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Author's Note

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Yes, one of these motherfuckers. It's kinda important, though. Please read.

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Before I get pelted with very sharp or stinging objects when you guys see this is not an update but yes, one of those infuriating author's notes, there are just a few little things I need to say in regard to the near future of my writing. Whoa, that sounded ominous, didn't it? It's not ominous. Well. It's kinda ominous- Lucy, stop saying ominous and get to the fucking point.

Yes. Sorry.

Just in case (That's a damn good book, by the way- Justin Case by Meg Rossof. You guys should check it out) you're thinking I'm gunna piss everyone off and ditch this story, I'm not. Jesus Christ, I love this story to bits. I love writing to bits. And FicWad, and all you lovely people on here.

However, my situation with school is getting pretty critical at the moment; as I think you guys know, I've missed about two years of schooling, but have repeated the year, so now I only have a year's work to catch up on (Ha. Only a year.) There are important exams in November, which I really, really need to do well in if I want to stay on at school and then go on to university to do creative writing and psychology as I really want to. If I don't do well enough and attend full time, they will kick me out- and I really, really can't be kicked out. It would fuck up everything I want to be and my parents would most likely never speak to me again.

So, you'll have to put up with updates on here being a little less frequent. Schoolwork has to be my priority. I'm not putting anything on hiatus or quitting, because once the exams in November are over, I should have a lot more writing time- and guys, it's killing me to have to cut down on writing this much; to have to put it to the bottom of my list of priorities and just do it when I have a spare moment. Writing means the world to me, and having to push it aside is possibly the hardest thing about this whole situation- and seriously, that's saying something.

If that doesn't say how important to me it is to succeed at school right now, I don't know what does. I'm so sorry.

The next chapter is partly written, and I'll try and have it up by Sunday this week, but I can't make any promises. You guys honestly have no idea how much it's getting me down not to be able to write. I hate it so much, but I have to do it if in the end, I want to be a writer. I hope you all understand and aren't as upset as I am right now.

To all of you raters and reviewers, thank you. I just hope you can be patient with this story for a bit. I'm not giving up on it. It's gunna be the hardest thing, these next couple months, but I'm not gunna give up on school- or this. Thank you for being supportive, you honestly have no idea just how much it means to be. Without you guys' support, I honestly think I'd have given up on my dreams of university and becoming a writer and quit school long before this. Thank you for giving me strength when I've needed it most.

Lucy xoxo
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