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More. Updates?, I guess? Read, don't read. I have to get some shit off my chest. Not literally. I didn't fuck a cow or anything. .

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Hi again. I haven't put anything up here in a while. I apologize. The thing is, I am currently homeless and I haven't been somewhere with wifi for a while. I'm sorry. At first I was like hey why don't I go to my friend Jared's house for a while! Maybe his parents might take pity on me since I was practically disowned by Liam and my sister took her life a while ago?!

Was I wrong.

Apparently Jared told his parents I'm gay so now they think I'm gonna do the nasty to him and make him my hoe. This is how it went:
Me: Hey, uhh Mr. Sommers, I was wondering if I cou-

Jared's angry father: Could date him? NO! slams door in my face

Luckily there's a place no far from my house for runaways and shit. Yay me! Bad news: Liam won't let me back. He says I murdered Allie. He locked the door on me and took the spare key. So now I have no clean laundry. Word to guys: after a week your boxers will smell bad. :/ Oh, and to top it all off it turns out that that fourty-year old dude she was talking to on the internet? She told him where we live. Sisters.

Good news: I'm sixteen and a half now! And I found more writing in some notebooks I found in her room! And I finally read what she posted on here! WHY WAS ALLIE SO DARK. . ?

She was working on this story called "Of Crash Queens and Motorbabies". The next time I get let in the house (Liam, I am your brother. Not a dog.) I will post them. There aren't that many so I apologize. Oh and if uh, any of you lovely people wanna talk to me, her email (I won't be able to talk for a while, though) (Now mine) is Clever, eh?

Cian :D
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