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A Warning Sign

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While still in my confused and slightly overwhelmed state, I felt a tap on my shoulder, causing me to flinch and spin around.

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While still in my confused and slightly overwhelmed state, I felt a tap on my shoulder, causing me to flinch and spin around.
The face of a young man, not much taller than me, greeted me as I turned around, “Are you Krystal?” Studying the man, I discovered that he was no threat to me. He actually looked pretty nice... And kinda hot. A crew pass much like mine hung from around his neck, and the white light reflected off the laminate stood out from his dark clothing.
“Yes, I am. And you are..?” I quirked my eyebrow, but plastered a smile on my face, keeping my potentially rude question polite.
He laughed lightly, “Oh, sorry. I’m Jordan. I’m the one who spoke to John about you.” He held his hand out in the space between us, inviting me to shake it. I smiled warmly at the thought of my boss and how much I really loved him at this point, while I shook this man’s hand.
I retracted my hand and smiled at him, “Oh, hi! Thanks for giving me this job, it’s just... fantastic.” His lips turned upward and he pushed his dark brown hair from his face,
“It’s no problem at all. Really, I should be thanking you for accepting the job. Y’know, biggest festival of the year, we need as much help as we can get.” His large hands touched my arm lightly as he continued to smile at me, “So, thank you.”
I blushed slightly, glancing at his hand on my arm. I couldn’t help it, it had been a long time since I’d had any physical contact with a guy. Forget the fact that that was by my own will, I am still a woman...
“Like I would ever turn down an offer like this!” I gestured my hands behind me, to the wonder that was the Reading Festival.
Jordan took a step towards me, placing his hand on my shoulder, gesturing me to turn around. As we walked he began telling me about the festival and what I should be doing. “So, you’ll be working on the main stage, pretty much doing the standard setup. I’ll be there to tell you, specifically, what to do for each band.” I nodded absently as he continued talking, “Now, all you really need to know right now, is to stay out of the way of the bands as much as possible, and be as quick and as accurate as you can setting up. Okay?”
I nodded, making sure I was taking in all of the information, “So, what different setups are the bands having?” I secretly just asked this because I wanted to hear what bands I’d be setting up for, so I could have the tiniest little fangirl moment inside my head.
With his hands shoved deep in his jeans pockets, Jordan answered, “Well, the headlining acts are the only ones with special setups, of course. For example, My Chemical Romance have fireworks, lights and confetti. Most bands have their logo in the background, as per usual, but 30 Seconds to Mars have this huge 3D glowing triad thing, you know, their logo?” I nodded, indeed knowing that was their logo, “Anyway, this is how you get backstage,” He led me through a gap next to the large main stage and through some gates, showing the man standing there our passes, “If you need to get back here, just show them your pass, they’ll let you through without a word.”
I smiled and nodded, “Great.”
A few steps and almost walking into several people later, I was sat on a chair opposite Jordan, as he finished telling me what I would be doing this weekend, “So, in short of all the crap I’ve just been nagging you about, just do as I say and you’ll be absolutely fine.” I laughed, looking up into his eyes, lit up by the kindness and laughter on his face. To say that those were the most gorgeous blue eyes I had ever seen would have been incredibly accurate, and to be honest, I would have said that. But that’s when I looked behind him. And in that moment, I wished I hadn’t looked behind this perfectly nice and good looking guy, because that was the moment that my eyes fixed onto those of Satan’s very own right-hand man. And that was the moment I had lost all sense in my head. All thought of the guy in front of me had disappeared completely as I stared down the man in the background, becoming uncomfortably aware that he had been looking at me beforehand.
“Krystal?” My eyes snapped back to look at Jordan again, “You okay Krys?” I felt my cheeks flush in embarrassment, having been staring at the blonde man in the now fuzzy background instead of listening to the man sitting in front of me. I told myself that I was going to keep this professional, and damn it, I would. Which was what I had convinced myself, until I looked back in the direction of the bleach blonde mohawk, only to find him still looking at me with a cocky, egotistical smirk on his face. Clearly he found my embarrassment amusing. Turning to the crew member beside him and exchanging words with him, he turned to walk in the opposite direction to Jordan and me, looking me over once more and winking suggestively at me before leaving. I crossed my legs uncomfortably, silently cursing him for purposefully doing this to me. I sighed as images of him invaded my mind, immediately scolding myself for allowing myself to think like that. This was my job, and for the love of fuck, I was going to keep it professional.
Yeah, professional my ass.
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