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Once In A Blue Moon

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As I lay on this rough, crappy carpet, I was looking into the faces of five, very important people... Namely; Chuck, David, Jeff, Charles and Travis.

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As I lay on this rough, crappy carpet, I was looking into the faces of five, very important people... Namely; Chuck, David, Jeff, Charles and Travis. David being the one that had opened the door, causing us to fall in through... Well. You know the story. So basically, he was now stood above us, a look of shock on his face, clearly not knowing what to say.
“Erm, hello?” Was all he said. I groaned, and stood up quickly, Aqua following my actions carefully, as each man stared at us in disbelief.
I shut my eyes tightly and reopened them, to meet his confused gaze, “Look, I am so sorry... We honestly had no idea you were in here. My brother, he- he works here, security and all that shit... He left us in a room with nothing to do while he patrolled the doors inside, and...” I just gave up on trying to be normal, “Well we just got bored, man!” I exasperated. I was too tired to explain like a normal person. I sighed, “I’m sorry... We didn’t know you were in here, we were joking around outside. We didn’t mean to disturb you.” I spoke calmly.
David smiled warmly, and spoke softly, “You’re weird.” His Canadian accent just made me smile inside...
I laughed, frowning slightly, “Thank you..?”
Chuck, who was sat on the sofa by the window, laptop on his lap, spoke up, “It’s cool, you didn’t really disturb us. We just heard laughing outside and wondered what it was... We weren’t expecting that.” He chuckled.
I blushed in embarrassment, “Yeah... Sorry, again...”
He waved his hand dismissively, a soothing smile on his face, “It’s no problem sweetie...”
Travis then spoke up, “Just... Just a question here. But... Are you actually aware of who we are? Because so far, I’ve heard no screams... Which is odd...” The guys all laughed, and I looked over towards Aqua, who I could see was trying to control her grin. Bless...
I chuckled, “Of course we do, Travis. We’re just... Normal? Abnormal? I don’t know... Whichever makes more sense.”
Jeff laughed loudly, “Woah! Once in a blue moon do you get fans like that.”
Aqua turned to him and raised her eyebrow, smirking “What gives you the impression that we’re fans?”
David giggled, “It’d be a real shame if you weren’t... Plus you wouldn’t have been at our show if you didn’t like our stuff.”
Folding my arms across my chest, I argued playfully, “How do you know we were even there? We could have just been forced here by my idiot brother and stayed back here... You’d never know.”
David leaned towards me, smiling cheekily, “Because I saw you, honey. And to me, it really looked like you were enjoying yourself.” He stood back, “So don’t even try arguing with me, sweetie.” I huffed, and smiled at him, getting a warm one in return.
I turned to walk back out of the door, pushing Aqua along, “Well I guess we’d better leave, sorry again.” We both smiled apologetically at the six men, shutting the door behind us.
I looked over to Aqua, and she smiled, “What the fuck just happened?”
I laughed at her sudden outburst and sunk down to the floor against the wall, my friend joining beside me.

Not even half a minute later, the door burst open again, David popping his head out, smiling when he looked down to find the two of us.
He stepped out, “Hey, we were hoping you hadn’t left.” I looked at his perfectly shaped teeth as he spoke. They were caps... But still... “Erm, we wanted to know if you were up to hanging with us for a while.”
My brow furrowed in confusion, “Urm, why?”
He looked slightly taken aback, and I felt a little bit bad that my enquiry sounded a bit harsh... It wasn’t meant to...
“Well... We just thought about how you guys had nothing to do, and no one to talk to... But it’s fine if you’d rather not...” He looked a bit upset. It almost made my heart ache.
I stood up quickly, “Sorry, that wasn’t meant to sound so... Rejecting. I was just wondering why... You guys clearly have better things to do than talk to us.” I smiled at the Canadian man.
He chuckled lightly, “You’d be surprised. Besides, you guys are cool, we’d like to get to know you a bit.”
Aqua had been standing directly behind me, poking me in the back the entire time, and when David went back into the room, I turned to her, “Oh come on! As if I was going to say no.” I laughed, pulling her into the room with me.
David was sat on one of the sofas, two spare seats next to him, “So... Let’s start with names.”

