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How are things over in your 'hood?

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Just telling you what's up.

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Hey everyone. It's Cian for the fourth or sixth time. For anyone who doesn't know who I am or just saw this this isn't actually my account. It's my sister's but she's currently residing somewhere else.

I need some help. Okay maybe a lot. I'm on my phone in McDonald's right now living the good life. laughs Yeah right.

So I've been at the homeless shelter for five months and the people who run it found out that I'm not exactly homeless. You'd expect them to think oh well he's not there because some shit's going down and we're not gonna ask and just be nice because that's what we're supposed to do but noooooo. They told me I have to go back! They said that Liam has to legally take me back but he won't. The law got involved and they're threatening to ship me to some foster care place or orphanage or shit like that.

I don't know what to do. I know Liam still loves me but he hasn't forgiven me about what happened to Allie. The shelter people told me that it's getting too full and that it's not legal for him to keep me locked out. I'm scared because I don't wanna get sent who-knows-where yet I don't want to live with him because he's physically taking it out on me. I'm fucking sixteen!

On top of all that I'm possibly gonna get held back next year and I talked to my Aunt and Uncle who live near us and they won't let me live with them because they think I'll be a bad influence to their kids cos I'm gay. Whoop-de-do.

Is there anything you guys can find as in a loophole or something so I don't have to get sent somewhere? Child services said that either I go back to Liam or else. Help me please.

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