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The Phone Call

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We finally find out who the mystery person who answered Mikey's phone is and Fiona's father gives Mikey a hard time over the phone.

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Fiona's POV:

Hello?” The mystery answerer said.

“Frank?” I asked curiously, tilting my head to one side as the voice connected in my head.

“I thought his name was Mikey?” My mother whispered to my father.

“Has something happened to Mikey, is he alright?” I said urgently, my heart thumbing loudly as panic started to rise.

“Wait so who’s her boyfriend? Mikey or Frank?” My mother whispered again as if I wasn’t here in the room with her.

“Mum, please just be quiet!” I whispered back, getting exasperated with this whole ordeal. “Frank, what the hell is going on?” I said, my voice calm but inside I was turning into a nervous wreck, clutching the phone for dear life, sitting on the edge of the sofa.

Fiona, he’s fine. We’re in the studio, just trying some things out for the new album. You’ve really got to calm down...wait why are you calling? Is something wrong with you?” Frank asked.

“No I’m fine Frank; it’s actually nice to hear your voice. I miss you guys; give everyone a massive Frank-hug from me please. Actually I’ve got a problem, can you put Mikey on please?”

“Wait what’s your problem? Who’s Frank? Fiona you really need to explain these things more!” My mother scolded.

“Right’re my problem. Frank is Mikey’s and also my friend. Now please just stay quiet until I talk to Mikey.” I replied. From the other side of the phone I heard mumbles of Frank and Mikey.

Dude, why’d you hug me?” Mikey asked curiously.

Can’t a friend hug another friend without being questioned?! Doesn’t matter anyway because it wasn’t from me, it’s from Fiona, she’s on the phone waiting for you.

You answered my phone?” Slightly outraged at the idea.

Better than her thinking you’re dead!” Frank argued defensively. “She was already in a panic when I picked up the phone anyway; she says she’s got a problem. Better go talk to her Mikey boy.

Hello, Fiona?

“Hey, Mikey.” I replied grinning widely.

What’s up then? Frank said you had a problem.” He asked, his concern peeking through.

“I’m at my parents’ house, I told them about us and they demand to talk to you, sorry.”

Fiona, its fine, I don’t mind talking to your parents.” He chuckled.

“Okay then.” I said as I then removed the phone from my ear and put it on speaker, placing it on the coffee table infront of us. “You’re now on loud speaker, Mikey.”

“So it’s defiantly Mikey then?”

“Yes, mum it’s defiantly Mikey.”

Wait, what’s defiantly me?

“My mum was confused to which one of you was my boyfriend, you or Frank?”

Oh...should I be worried?” Mikey teased.

“Of course not!” I giggled. “Now be nice, Dad” I said giving him a warning glare.

“Hello Mikey.” My dad said sternly.

Hello, sir” Mikey replied.

I didn’t know if I wanted to stay and listen to the conversation or go make some tea and wait it out. It felt really awkward but doing this over the phone just even worst. I decided to stay purely to divert attention if things got tricky…and maybe I was a little curious on what Dad might ask. I stay seated in the red sofa and listened intently.

“So Mikey, my daughter here tells me your famous...something about being in a band? What kind of band is this?”

Yes, you could say I’m famous from being in a band. The band is called My Chemical Romance...sir. We’re a rock band.

“Be truthful, is this band going to pose a threat to my daughter?” My father asked, I merely rolled my eyes from the sidelines. It seemed as if this was only a two person discussion, my mother just seemed too pleased that I had finally found someone, she didn’t really care for the details, other than what he looked like.

It shouldn’t…” Mikey started.

“Yes or No, Michael!” My father cut him off before Mikey could finish.

“Dad! His name is Mikey, you have no right to call him Michael, now let him finish.”

It’s okay Fiona.” He said to me before carrying on answering my father’s question “It won’t pose a threat to your daughter sir, her safety is our first concern.

“Who do you mean when you say ‘our’?” He asked suspiciously.

The rest of the band; Gerard my brother, Frank, Ray and I, we’ve all grown quite close to her. They see her as a sister and we treat her as an equal. Fiona always has a choice; I want you to know that sir. Just because we’re famous doesn’t mean we ignore her wants and needs.” Mikey said in a matter-of-fact tone.

I smiled at his answer, bringing back memories of the tour we had just been on, how they all welcomed me into their group and let me deal with my demons, helping wherever they could. I missed them sorely; it almost started to hurt, like a hole in my heart that grew each day I wasn’t with them.

“Can you support her financially?” My father burst out suddenly, breaking my happy memory haze.

Instantly at the same time I whined “No!” as Mikey confidently said “Yes.”

“He shouldn’t have to support me! I’m doing this by myself! No offence Mikey but I don’t want or need your help with this matter.”

“So you’re saying he can’t support you?”

I can support her financially sir, being in a band brings in a lot of income enough to support both of us.” Mikey piped up.

“Just because he can doesn’t mean he should! We’re not having this conversation. I promised to myself that I would never take money from him and I’m not breaking that promise, now please just finish up.”

“I don’t see why you’re being so stubborn, Fiona. Anyway that was my last question, we’re done here.” My father said as he stood and went back to his study, most likely to submerge himself in Countdown.

“I just wanted to say Mikey, that you have a lovely voice.” My mother said from the sofa.

Thank you, Mrs. May.” Mikey said, chuckling slightly.

“Alright, I’m going to go to my room and talk to Mikey for a bit, I’ll see you in the morning then okay?”

“Yes, sure, darling. You go talk to Mikey. I’ll see you later.”

“Okay night.” I said picking up my phone and taking it off speaking. “Oh wait, I just wanted to know how much I have in the bank, in total? I want to take it back to America.”

“If my memory serves me right, you should have around twenty three thousand, there is more for emergencies as well though.”

“Okay, perfect. Night then!” I smiled as I practically skipped to my room. Twenty three thousand to my name alone! I felt a bit like a teenage girl again.

“Mikey? You still there?” I said gleefully down the phone, swapping it to the other ear.

Yeah I’m still here. What’s going on then? Did I pass?” He said kiddingly, yet I knew he was dying to know.

“Yeah I think you did. He seemed impressed until I had a go at him for the money comment.”

You know you don’t have to do it by yourself? I’m always here to help.

“I know you are! I just feel better if I didn’t have to owe you so much all the time. Anyway you won’t need to help me, I have at least twenty three thousand to my name, you know what this means!” I said, bouncing up and down in excitement.

That’s great news! And no, what does this mean?

“It means, Agent Way, that you can now begin your mission.”

Fuck! Fiona, don’t say stuff like that! You sound so sexy it’s kind of unbearable.

“Jeesh, Mikey you’re in the studio!”

And from what I can detect from my agent skills is that you’re in bed. It’s not my fault that you’re so sexy is it?

“Oh my god, Mikey, shush. The guys will hear you!” I giggled.

Screw them...actually no, more like screw you!

“Right, I’m going now before you get yourself humiliated! Just remember that I’m coming home soon, you need to find that apartment quickly please.”

Okay, okay. Please come home soon, no more detours? I don’t think I could bear it! I love you.

“Love you too Mikey! Now go record a bad ass album.” I said, finally hanging up the phone and soon falling soundly asleep.

I couldn’t wait to get home, in my own brand new shiny apartment, my own bed, my own everything! But mostly back to the people that I loved. I missed the boys.

Sorry it's all dialogue! I feel like it's shit...well it is shit basically I hope you enjoy this shitty shit chapter!
Love you guys! :3
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