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Jack Spicer + TrixZ Grinn (oc) Unsuspected alliance building everywhere. Possibly more?

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A bolt of light flashed over a young girl lying limp in her bunk bed. She looked as if she were of the dead. Anyone would think it. Of the dead and wicked. Her dimmed mocha skin paling, dark smoky cloud imitating eye shadow engulfing her closed eyes, that messy dim purple hair; a shade that looked as if it were ridden with dirt, coating what could’ve been a normal beautiful purple. Though of course—it was not dirt at all. –And that expression she wore in her slumber. Thin arched brows remained in its angered shape along with the snarl overcoming her nasal and mouth areas.

It was like whatever dream she was having; someone or something in it was putting her on the brink of blind fury. To think she sleeps like that every night... Plus, that posture and position she slept in... How is anyone comfortable like that? On her side she laid, back slouched heaps, one arm stretched out in front of her, while the other thrown over her collarbone. It was like she was brutally thrown onto the bed and died there.
Oh but sadly she wasn’t asleep anymore. That lightning strike did the trick.

The girl groaned a lazy growl, pulling herself up. Profusely, she started to wipe her eyes of the annoying morning blur—though, it was not morning at all. The heavy make-up smearing out of place and onto her hand right after. “..Ugh, great.” The girl really needed to remember to take the stuff off before bed. She yawned violently and searched for the clock. Eleven twenty-seven is what it red. Perfect timing. Now it was time to begin her daily routine. She crawled back to the headboard of her top bunk bed and grabbed at her backpack. It wasn’t a normal one; it was one of those backpacks in the shape of an animal. Though hers was custom made. It was a bunny. A black bunny with black and white striped limbs and ears, plus acid yellow-green X’s for eyes, and claws. The straps matched the limbs with its black and white stripes, too.

After putting the pack on, the stuffed bunny’s arms and legs extended before her, reaching down to the floor, carefully transporting her to the floor. After the girl was on her feet, the limbs recoiled back to normal size. “Good boy.” She murmured. Her raspy ‘morning voice’ still heavy. After gathering a few materials for a shower, she made her way to the shower enjoying the steaming rain over her.

Shower time was over in about forty minutes or so. After drying herself off and dressing into her usual wear, she took hold of her wireless blow-dryer and started away at her dirty shaded hair. “Yet another wonderful night to yourself, TrixZ. Isn’t this the life~?” She hummed maliciously to herself, in a low, practically raspy tone. TrixZ was her name, and she was a night owl. She put herself into the habit of waking up at night and crashing at dawn; just before the sun should come up and singe her golden eyes and sickly dim-pale skin. TrixZ didn’t enjoy her parents’ presence either; which is why she would awaken at night; when they have gone.

‘—You said the night’s were far too lo---ng. (Honey it’s just the start of it!)~’

Just listen to those sweet, sweet, bloodcurdling screams. TrixZ had her room programmed and set to do certain—minor—things at specific times of the day—er—night, whichever term is more appropriate. In this case, she would have her stereo already on by the time she’d return to her room. Currently playing, was none other than Asking Alexandria’s The Final Episode. Right now, she didn’t know what to really do; so she eventually started to just rock out and let go to the music. All the movement and moshing had earned herself an appetite. To the kitchen she went.

So here the twisted child is, in the kitchen, home alone, and tending to her own needs, when suddenly; there goes a very audible crash; one that sounds like it came from glass shattering, followed by numerous thumps and thuds. “…The hell?” She peeked from the fridge down the hall. If only she could see through walls; then the turning hall wouldn’t be an obstacle towards her eye sight’s range.

TrixZ crept back into her room to find something—No, a person... A person toppled over on her floor against the following wall. They were lying face down. There… cape, maybe?—was thrown over there head due to-what she guessed-high momentum... Funny thing is, this person was strutting all black, and some funny looking backpack thing. The thing had two propellers protruding from it. Each of the wings were pretty banged up, however. Crouching down, she tilted her head, examining what she could. Then stood again.

