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Shut Up You Moron

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I was awoken the next morning by the delicious smell of popcorn. What? Popcorn?

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I was awoken the next morning by the delicious smell of popcorn. What? Popcorn? I groaned and shuffled into the kitchen, only to find Aqua sitting on the counter, devilish grin on her face. I raised my eyebrow at her, looking at her questioningly.
“What?” She asked innocently, hopping off of the counter, “I’m hungry. It’s not my fault that you’ve got nothing to eat here besides microwave popcorn and tinned peaches. I mean, seriously? Peaches?” I chuckled and opened the microwave as it pinged, stealing some of the edible fluffiness from the smoking hot paper bag. Aqua squealed in protest, “ Hey! I made that!”
I held the bag up high above her head, smirking, “You mean, you pushed two buttons? I bought it, bitch.” I smiled as handed it to my pouting best friend. She took the bag graciously and filled her cheeks, making me giggle. I moved to sit down on the sofa, which was made up mostly of blankets and throws, Aqua then turning around to join me.
“You okay? A lot of awesome shit happened last night...” For some reason she was speaking cautiously, but nevertheless I smiled wide at the memories of the night before. Aqua sighed, one of relief, and I raised my eyebrow in question.
She just smiled sheepishly, “Just hoping it wasn’t a dream...” I giggled and ‘awh’-ed at her,
“It was all very real, Aq... Oh, did I show you that note?”
She wrinkled her nose in confusion, “What note?” Huh? I could have sworn I’d told her...
“The one David slipped in my hand before we left...” I spoke slowly.
Her head shot up, “What?! You didn’t tell me about this!” The expression on her face was a mixture of shock, confusion and most of all, excitement. It really made me want to laugh.
“Damn... I thought I had...” I though for a moment about how I ended up not telling her. I mean, she was there! When I looked back over to Aqua, I could see the look of impatience on her face,
“Well?! Are you going to show me or not?”
I snapped out of my thoughts, “Oh! Right.” I stood up and walked into my room, still speaking to her from over my shoulder, “Before we left, David took my hand, when he was apologising, for getting us into trouble and that, remember? Well, the sly git, he slipped a small piece of paper into my hand...” I returned into the living room with the note, slightly crumpled from being in my jeans’ pocket, “And here it is.” I passed it to her, sitting back down beside her on the sofa.
I watched her read it, a huge smile growing on her face, squealing when she’d finished, “Awhhh! Bless him!” I smiled and took the paper back, fiddling with it in my hands. “Well, we both know what you’re doing today don’t we?”
I frowned, “What?”
She laughed at me as if I were a moron, “You’re gonna call him, aren’t you?” I looked at her uneasily. “You are. In fact, do it right now, so I can make sure.”
I groaned, “Aq...”
She stood up off the sofa quickly, grabbing the piece of paper from me, “If you don’t, then I bloody well will.”
I grabbed her arm, “Okay, okay. I’ll do it.”
“Right now.” It wasn’t a question, it was a command. She looked down at me and I sighed, knowing I’d have to give in. It was either that or suffer the consequences,
“Yep.” I took the note back from her and grabbed the phone form off the counter. I looked Aqua uneasily, only getting a stern face in reply. “Oh, fine.” I looked back and forth between the keys and the paper, punching the numbers in and then lifting the receiver to my ear, waiting impatiently.
“Hello?” Oh damn. It was him, for sure. Why the hell wasn’t I talking??
“Erm, hi.” Fuck, I really was the worst on the phone, no matter who it was to.
“Who is this?” I snapped back into normal-person-mode. Unsuccessfully I might add...
I cleared my throat, “It’s, erm, Phoenix.” I spoke timidly.
“Oh! Hi!” I heard the grin on his face when he spoke, making me smile to myself.
“Hi... I, uh, got your note.” I chuckled.
“Yeah, I figured. I don’t tend to get drunk and pass out my number much these days...” I stayed silent, which created a slightly awkward pause between the two of us. "Not that much anyways.” He then started laughing, breaking the awkwardness between us.
“Why do I find that hard to believe, David?” I chuckled.
“Hey!” he yelled in mock offense, “That’s mean...” I could just sense the pout in his voice.
I laughed, letting him have his hissy fit, “Aw, I’m sorry David.”
“No you’re not...”
I hummed, “You’re right. I’m not.” He huffed, making me giggle.
“Hmpf. Anyway, what are you up to today?” I felt the smile creep back onto his face.
“Well... Being a Wednesday... Absolutely nothing. Why?”
He laughed lightly, “Well, the band is spending a few more days in London before we head off to Israel and I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out for a while.” I could hear his voice become slightly timid as he finished his sentence, as if he thought I’d say no. Bless.
“Sure, David. Is it just going to be us or..?”
David spoke quickly, “Oh, no! Well, unless you’d prefer it that way... I don’t know, it depends on whether or not you want anyone else there or if you’d rather it was just us alone... I don’t mean alone alone I just mean-”
“David. Shut up you moron.” He immediately quietened, “It’s up to you, alright?” I spoke softly, “I mean, I don’t want a crowd... But if you want to bring one or two of the guys, then it’s your call. I just wanna see you, yeah?”
“Really?” There was a hint of surprise in his question.
I laughed lightly, “Of course. You are my best friend after all.” I heard him giggle,
“Yeah! Alright, so meet me at the Forum, seeing as we both know where it is, and I’ll come get you in about half an hour.”
I paused for a minute, “What? Is that all you’re telling me?”
He laughed loudly, “Yep! Now hurry up and get dressed.”
I folded my arms, “And what makes you think I’m not dressed? It’s almost twelve.”
“Well... Are you?”
I hesitated, “No... But-”
“See! I know you too well already. Now get dressed, I’ll see you soon.”
“Bye David.”
I clicked ‘end’ and turned around to find Aqua staring at me with a smug smile on her face.
“What?” I hit her shoulder, laughing as I went to get dressed.
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