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Mikey and Frank try to find apartments but when they get home they find a shocking discovery, which may just help them.

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Mikey's POV

It had been a pretty busy day today; the band and I had gone in the studio again, still trying out different melodies while Gee ponders on his lyrics, usually writing away in the corner, murmuring quite a lot too. But right now I was with Frank, I asked him to help me find the perfect place for Fiona, I wasn’t about to fail the first mission that Agent Way got. We had been scouring L.A. for hours now, looking in estate agents and newspapers for anything we could.

We embarked on a few; viewing them to see if it was a sass talk in the adverts….Yeah….it was all sass talk. The first we tried was basically a hole, it had a bath, toilet, and bed inches away from the cooker. The next we tried seemed like a cry for an exterminator, cockroaches everywhere, Frank said he was pretty sure he saw a rat threesome while he was there too.

The third seemed almost perfect...almost, until suddenly the neighbours sounded like they were jumping on the floorboards above us, I was pretty sure that in a month or so they would fall through the floor. Our search seemed to be disastrous, but I was so determined, I wasn’t going to let this go until I had found something perfect.

Her price range wasn’t the highest but it certainly would get something good, not brilliant but good. I wish she would just let me pay for her but she’s always so stubborn, going on about how she needs to this for herself, to allow her to grow as a person. I gave a frustrated sigh as I put the newspaper I was currently meant to be studying down.

“Found anything yet?” I asked Frank who was sitting next to me.

“Nope. Not. A. Thing. I swear to god that there were a fucking butt load of apartments up before, and now it’s like they’ve just...disappeared!”

“Hmm, yeah I know what you mean. Maybe we could try and find something online, what do you think?”

“Yeah, I mean it wouldn’t hurt to try. My apartment is like half a block away from here. Wanna go there?”

“Yeah, sure, better than sitting on this bench looking sorry for ourselves.” I said as we got up from the bench.

We made our way to Frank’s apartment building, I always marvelled at Frank’s building; it seemed to have no end, floors and floors of windows and balconies, so high you had to shade your eyes from the glaring sunlight that beamed brightly when you looked up to the top.

We took the elevator up to the fifteenth floor where Frank was. He had worked out that the floors ending with five and zero was the best because they had the skylights and bigger balconies, Lucky bastard.

We walked down the brightly coloured hallway, having a rich red carpet and creamy white walls, royal blue on the skirting. Just as we approached Frank door we saw that the upper part of the hallway was filling with people, everyone whispering in slight despair.

Frank decided to check it out rather than leave it and forever wonder, I followed closely behind but we didn’t have to get there before we found out what had happened.

A stretcher rolled passed us, being pushed by men with bright yellow and green jackets, a long black bag sat in the middle of the stretcher. In that moment we fell quiet, struck with shock, becoming speechless.

Frank carried on ahead to the other neighbours. “Who was it then?” He said, his voice seeming quieter because of the distance between us.

“Mrs Saville, she passed away some time last night in her sleep, apparently she went peacefully but no one was with her, she didn’t have anyone to comfort her in her last moments, she died alone. I just feel so sorry for her, Frank.” A young woman said, her voice croaking slightly from the sadness.

“Yeah I know what you mean, Emily.” Frank said hugging the young woman. “I’m pretty sure she led a good life though, you said she died in her sleep and honestly that’s the best way a person could want to go. Don’t threat about this though, okay?” The young woman gave a small nod and retreated to her apartment before Frank came towards me.

“Rough stuff, man. I didn’t think I’d have to come home to that!” He said as he opened the door to his apartment letting us both in.

“Did you know her?” I said while instinctively closed the door behind me.

“Mrs Saville? Everyone knew her, she was very polite to everyone in the building, no one knew her personally but you’d see her in the hallways now and then, stop to say ‘hi’, that kind of relationship.”

“And what kind of relationship do you have with Emily?” I asked, I was curious, Frank had never mentioned her before. Heck I’d never seen her before, not even passing by in the hallway or something when we all came over here.

“Nothing, we’re just friends.” He replied simply as he went to sit on his black leather sofa.

“Do you wish you were more?”

“Not really, I don’t see her in that way, I see her as more of a younger sister that I need to take care of sometimes?”

“Like Fiona?” I blurted out before I could think.

