dear... I’m glad Pierre declined that offer. David just hopped down and high-fived someone in the crowd. Lovely...
They’d got through many, many songs and it had came up to a medley of ‘Moves Like Jagger’, ‘Dynamite’ and ‘Sexy and I Know It’. So, naturally, they were all dancing like dicks. I had to admit, it was pretty good. Especially Sébastien, who was really the only one I could properly look at, seeing as he was closest.
He had moves, man. Like, seriously sexy shit right there.
Ahem... Yeah. No shame, no shame.

Unfortunately, the show was ending. One of the last songs was ‘Welcome to my Life’, my favourite song of all time.
I looked up at those five men, and smiled. Just smiled, and sang,
“To be hurt, to feel lost, to be left out in the dark. To be kicked when you’re down, and feel like you’ve been pushed around.” Pierre started waving his arm back and forth, the others following suit, eventually followed by everyone in the crowd. Apart form me, I just looked. Up at Sébastien, who was waving and singing.
He then looked at me, and flashed me an adorable smile. He got his pick and tossed it carefully my way.
I suck at sports, I can’t catch for shit. But for Seb’s pick, suddenly, I’m a pro. So I caught it in my hands and smiled at him. Not creepily... I hope... Just with admiration, so he just smiled back. Whatta babe.
The show gradually ended and Pierre spoke his final words,
“Thank you London! We fucking love you all! We’ll be back soon, promise!” They all finished throwing their bottles and spare picks to the crowd, Chuck also coming to the front to throw his drumsticks. I was pretty happy with my pick.

As people started to disperse, Aqua and I were waiting patiently at the side, extremely satisfied, and leaning against the wall, when I was tapped on the shoulder by Leo.
“Come on, Shrimp.”
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