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Chapter One

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Harry Potter is moved to Severus Snape's home for protection after number four is demolished. Can Harry survive the summer at Snapes home? Prehbp HPSS

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Harry Potter is moved to Severus Snape's home for protection after number four is demolished. Pre-hbp HPSS

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, only the plot


Harry Potter sat on the Hogwart's Express. The train had just reached platform 9 ¾ and he was not in the mood to get up and off the train. He had told Ron and Hermione that he would catch up with them on the platform to say good-bye for the summer, but really, he had been lying through his teeth to them. He planned to stay on the train until he was positive that they were gone, so he would not have to see them leave with their families while he had to return with the Dursleys. He didn't think he could stand to see their smiling faces again, while the memories of Sirius falling through the veil were still so fresh in his mind.

Harry's eyes began to water, but he quickly attempted to get rid of the wetness. He had promised himself a few days after Sirius died, that he would not cry again for him, he had cried enough during those few days, and he needed to get stronger. He needed revenge, and he would never be able to get revenge if he was as weak as he was now. No he needed to get stronger.

So lost in thought was Harry that he did not even notice that someone had entered the compartment that he was sitting in until they cleared their throat. Harry spun around, his wand already half way out of his pocket, until he saw that Professor Snape was standing just inside the doorway of his compartment, looking very agrivated.

"Mr. Potter, stand up!" Snape ordered. Harry stumbled quickly to his feet, wondering why Snape was here. The only other professor that he had ever seen on the train was Professor Lupin, and that had been two years ago. But, before He could ask Snape any questions, something was thrust into his hand and he felt a familiar tug at his navel.

'A portkey!' Harry though in panic before he landed hard on a wooden floor, Snape standing behind him. He looked around himself, but didn't recognize where he was. It looked like an entrance way of a small house, the floor was clean, but creaky and worn from years of use, and if you looked carefully you could see that the walls were not quite as clean as they should have been. The furnishings, also looked old, almost antique, but kept clean of mold or dust.

Harry finally realized he was still sitting on the floor and Snape was standing over him, waiting for him to get up. Harry quickly clamored to his feet and looked over at Snape. "Um... Sir? Where are we?" He asked, a bit nervous. He did not completely trust Snape, and for all he knew this could be a plan of Lord Voldemort. Snape, however ignored Harry and quickly tread silently down the one hallway that lead away from this entrance room.

"Follow, Mr. Potter. Quickly!" Snape called over his shoulder, not waiting for Harry to catch up. Harry of course, quickly followed Snape down the hall, which was lined with wizard portraits, most of the were of old men, which were sleeping soundly, but a few more, young and lively wizards, gazed out of their frames at the passing people. Some of them were wispering to each other, and Harry could make out some of the conversations 'That's him.' 'The one that is coming here now.' 'The poor boy.' Harry was so busy looking and listening to the portraits on the walls that he did not notice until too late, that Professor Snape had abruptly stopped in front of a door. Unable to stop himself soon enough, Harry ran into his professor.

"Pay close attention, Potter, we would not want any unfortunate accidents here." The professor hissed at Harry before turning around and knocking loudly on the door. The door shuddered, and with a creaky sigh, it began to open up for the professor. Harry watched the door intently, wondering what was behind the old thing.

"Severus? I trust you have him." Came a solemn voice from inside, that Harry guessed belonged to Professor Dumbledore.

"I did." Severus said as he moved into the room so that Harry could now see that it was in fact Dumbledore. Although he looked different, his eyes did not have their usual twinkle, and his face seemed slag, and devoid of energy. Dumbledore nodded to Severus and Harry, motioning for both of them to sit down in the chairs that were opposite his. Harry quickly took his seat next to Snape and was about to open his mouth to ask Dumbledore, where he was, but was cut off as Dumbledore spoke first.

"Ah, Harry. I have horrible, horrible news that I must impart upon you. I am very sorry to tell you this, but number four was demolished while you rode the train from Hogwarts."
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