“Hey, buddy. You alive?” If they were dead; that’d be cool too. She’d get to keep a dead body in her home. She would hide it first, of course. “Dude.” She planted her fists on her petite hips, and her posture remained hunched over as she lightly jabbed the unconscious person’s side in attempt to wake ‘em. Nothing. TrixZ groaned. She knelt down and squeezed her hands under the persons torso, struggling a bit to roll them over. “You’re kind’a heavier then you look, mister.” Wait a second. Her brow quirked after getting a clear glimpse of the person. The male. This was a dude..

He was ultra pale with hair that contrasted that feature so much. Red. Red hair. He had piercing red hair, skin as pale as snow, and the guy was wearing a black trench coat with a tail resembling something grim reaper-ish. She liked it. “Hmm. Cute. I have to admit.” HE even wore eyeliner. Not that it looked odd or stupid or anything. The goggles were a little funny though. Yellow with a swirl in the middle of ‘em.

She started to pat his face in attempt to wake the guy up. No prevail, however. Sigh. She lifted up, retrieved a glass of cold water, and came back. She poured the liquid in his face and then loomed over him again to pat his face awake again. A little harder this time. Success. He started to groan. His eyes blinked wearily once before closing again. Hold it, did she just see red eyes?? “Whoa, whoa, whoa, wake up there, pal. Let me see that again..” She started patting at his face yet again, and he started to awaken. Soon his eyes started to focus on the surroundings whilst he still lay there, stunned. “Red eyes.. For real.. Hey, are these like, you know, contacts? Or something? Or..?” Her own golden eyes wandered off while her hand trailed up to her neck, scratching the back of it lightly. “..’Cause that’s pretty hot.” She murmured under her breath.

Slowly he was beginning to regain full consciousness and recognition of what was going on. A cheeky grin tugged at his pale lips. “I dunno, s’your hair real? Or dyed?” She saw what he was getting at. TrixZ smirked. “Yeah it is. Not the blue and red parts though. That, I did dye. So I take it those are real eyes, then.” “—But of course!” He responded, sounding a little boastful. TrixZ stood. “Anyway, mind telling me what the hell you’re doing crashing into my bedroom window like that?” She folded her thing arms, waiting for an answer. “Hey, it’s not like I was trying to, y’know. In case you haven’t realized, there is a HUGE storm out there! My Helli-pack just couldn’t handle it, okay??” He pointed his nose in the air, away from the girl and folded his arms. Much to the girls disliking, that actually annoyed her a little, downing her interest in him. “Yeah whatever."

"So what up with this whole.. ‘get up’ you got goin’ on, ‘uh?” “It is not a get up! This is style!” The redhead threw his hands up with his speech, getting defensive. “Cool it, princess; I never said it looked bad! I like it, I was only asking, geez.” She waved him off, signaling him to cool it.

“Oh well then, in that case—You don’t look half bad yourself.” He placed a gloved fist on one hip, pointed at her slyly, even winking. Wow. “Yeah, well, I try.” She thought that a stupid gesture, but she couldn’t help but to smile a little. Just as she was going on about how ‘she tries’ her bunny pack extended a mirror before her, revealing she hadn’t applied her eyeliner, eye shadow, nor had she put her tiny pig tails in. Losing her cool, she freaked and retreated to the bathroom. After returning, she crept back in, a bit embarrassed. It’d been like ages since she’s felt that. Same goes for smiling..!

Her hair was in order now. It fell freely, reaching her shoulder blades, and at the top, of her head were two smaller pigtails, too. One tail had the tips dyed red, the other blue. Her eyes drenched in heavy black eyeliner and black eye shadow. “What was that?!” He asked, laughing a heap at her. Obnoxiously… “Shut up. Okay?” This look matched her style more. Tight fitting light grey tank top, low waist black phat pants, black and white striped butterfly sleeve arm socks, and acid yellow green gloves. Lets not forget the gothic platforms. She wore those for two reasons. One, she was… Very, very short for her age.. Two, She loved the things.

“You have a name, and I need to know it. Gotta call you something..” She said. “Ah, yes, I’m Jack Spicer: Evil Boy Genius!” What the hell was she hearing—What was he doing? What sort of laugh was she hearing?! “Evil boy genius..? Ha, yeah right. Not with that laugh..”

What a night tonight was.. Somehow, she felt this was going to be the beginning of something that wouldn’t be ending anytime soon..
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