After about an hour and a half’s worth of talking, two other men barreled through the door, laughing and fighting.
Pierre and Sebastien. They stopped when they saw Aqua and me, confusion plastered all over their faces.
Charles spoke up, “Uh, hey guys! This is Aqua and Phoenix... Our new friends.” He winked to us and we could only smile back.
They walked cautiously into the room, and Sebastien looked right at me, an unrecognisable expression on his face. But judging by the smile that followed after, I’m guessing it was a good one.
He walked up to me, and stuck his hand out, “Hi. I’m Sebastien.” I chuckled and shook his hand, he was so damn adorable.
“I know who you are, Sebastien... I’m Phoenix.” I gave him a warm smile, which he graciously returned.
I heard Pierre speak quietly to Chuck, “Fans?”
Chuck replied with normal volume, “Not strictly speaking... I’m not sure what to call them. I guess, like Charles said, you could just call them our new friends.” He laughed. “They’re cool girls, not insane fans like we usually get backstage.”
Pierre smiled, “But they did come backstage to see us, right?”
Aqua scoffed, “Don’t flatter yourself Pierre!” The guys all laughed, David’s distinct giggle ringing in my ears.
He looked to us, confused, so I decided to clear it all up for him and Seb, “Yes, we came to the show. No, we didn’t come backstage to see you, believe it or not.” I smiled, “My brother works in security here, and left us with just a banana for entertainment...” They both shook their heads,
Pierre held up his hand, “Wait, what?”
I laughed, “It’s not important. Basically, we got bored and went to look around, ended up... I guess you could call it wrestling... And then David here went and opened the door... And we fell. Basically.”
David shouted, “Yeah, and we liked them so much that we let them stay!” He side-hugged me tightly and sloppily kissed my cheek.
Sebastien mumbled, “And clearly getting a bit too up close and personal.” He looked down towards his hands, aware that most of us had heard him.
The door barged open once again, only this time, revealing my heavy-loaded brother. Damn.
“Phoenix! What did I fucking tell you!?” He looked mad and folded his arms over his chest.
I actually didn’t care, I just kept looking at Sebastien. He really looked unhappy.
Aqua decided to speak in my absence, “Sorry Leo... It was an accident. They said we could stay here...”
Jeff then saved our asses, “Really! It was no problem... We like these guys.” He smiled at us.
Leo huffed and gave in, “Fine, I’ll let you guys off this once. Now come on, I’m taking you back to your place, Phoenix.” He walked out of the room, expecting us to follow.
I shook my head, smiling, “Come on Aq, before the gorilla-man throws his banana truck at us.” I spoke quietly, making her giggle.
David took my hand, “Sorry if we got you into any trouble.”
“It’s fine, he loves me too much to be mad at me.” I winked at him.
He laughed softly, “Well it was nice meeting you girls, hope we can see you again soon.” I took my hand away from his, realising that he’d slipped a piece of paper into my palm.
I slid it into my back pocket, “I’m sure you will, David.”

We said goodbye to the rest of the guys, each of them giving us a warm farewell. Now to face the wrath of my brother... Yet he didn’t even say anything. But he smiled, so I knew we were okay. He did as he said he would and dropped Aqua and I off at my apartment, where we immediately went to bed, exhausted. I couldn’t sleep though, the whole time I had been thinking of Sebastien, and how down he looked...
Then I remembered the piece of paper David had given me. I leaned over to where I tossed my jeans and slipped it out of the back pocket, unfolding it, revealing an eleven-digit number, and the words, ‘Be my best friend? ;)’
I leaned my head back and smiled, whispering the words to myself, “Cheeky fucker.”
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