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I Was In This For The Rough, Hard Sex

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The guys had decided to take me to Bluewater shopping center.

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The guys had decided to take me to Bluewater shopping center. Which wasn’t the most exciting thing for me as I’d been there quite a lot when I was younger. But I was going with them, which made it all the more special. Plus, I liked long car journeys.
The whole car ride there consisted of the guys singing along to shit songs on the radio, embarrassing me thoroughly. And the embarrassment didn’t stop there. Oh no. As we were walking through the car park towards the entrance, they continued singing and serenading each other. In fucking public.
“You know. By now, I’d have said you guys are pretty much married.” Then David jumped away from Seb.
“Ew, no. I was in this for the rough, hard sex. Not the commitment.”
I laughed, “With Sebastien? It’s hard to believe that it would be rough and hard with him. Maybe you, David...” Sebastien chocked, attracting my attention, “You okay?” I walked over to him and rubbed his back.
He coughed a few times, “Yeah, I’m fine.” Lie. “Just kind of, choked on my saliva.” Lie. “Awkward...”
I frowned, and accepted his lie for now, “Silly Sebby.”
He smiled, “I like that nickname.”
I chuckled and took his arm in mine, “Then that is what I shall call you.” I patted his back and David popped back into the conversation.
“Oh no! Sebby’s not rough. He’s more of a submissive. I take over. Of course.”
I laughed loudly, accidentally attracting attention from passers by, “Jeez, did I really need to hear that?”
Seb protested, “Plus, I’m not submissive! I’m just... gentle.”
I held my hands up, wanting this to stop, “Please, guys, enough. I’ve heard enough about your kinky sexy-times.”
David winked, “No you haven’t.”
Sebastien elbowed him in the ribs, “Shut up, man.”
David just giggled and skipped into the shopping center.
Seb sighed, “What am I going to do with him?:
I hummed, pretending to think, “Tie him up in a bag and drop him in a ditch?”

After just half an hour of wondering, we had been kicked out of about 5 shops. Guess whose fault that was.
Seb and me were waiting for David to get an ice cream, which probably wasn’t the smartest idea, when someone tapped me on my shoulder. I turned around to be greeted with the face of my beautiful best friend.
“Aq!” I hugged her tight, then pulled her back at arms’ length, “Fuck. Your hair. Is amazing!” She grinned and bounced up and down like a puppy on coke.
“It’s even freaking brighter now!” She still had her trademark blue hair, but instead of just being blue, it was fucking BLUE. I was jelly. She looked to Seb and David, who had now appeared back, ice cream in hand, “Oh, I see you’re with some important people, eh?” She nudged me.
I scoffed, “Nah. They’re just dorks to be honest.”
“Hey!” David piped up. But the idiot got ice cream on his face.
I took a few steps towards him, wiping the ice cream off his nose with my finger, showing it to him, “David. You’re a moron.” He grinned sloppily and I chuckled, licking the melted ice cream off my finger.
Aqua cleared her throat, so I turned around, and she was looking at me with her eyebrow raised. I wasn’t aware of what it is I was meant to have done, “Yeah?”
She clicked her tongue and discreetly pointed her chin towards Sebastien, who was looking awkwardly down at his hands, fiddling with them. Oh damn...
I hit David on the arm playfully, “Don’t be such a messy eater, you doof.” Then proceeded to walk towards Seb.
I took his hand in mine, making him look up at me, a confused look on his face, “You okay, Sebby?”
He cleared his throat, but didn’t make any attempt to sound convincing, “Oh, yeah. I’m fine.” Curling his lips up slightly, he squeezed my hand lightly and dropped it. He walked over to David, and patted his back, “Come on you moron, finish that so we can continue our guided adventure.” He looked back at me and winked. We all started walking around the large room together, the guys were ahead of Aqua and me, and so she took this opportunity to prod at me with questions.
“It’s so fucking obvious that he likes you! You like him, right?”
I sighed, she was talking about Seb, “Aq.. I really don’t think that’s the case.” She gave me a skeptical look, “And even if it was... what would I do?”
“Bang him!!” Her outburst made the guys look back questioningly at us, forcing me to laugh and wave them off.
When they turned back round I hit her arm, “The fuck did you do that for?” She had her hand over her mouth.
“God, I’m sorry. It wasn’t meant to be that loud...” I put my hand to my head, groaning, “But seriously, there’s nothing wrong with Seb. And it’s kind of really obvious that you like him. Even if it’s just a bit.”
I growled in frustration, “But I can’t! I just.. Can’t...”
She looked at me sympathetically, about to say something, but was cut short when we heard David’s excited scream.
“Oh my god! Look at all this marvelous, useless shit!” Oh god, he’d found Hawkin’s Bazaar... The haven for people that are looking for completely useless junk that costs 50 pence and is great for occupying the mind of a child for 20 minutes. So, of course, this shop was perfect for David.
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