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A Million Little Pieces Are Stolen From You

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Standing behind Jordan as he told some guy what to do, I tried to ignore the stare of the man standing about ten feet away from me. It wasn’t going so well.

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Standing behind Jordan as he told some guy what to do, I tried to ignore the stare of the man standing about ten feet away from me. It wasn’t going so well. I walked over to the mini-fridge in the corner and grabbed a frosty bottle of water, leaning against the wall as I popped it open, hoping to get some time to myself for now. Turning back around and lifting the plastic to my mouth, I almost choked as a large, well toned body came into sight. I guess I won’t be getting any time to myself then.
Leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, he faced me, smirking, “Hey.” He stuck his hand out towards me, “Jared Leto.” I eyed it briefly before accepting it cautiously, shaking lightly.
“Krystal Chandler.” He took his hand back and folded his arms again, still leaning against the wall, “Um... Can I help you with something, Jared?”
He raised his eyebrow, “Well, I’m not sure. What can you do for me, sweetheart?” I furrowed my brow in confusion. I was well aware that it was a hidden sexual remark, I just wasn’t sure of a reply. Laughing, he released me of my silence, “Never mind. No, I don’t need help, thank you.”
“So... What do you want?” I was pretty sure I knew the answer to that question, but I couldn’t stand the awkwardness in me anymore.
Jared winked at me, “I caught you looking at me, sweetheart”
I scoffed at his attitude, “Excuse me? I’m the one who caught you looking at me.”
He shrugged, “Maybe.” Leaning forward, he whispered softly, “But you’re the one who couldn’t look away.”
The way he was talking to me was bringing back memories of the past that I had tried to forget about. I almost had. This terrified me to my core, and I couldn’t stand to be around him anymore.
“Look, I really need to get to work.” I tried to move, but he blocked me.
“No you don’t. You’re just trying to avoid me.” I hate him. “Because you know I’m right.” Putting his lips next to my ear he lowered his voice seductively, "Because you know you want me." I shuddered, becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I really despised this man.
I opened my mouth to speak, finding that my voice sounded much less confident than I was aiming for, "Don't flatter yourself, Jared." He put his head down onto my shoulder, his lips on my neck, making my voice waver, "Don't..." Then, in a quick flash, his teeth clamped down onto my flesh, making me take in a sharp breath.
He took his head away as quickly as he'd put it there, tossing a sly grin my way, obviously satisfied that he'd gained the reaction from me that he was expecting. Cocking his head to the side, he gave me an innocent look, "Sorry, what was that?"
I folded my arms, not wanting to say anything, but knowing that if I didn't, I’d be letting him win. In the end I just replied quietly, "Fuck off."
He grabbed my wrist between our bodies so it couldn't be seen and twisted it, pulling me closer to him, our faces merely inches apart, "What was that?" He snarled with a sadistic grin. I only stayed quiet, not sure of the right answer. So he continued for me, "You're going to regret saying that, sweetheart."
He roughly let my wrist go and I immediately placed my fingers around it, easing the pain from his tight grip, "Yeah, whatever."
He barked, laughing at me, "You underestimate me? Just you wait and see what I can do." He winked at me and turned to walk away, stopping abruptly in his tracks and facing me again, looking me dead in the eye with a cocky smirk gracing his beautiful lips, "You be careful." Then he finally walked away, back towards the stage and his bandmates. I sighed in relief, slumping back against the wall. What a bellend.
I took an extra minute to get my head together again and walked back over to Jordan, being greeted with a smile when I approached him, "So, is there anything you need me to do yet?"
He took my elbow, walking me towards the stage, pointing to a computer setup on the table next to the stage, "Deal with this. You have to go over the setup for MCR. Make sure it's all right and it all works, then check over 30 Seconds to Mars' one, then when you're all done, take a break." I nodded my head, trying to keep up with his rushed speech, hoping I was taking it all in. He smiled at me once more before walking off and dealing with someone else, leaving me alone, amongst many of the other crew. I looked behind me, hoping someone would be there to rid me of my awkwardness, perhaps help me out even the tiniest bit. The only thing I was greeted with was a wink from Jared before he disappeared once again. I squirmed, thinking about before, confused as to how he could put me in this state when he acted like such a dickhead. I felt like I’d been broken into countless pieces, scattered all over the place, and he’d taken away the most important ones. The ones that gave me control over my mind.
I breathed in deeply, pushing back the feelings and sensations inside of me, and focused on where I was. Oh, that’s right. I was alone, left with responsibility, and standing hopelessly in front of the computer.
I could only hope I hadn't just forgotten how to use one...
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