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I'm Secretly Planning to Kill His Sorry Ass

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“David, I’m warning you... If you don’t put the monkey down, I’ll-” *Thunk*

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“David, I’m warning you... If you don’t put the fucking monkey down, I’ll-”
Thunk Little fucker threw some plastic fucking monkey at my head.
“David...” I warned. He just squealed and ran to the other side of Hawkins Bazaar. I just knew it would be impossible to get him out of there.
“David Desrosiers, come here right the fuck now.” I got disapproving looks form people in the shop, probably thinking I was a terrible mother swearing at her kid or something. They’d probably understand if they knew David...
I groaned and found Seb, “Jesus, Seb. How the hell do you cope with that man-child?”
He smiled cutely, “I don’t,” I raised my eyebrow and he looked at me with mock seriousness, “I’m secretly planning to kill his sorry ass.”
I chuckled, yeah, good luck with that, “You’ll have to find him first.”
We looked around the shop for a few more minutes and couldn’t find him, “God... I bet he’s escaped and gone on a rampage.” Seb almost sounded concerned, but that’s probably because we couldn’t be totally sure of what that ball of energy was capable of.
I looked around the shop one more time briefly, before glancing outside the shop, sighing in frustration. Because there he was, not even in the fucking shop anymore, playing with a slinky. I nudged Seb in the side, getting his attention and making him look at me, then gestured my head outside, hearing him groan when he saw David.
He walked quickly outside and I followed suit. Seb swiftly took the slinky out of his hands, making him whine in protest, before speaking, “If you’re going to do that, at least tell us before you’ve pissed us off.” He gave the slinky back to the unaffected man, which made me giggle.
Seb looked at me, still pissed off by David,. I threw my hands up, “I’m sorry! He’s funny.”
David grinned evilly as Seb sighed and sat down on a nearby bench.
“Hey.” I pointed my finger at David, making him look up at me, “I’m still pissed off too, yeah?” I then walked over to Seb, sitting next to him and taking his arm in mine.
“Hey. What’s up, Sebby?”
He turned his head and smiled weakly and unconvincingly, “David always wins.” He spoke softly.
I furrowed my brow in confusion, “What do you mean by that?”
Sebastien chuckled, “He always gets his way because of his cutesy attitude. Because he acts like a daft thing that just makes everyone laugh at what he does or says. His sweetness gets him anything he wants, even if someone else wants it more...” He looked away from me and down at his hands. Instead of letting him fiddle with them, which he would usually do, I took his left one in my right hand.
“You’re capable of the same, you know?” Seb shook his head, “You are. David’s cute in a lost puppy way... Which makes him funny in an adorable way. You’re both just as sweet as each other, but you’ve got more of an...” He looked at me, awaiting my answer. I chose my words carefully, “adult, attitude when it comes to your sweetness...” You’re more of a gentleman, which will, in turn, get you what you want.”
His shoulders sunk, “But what if what I want is... unavailable?”
I frowned, “What is it that you want, Seb?”
He looked at me and opened his mouth slightly. Just when I thought he was about to say something, he dropped his head and sighed deeply, “It doesn’t matter...” He spoke no louder than a whisper and I couldn’t help but feel so bad... Then it dawned on me. Oh fuck... Props to Aqua...
I sighed and looked at him, feeling sorry and guilty that I hadn’t noticed before... By impulse, I leaned my head forwards and pecked him on the cheek, whispering close to his ear, “If you want something bad enough, do whatever you can to get it.”
He looked at me sadly and whispered back, “But what if I can’t have it?”
I put my arm around his shoulders, “If you want something bad enough, that’s a risk you’ll just have to take.” I smiled and kissed him on the cheek again, then tapped his knee, “Come on. Who knows what’ll happen if we leave him for too long.” Seb nodded and got up slowly, and I knew exactly how he was feeling. Besides, he didn’t do much to hide it.
“David!” I heard Aqua scream from where we left David. We walked over to find that David had flung the blue haired wonder over his shoulder.
He was laughing loudly, once again attracting some attention, as he did all too well, “You’re so tiny!”
Seb chuckled and I saw a little bit of life come back to his eyes, he walked over to them and smacked David round the head, “Put her down, you moron.”
David looked to me and pouted, “Nixxy...” I don’t have to, do I?
Nixxy? Hm...
“Yes. Put her down, you idiot.” I honestly couldn’t understand what made him go like this... I’d bet anything that Seb knew though.
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