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Mynameisnotimportant's song resquests? suggestions?

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No I haven't heard of Ludo before this

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So Mynameisnotimportant gave me a list of links to songs to reveiw, so you go (sorry for the looooonnng wait)

The songs are

Too Tired to Wink
Holy crap; this suprised me (there was a commercial at the beginning before the video started which was anime, and I was thinking it was going to be Japanese or something) but HOLY DAYUM, they are really freaking good.

Whipped Cream
Comment- May I just say, they have the best dance moves EVER; haha
It is another good song; and I want it with whipped cream on it ;)

Kiss Me Again (Stuttering) by Ben's Brother
Comment- This has nothing to do with the song, AT ALL but when I saw 'Ben's Brother' I somehow thought of Ben and Nate (-Ever After-'s characters haha) BUT to thee song
-Honest, I didn't enjoy it at the beginning (up until the first chourus, I was 'meh') but for a more mellow song, it is kick ass (reminds me of my life, well horrible love-life).
But I am in love with the chorus (the way it is for some reason is gawd wow, for me at the very least)...

Comment- At first I was like "What?" Then as I watched it, I was reminded of Nightmare Before Christmas (suprisingly) but yeah, it's a good short (even though I was like 'oh-kay last song) haha but it was good)..

In all
-Love Too Tired To Wink
-Love the chorus to kiss me again
-Gave me a break from reality (well somewhat) watching the short

Thanks for the suggestions; I'll see if I can get any more up tonight (NO HOMEWORK BOOANDYAH)
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