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I Dare You

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Leo led us through the same door him and I came through a few hours before. Back through the same hallway, and into the same room. But oh, this time he left us with a banana. Too kind. Just, too kind.

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Leo led us through the same door him and I came through a few hours before. Back through the same hallway, and into the same room. But oh, this time he left us with a banana. Too kind. Just, too kind.
I turned around to look at my beef-cake of a brother, “Leo? Are you fucking serious? A banana? All we have for entertainment is a goddamn banana!?”
He chuckled and patted my hair, causing me to duck down, “Chill. You guys won’t be here for too long... Besides, you’re not technically allowed anywhere else, let alone in here. So don’t even think about sneaking off.” He pointed his index finger at Aqua and myself with a stern look on his face. I’d seen it way too many times before.
My eyes glinted at the thought of mischief, and I’m sure he saw this, “Oh... We wouldn’t even think of it, brother dearest...”
He frowned and looked at his watch, “Right, I’ve gotta go. You two better be here when I get back.” I rolled my eyes, and he punched my arm lightly, “See ya in a bit, Shrimp.” He then walked out of the door, shutting it behind him.
I spun round to face Aqua, clapping my hands, “So! What do we do now?”
She shrugged and looked down towards the floor, “Urm... I have my DS... And some books...?” I shrugged and sat down on the big red sofa, that was centered in the middle of the room.
“What books you got with you then?”
Aqua sat down next to me, pulling out her DS for herself, and the two books she had brought with her. Somehow Aq always brought the right things... Even when it was incredibly unlikely, you’d always end up needing this seemingly ‘useless’ crap she carried around. I loved that about her.
I picked up the two books, reading their names. There was ‘Pandora Hearts’ and ‘House of Night’. I actually enjoyed both of these books... But I decided to read ‘Pandora Hearts’ for a while. Flicking through the pages, I looked at the clock on the wall and sighed, sinking down into the sofa.

Half an hour later, I was too fucking restless. “Fuck this shit, let’s go look around.”
Aqua shut her DS, putting it down, a smirk on her face, “Should we? What about Leo?”
I waved my hand dismissively, “Pssht, he won’t know. Besides, it’s not like we’re gonna get into any trouble... We’re just bored, we’ve practically been imprisoned in this shitty room. We deserve to have a little look around.”
She shot up from the sofa, grin plastered on her face “Fuck it, let’s go.”
I smiled and got up from the seat, only taking my phone along with me. I opened the door slowly, purposefully increasing the suspense in the atmosphere, Aqua only hit me in return.
“Phoenix! Just open the door!” I giggled, and opened it fully, revealing the familiar white corridor.
I shook my head, “Still as exciting as hell...” I looked left and right, deciding on going right, “Come on, then.” I grinned, Aqua following suit. We walked along the corridor, peeking in through each door, creeping along like kids playing a secret agent game. Don’t lie. You’ve all done it.
“Jesus, even all of these rooms are fucking boring. Is there literally no one here?” I leaned against the wall, hearing muffled noises on the other side.
Aqua must have heard it too, because a grin immediately sprung onto her face, “There’s someone in there. Dare ya to go in.”
I scoffed, “No... I dare you... It’s not like you’ve got the guts either.” I laughed, at both of our expense.
She came towards me, placing her hands on my shoulders. I looked her in the eye, smirking, “Oh you so would not.”
She mimicked my smirk, “Oh but I so could.”
We fought against each other, with mock aggression, laughter erupting from our mouths the whole time. Of course neither of us had the guts to push the other into the door, but it was still fun to scare the crap out of ourselves pretending to.

... Unfortunately, we weren’t really thinking of the potential consequences of what we were doing. Despite the fact that the door was securely shut, meaning it couldn’t be opened by leaning on it, we were completely oblivious to the other fact that there were people inside that room.
So, with our luck, we found ourselves being hauled to the floor by each other’s weight, into the mystery room. Because some jerk had opened the door.
I put my hand on my head, that I’d hit on the floor, “Fuck...” I looked towards Aqua who was looking forwards into the room, her eyes wide. I turned my head and cursed myself for what we’d just done.
“Oh goddamnit...”
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