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I Want Your Bite

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"I just need to find a way to get the clothes off his body to see the real thing. I would love to rub my hands all over that"

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Title by Chis Crockers song 'I want your bite'

"I want your bite,
wanna feel your teeth on my neck,
wanna taste the salt of your sweat,
gonna rock your body all night,
it's lust at first sight,
the way you're making me hot,
don't stop you're hitting the spot,
gonna rock your body all night,
it's lust at first sight"

I sang the song in my head as I watched Gerard bending over, looking through the cabinets for the coffee grounds. For a guy, he sure ass hell had a nice ass. I just need to find a way to get the clothes off his body to see the real thing. I would love to rub my hands all over that. Damn, control yourself Frank. Control! You too penis! Control yourself!

"Finally! My prayers have been answered! Coffee" He took off the led off the coffee container and sniffed it. He sighed as he put the coffee grounds in the coffee machine. One of these days I'm gonna take a shower in coffee so Gerard can lick it off me. High five to my amazing thinking mind. I slapped my hand together and smiled, which earned me a weird look from Gerard.

"What? There was a fly"

"You honestly think you're gonna be able to catch a fly in your hands?"

"Uh yes! Have you seen my awesome karate moves? One day they're gonna be legendary, like Bruce Lee" Gerard rolled his eyes as he turned off the coffee machine.

"Frank, do you know where the cups are?"

"Um, think they're in the bottom cabinet" Gerard bend over again, giving me the privilege to look at his ass again.

"This is just a one night stand,
maybe even dressed up five minute jam,
yeah, I'm sure yo' rate your gram,
buncha sex is all I'm interested in,
so please don't put me in your plans,
just put me in your mouth,
yeah put me in hands,
you're not the one for me,
you're just the one for my pee-pee"

God, I want him so bad!

"Nope they're not...Frank? Frrannnkkk. FRANK!"

"Huh? What happened?"

"Where...where you looking at my ass?" Oh shit!

"Pshh! What? No! I was just...admiring the buttons on your pants" Great reason Frank. Very good reason. Oh shut up!

"I'm wearing pajamas. I'll give you one more chance to give me a excuse"

"Well..I..I...I have nothing. Yes, I was staring at your ass" I lowered my head in shame. Not my fault they're so hypnotizing. They're like two little bubbles.



"Do you like what you see?" I lifted my head and shot him a confusing look. Does he really want to know? Okay, just play cool.


"Then maybe you'll like this" He started moving his hips side to side as his hands were tugging at his pajama pants. Oh sweet Jesus! I'm gonna jizz in my pants. I kept my eyes locked on his pajama pants as he slowly started pushing them down. Where is the stripper music when you need it? I stretch my arms out to help him pull down his pajamas, but he slapped my hands away. His pajama pants hit the ground, leaving him in his boxers. He approached me and leaned over my small body.

"Me want to touch" I said.

"Uhuhuh, no touchy. I think Frankie should be punished for looking at Gerard's ass. What he did is vewy vewy bad. Do you think you deserve a punishment?" He rubbed his hands slowly over my crotch.

"Yes, yes, yes! I need a punishment! I've been a very bad boy"

"How bad?"

"Thinking about you while I'm in bed, the shower, on stage, touching me everywhere as I touched myself, imagining it was you touching me" He rubbed his hand harder on my crotch.

"That is very bad indeed. How should I punish you?" I watched him as he was thinking. My eyes traveled down to his crotch. I want it. Gerard backed away and took off his shirt. His skin looks so soft and inviting. He sat on my lap and started grinding his ass on my crotch, earning him a moan from my mouth. He smashed his lip on mine and started moving his lip. I did the same as I ran my hands in his chest and wow was it soft. Just like I imagined it. He ran his tongue along my bottom lip and I opened my mouth, allowing him to enter. We ran our tongue along side each others, battling for dominance. He eventually won. By that point I was already rock hard. I lifted my hips to get more of the delicious friction. Gerard climbed off me and got on his knees. It's gonna happen. My dreams are gonna come true. He unbuttoned my pants, pulled down the zipper, and yanked them off. I watched his as he looked at me with seductive eyes. He reached his hand in my boxers and pulled out my hardened cock. He slowly lowered his head, but then stopped. No. No. No!

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I just remembered I had to go meet Mikey at Startbucks, I had fun by the way." And with that he got up and put on his pajama pants, slipped on his shoes, and started approching the tour bus door.

"You're going to Starbucks like that?"

"I don't see why not"

"Now what am I gonna do with this?" I pointed at my crotch.

"You've dealed with it before when you'd think of me, I'm pretty sure you can deal with it now"

"You're a fucken tease you know that"

"Love you too"

Was bored. Wanted to write something. I hope you liked it please R&R :)
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