“No, Fiona’s special. She’s…I don’t know. I guess it’s because I see her more than Emily, she’s just closer to me. Speaking of which shouldn’t you call her? It’s two in the afternoon here, so it’s seven there.” He suggested.

“I don’t know? I don’t want to call her until I’ve at least started to find her something. It’d just be better if I had something positive to say to her.” I stated, making my way to sit in the black matching chair opposite him.

Frank nodded for a moment but then paused; he looked into space as if he was thinking of some intellectual master plan and then suddenly started shouting, all in the space of three minutes.

“What the fuck, Frank? Calm your shit down mother fucker!”

“Don’t you see? We’ve already found her an apartment!” He cried out with joy.

“Okay, the ones we viewed were horrible! No way am I letting her stay in those dumps.”

“No, she’ll be stay here, in this building!” He exclaimed with maybe a little too much enthusiasm but added “…Mrs Saville?” when I sat there clueless.

“...but...Frank she just died, in her apartment none the less…I don’t know if she’d want to live there knowing that.” I said trying to reason with the fool.

“Who says she has to know?” He suggested, in a sly tone.

“She’ll hate us though, she’s a woman! They find everything out!”

“Mikey, She. Won’t. Find. Out. Trust me, it’ll be fine. Now call her.” He said in a matter of fact tone, like he was psychic or something.

“Fine! Fine.” I agreed. “The next problem is money, how much is the monthly cost on these then?”

“About erm...overall? I’d say nine hundred plus, I guess.”

“Shit, I don’t think she could do this then.” I said, this plan seeming to fall at the first hurdle.

“Well we can help her out, right?” He asked naively.

“No, she won’t take money from me, I don’t know about you but I don’t think she’d be up for us giving her money. I don’t know what do to anymore.” I explained to him.

“Right this is how it’s going to go down, call her saying you’ve found her a perfect apartment, tell her that money won’t be an issue and just leave it at that, then you pay for the first month before she gets here, pay up front so you defiantly get the apartment. She’ll be none the wiser, I mean she’s British; she won’t know how things work in L.A.”

“She’s been in America for almost four year now though.”

“Tell her it’s an L.A. thing. It’ll be fine. Now call her.” He demanded.

“Fine.” I said as I went into my pocket and retrieved my phone. “Hello, Fiona?”

“Who else is going to be Mikey?” She answered, her voice sounds sweet and calm. Flowing softly from her mouth like honey.

“Well Frank answered my phone before, who knows who will answer yours.” I teased.

“Fair point” She giggled. “I was just about to call you know? Isn’t that funny?! Anyway how’s everything going in sunshine America?”

“Pretty good, I’m here with Frank; we were looking for apartments.”

“Oh really? Did you find anything for me?”

“Yeah, we did actually. It’s perfect for you.” I said, starting o doubt my voice and it wavered.

“Is it my price range?”

I hesitated, turning to Frank for some sort of confidence, him only giving me an encouraging look and a measly thumbs up. “...Money isn’t an issue, don’t worry.”

“Hmmm, okay then.” She answered slowly with an obviously suspicious tone but she let it pass, not wanting to dive into anything too deeply at the moment. “Look I’ll talk to you later I’m getting ready to head for the airport.”

“Okay, have a safe flight. Love you.”

“I love you too, Mikey.” She said, hanging up seconds after.

I put my phone back into my pocket and sat back into the chair, relief washing over me. I let out a heavy sigh and turned my attention back to Frank.

“How’d it go then?” He asked.

“It went well, she bought it. She’s going to catch a flight from Britain to Chicago soon so it was a sort conversation. I’m kind of glad for that, she didn’t have time to ask my any questions.”

“That’s good then, I’ll call you when the apartment comes up for sale but for now shall we watch T.V. I’m positive I saw that there was going to be a Star Wars marathon on.” Frank said as we turned our attention to the T.V. letting off steam after this hectic day, but with the album coming up and Fiona moving in soon I knew it wasn’t going to be the last.

I finally did one in Mikey's POV! I feel better now. I honestly don't have anything else to say so I'm just going to waffle until this space seems filled...I had a guinea pig call waffle once...and now I want waffles, or at least pancakes.
Tell me what you think of Mikey's and Frank's idea! Or something like that XD Yeah.
Thanks for reading :D
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