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Title says it all.

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First off I want to thank all of you for all of your lovley...semi-violent reviews. When I saw my story went green I was like AHHHHHHHH I started jumping up in down in excitment. My mom just looked at me lyk wtf? Anyways, thank you all, love you, and enjoy the chapter
P.S- I'm srry if the chapter didn't come out good I'm new to the hold jerking off writing thing, please R&R :)

Chapter title by Blood On The Dance Floor song 'Sexting'

I can't believe that sexy asshole just did that to me! How could he leave me here to finish off with what he started?! No one and I mean No One does this to the great and unresistingly sexy Frank Iero! Does he have any idea how many girls around the world want to 'ride my roller coaster' non-stop? And he leaves me here. This will not be the last words. This shall not remain like this.

"Time to think of a plan. How can I get Gerard back?" I looked down at my crotch and at my hand. Minus well get it out of the way.

Gerard's Pov

I'm suck a evil bitch. He thought I was going to finish him off. HA! Don't get me wrong, I would gladly finish him off. He is one sexy mother fucker, but just the look on his face was priceless. I wish I had a camera at that moment. Oh god I love my fast thinking brain. This is so gonna end up in my diar..I mean memory! Okay yes, I have a diary. No one knows, and never will know about it.

"Gerard! What the hell took you so long?!" asked Mikey as he stood there in front of the Starbucks building.

"Sorry I forgot and I was playing with Frankie a little. I was.."

"Don't tell me! Knowing you and Frank, I'm sure it's something disgusting" We walked in and the smell of coffee everywhere almost made me have an orgasm. I love coffee so much. So much it hurts. If I could, I would marry coffee.

"Hello, Welcome to Starbucks. Can I talk your order?" asked the cashier. She took one look at me and winked. Ew. I half smiled at her.

"I'll have a Caramel Frappuccino and Gerard?"

"I'll have a Caramel Macchiato please"

"That will be....six twenty five" Mikey handed her the money and we waited for the coffee.

"I almost gave Frank a blow job"


Frank's Pov

What should I do? Come on brain, do your job and think! There has to be some way I can get him back.

"Fuck, there's no way I can get him back!" I yelled and dropped my head on my hands.

"Get who back?" asked Ray as he walked in the tour bus.


"What he do?"

"Believe me, you don't want to know"

"Well, he keep a diary under his mattress. He thinks I haven't noticed, but I'm not stupid. You can use that" Diary? I didn't know he was that type of guy. Well, guy wouldn't fit into his description if he has a diary.

"Thank you Toro! You're a genius!" I ran to him and pounced on him. "And for letting me know that valuable information, I shall tell you what he did to me"

"Oh no it's not.."

"The fucker didn't give me the blow job I so rightful deserved" He started at me in shock. I walked into the bunk room and went on a search for the diary.

Gerard's Pov

"Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!" yelled Mikey as he covered his ears.

"What?! I said I almost, not I did. If I did I would've told you already" I chucked down my coffee as I waited for his response. What I said wasn't bad. I just said I almost gave him a blow job. I also told him about me grinding on him. I loved the way he begged for me to punish him.He's my bitch. I found myself a fuck buddy. Oh yeah.

"I told you I didn't want to know! Why do you do this to me?"

"I just thought you should know. I'm pretty sure if we ever have sex on your bed you would want to know"

"Have sex on my bed and I'll ripe your fucken head off!"

"Why are you so violent?"

"Shut up!" He scares me sometimes. I wonder if my mom drank a little when she was pregnant with him. I remember when he was born and my mom brought him home from the hospital. I got to admit he was fucken adorable, but I was jealous because he got all of the attention. What am I kidding? He's fucken sexy ass hell. If he weren't my brother I would be fucking him so hard right now. Holy shit! What if Mikey, Frank, and I have a threesome? Oh god, I'm such a slut.

"Gerard are you even listening to me?!"

"Oh, what?"

"You're phone's vibrating" I picked up my phone and saw it was a text message from Frank.

Hey sexy ;)

Hello stranger wat can i do u for?

I was thinking maybe later you would like to get together and I can maybe play a little with you :)

Wat type of play r we talkin bout here?

Well..I would really like for you to ride me so hard as you pull my hair

Really? How hard?

Oh god, so fucken hard that you make me bleed, till I can't sit for a week, fuck it till I can't even walk

What the fuck is this boy trying to do?

"Who is it?" asked Mikey.

"Um, Frank. Ca...can you excuse me for a moment?" I got up at walked into a bathroom. I made sure no one was in the stalls and locked myself in one of them.

Ooo wittle Fwankie lyks it rough ;p

Hell yeah baby! I want to feel your nice big cock in my tight little hole

Just reading what he wanted me to do to him was getting me hard. I pulled my zipper down, along with my pants, and pulled out my erection. So many pictures where flowing through my mind. Frank fucking me. Me fucking Frank. Frank giving me a blow job. So many things. I wrapped my hand around my hardened cock and slowly started rubbing it.

U have no idea how many things i would do to tht tight lil ass of urs

I want to hear you scream my name as you cum in me, you can even cum on me, I want to ride you so bad

I couldn't believe the things he was texting me. I had no idea he wanted me that bad. I quickened the pumping, imagining it was Frank who was jerking me off. I never thought he could do this to me.

How bad?

Frank's Pov

How bad?

I read the text. I read more from his diary.

I wish he can beg me to fuck him as I hard as I could. To the point where I can no long go faster. Fuck him so fucking hard. I wish he can tell me how bad he wants me to fuck him. I want him to tell me he want me so bad that he even plays with himself, thinking it's me. Even fucking himself with a dildo.

I want to fuck you so bad that I even want to play with myself pretending it's you. I would even fuck myself with a vibrating dildo, pretending it's your cock. Oh how much I wish I had you big cock in my mouth right now. I bet you taste delicious.

Tell me more bby plz tell me more

I want to suck your cock so hard it falls off, I want to ride it so hard you would have a killer orgasm, I want you to fuck me so hard you even break the bed

Fuck bby you have no idea how badly i want to do all that to you

Then come over here and show me what you got

Gerard's Pov

As I read the last text, I came. Never have I had as good as an orgasm as I just did. He's so gonna fucken pay for this.

When im done with mikey ill show you

Alright, I'll be waiting..

I waiting for a few minutes and cleaned myself off. This is so gonna be in my diary. I fixed myself and walked out the restroom. When I sat down Mikey just stared at me with narrow eyes.


"You forgot to clean off the cum from your shirt" I looked down and saw the small cum stain on it. Mikey leaned over the table and wiped it off with his finger. I started at him for a moment, then he licked it off his finger. What the fuck?

"Mmmm, no that bad"
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