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I watched Jennifer carefully as she searched. What was she hiding from us? Why couldn’t she just tell the truth about what had happened out in the desert?

“It’s nearly four o’clock, we’d better start heading back to headquarters.” Jack sighed “Three hours and we didn’t find anything.

“Maybe the others have had better luck.” Ben said optimistically “I hate BLI.”

“Me too.” I hissed “Come on, we don’t want the others to worry about us, do we?”

We hurried back but we were still the last ones to arrive “Something awful has happened!” Penina cried “We went to Ray’s house to see if he wanted to help but he wasn’t there!”

“What do you think happened to him?” Lucy asked.

“What do you think happened?” Gerard’s face and voice were emotionless “BLI got him. This is so shit.”

“Then we need to hurry up.” I said “They’re trying to get all of us. We can’t split up, okay?” Everyone nodded “I think we need to continue searching. This is going too far.”

All of us left the headquarters and started searching around town. Frank dared ask the BLI wannabes if they’d seen anything and got a punch in the face for his trouble “Well that didn’t help.” Frank grumbled as Penina dabbed gently at his bleeding nose with a tissue “You know, you’re President Gerard, you could have them locked up for that.”

“But I’m not going to.” Gerard replied.

“You could say he’s a danger to society or something…” Frank shrieked when Gerard poked his nose “Goddammit!”

“Look, maybe we’d better get back to headquarters.” Penina muttered, kissing Frank’s cheek “I think your nose is broken.”

“Alright.” Frank sighed “Will you guys look after Levana please?”

“Of course we will.” Gerard said, taking Levana off Penina.

“I wanna go with Mommy and Daddy!” Levana cried.

“You’ll be safer with the others.” Penina told her, kissing Levana’s forehead “We’ll be back soon, I promise.”

“Love you Baby.” Frank kissed Levana’s cheek and then him and Penina walked away together.

“Was it the best idea to let them go back to headquarters by themselves?” Sam asked worriedly “I mean what with BLI still in the city and everything.”

“I have a feeling that if anyone attempts to hurt Penina that Frank will rip their head off their shoulders.” Gerard replied “Come on, let’s just keep looking.”

“Guys, one of us should go and check if Kat is okay.” I said.

“I’ll go!” Jennifer said quickly “Where does she live?”

“She won’t let a stranger in.”

“I don’t care, I’ll take my chances.” Jennifer told me. I sighed and gave her the address and she ran off.

We searched until midnight and then agreed it was time to go back to headquarters “I don’t understand!” Gerard cried “Where else could they possibly be hiding?”

“I think we should get a map or something and cross off all the places we’ve looked.” Mikey suggested “Then we can keep track of where BLI are.”

“Unless they keep moving.” Doctor DD said thoughtfully “Then again, we’d notice if they were moving.”

“I think the map is a great idea.” Molly smiled “We just need to work really hard. If you work hard then your hard work will always pay off.”

“Who told you that?” Sam asked.

“No one. It’s just a life lesson I learned.”

We all walked into headquarters and onto the top floor where we found Jennifer “I came back here and I couldn’t find them!” Jennifer cried “I don’t know what to do!”

“What are you talking about?” I asked her.

“Frank and Penina!” Jennifer shrieked “They’re gone!”
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