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Chapter Nine: Say hello to my little friend

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What has Gerard got himself into?

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Lot of notes lately. I'm sorry. They'll be deleted (eventually). Anywho, I HAD the story planned out and mostly written. As I took a new direction I've been writing as I went a long and as ideas came to me. I WROTE MOST OF CHAPTER NINE! I forgot about it (I have sick girl brain, I'm practically a zombie right now). Sooo. I am gonna try to finish and post that by Saturday, then delete this note, then take a break. Dear geesus I'm stupid.
Sneak peek of what I already wrote. But sort of modified. So this piece won't be entirely the same, when I post Chapter 9.

It's been three months or so since I'd last seen Gerard. I'm scared of him. He's scares me, physically and mentally. He knows people. Got himself in something he can't get out of and he's using it against me. 

When he visited me that time ago he was letting me know what exactly he does for a living now. He let me know that thanks to his resources I'm 'dead'. That there was a funeral and everything and how 'I would have loved it'. I couldn't tell if that part was  sarcastic or not.

 What mainly bothered me  at the time was that people thought I was dead. Mourning for me and I'm still here. My poor mom, my dad. Everybody. 

After this rather confusing news he gave me five dollars, a new I.D. and a weak 'good luck with your life'. Of course that good luck was followed by a 'you pathetic fuck', but I try to forget that part. 

Especially because there was more force and emotion in that than their last 'I love you'. Gerard is a very passionate, passionate, hateful man. 

I mean, he really takes that hate shit seriously. He's a great enemy and that's not a good thing. I used to always say, 'Curse the life of the person who pisses you off Gee. They'll take the curse happily than have to deal with your wrath.'

I really don't want to deal with his wrath. Something everyone should know. Don't fuck with a Way.
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