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Relax Princess

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I had been sat on the ground outside the HMV Forum for quite some time before David showed up late, with apologies and cookies. If it hadn’t been for the cookies I would have scolded him badly.

Category: Simple Plan - Rating: R - Genres: Humor - Characters: David Desrosiers,Sebastien Lefebvre - Published: 2012-09-17 - Updated: 2012-09-17 - 895 words

I had been sat on the ground outside the HMV Forum for quite some time before David showed up late, with apologies and cookies. If it hadn’t been for the cookies I would have scolded him badly. Thankfully for him though, I forgave him pretty much immediately, to which he gave an appreciative smile. We were walking back to David’s car when he decided to tell me something he failed to mention to me beforehand,
“Oh, by the way, Sebastien came with me. Is that okay..?” He asked the question cautiously, as if he was worried that it would bother me. Of course it didn’t bother me, I was just a little surprised,
“Oh... No, of course that’s okay.” I replied, “We agreed that we could bring whoever we wanted, it’s no big deal.” I added with a reassuring smile, silently wondering to myself whether it was for his benefit or mine. I know I definitely didn’t mind Sebastien being there with us, I just got a strange feeling about it...
He smiled, showing off his lovely white teeth, “Great. I know you said you just wanted to see me, but I just thought Seb looked kinda lonely today...” I could see the sadness on his face, I didn’t expect him and Seb to be that close. But I guess when you’re in a band together, you kind of end up that way regardless.
“Yeah, he looked pretty down when I met him yesterday. Did he mention anything to you about what was wrong?”
David shook his head ‘no’, “But I bet it’s about some chick.” I felt my chest tighten at his words, attempting to laugh it off along with him, luckily having his joke to hide behind. I hummed with a smile on my face, reveling in the rarity that was the good mood I was in, as we finally approached David’s car. Sebastien was next to the car, leaning backwards on it, tapping away on his iPhone, not even noticing we were there. David cleared his throat loudly in attempt to gain his attention. Lifting up his head, confusion on his face, he smiled warmly when he saw us.
“Hey Desrosiers,” looking to me he spoke, and I could notice the slight softness that greeted me in his voice, “Hey Phoenix.” Then, almost timidly, he gave me a small hug, making me lose all sense in my head momentarily.
“How’re you doing, Seb?” I left my hand on his arm in attempt to comfort him, his facial expression appearing sadder by the minute. I saw his face soften and seeing the pain hidden in his eyes made my chest tighten again. Nevertheless, he put on a fake smile and replied, his voice overly positive in comparison to what I had just seen in him, clearly showing his uneasiness.
“I’m good, Phoenix. I just love being in London, I think it’s great.” I almost winced at the grin on his face and his over-enthusiasm, feeling incredibly sorry for him. He looked me in the eyes, “And you? How’re you today?” I looked over at David standing in front of the car, looking at Sebastien oddly. He was thinking the same thing as me.
Turning my attention back to the man in front of me, I smiled yet again, “Fine, great.. Just fine.” Little did Seb know, as I’d guessed from his unaltered demeanour, I was lying through my teeth. I was not fine, ever. A lot of the time without even so much as an explanation.
The sound of a car door closing pulled me back to the present. David had gotten into the drivers’ seat whilst Seb was walking over to the back door, opening it for me, almost surprising me. I guess they must have said something to me... Oops...
“Shall we, princess?” Seb grinned at me, waiting for me to get into the car, “Sorry you have to sit in the back... I guess that’s kinda my fault. But, if you like, we can switch. I don’t mind.” His smile was slowly becoming addictive.
I walked towards the car and slipped in, throwing myself tiredly on the cushion behind the passengers’ seat. Behind Seb. “It’s fine, Seb. Really.” As he sat down in the seat in front of me, a thought came to mind. Did he just call me princess?
Leaning to the side, I looked around the headrest at Seb, poking him in the cheek, “Oi. Did you just call me princess?” Seb chuckled as David’s laugh drowned out any possible awkwardness that question could have created.
Sebastien hummed, “Well, I was thinking about your name, and the first thing that came to mind was ‘Princess’, besides, you look like a little diva. So there, Princess.”
I scowled at him, I hated feminine titles, “You suck.”
David was still laughing, but now he decided to taunt me, “Oh relax Princess.”
I crossed my arms and huffed, slumping back into my seat, “Fuck you guys. You know I could always change my mind and not hang out with you two.” Of course I was bluffing, but they didn’t know that.
David clutched the steering wheel, only laughing harder, “Ooooh, shit’s going down!”
Well okay, maybe they did know... Dicks.
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