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Thank you broski's;

Stay Mayday Parade
Comment- Okay so, I interpret songs in a whole diffrent veiw than most and put it to my personal life; and of course this reminded me of my life
(Random Sam Story (feel free to skip) but it doesn't remind me of ex's (cause my ex is still REALLY close of a best friend with me) but it reminds me of my best friend, well ex-best friend. She used to be the person who kept me from all the shit I did..well until she actually saw the scars for real, then she turned her back and everytime I see her she acts like I'm nothing...well that and everyone I went to school with acts like I'm just another stranger) OKAY THAT WAS SAD FOR ME CAUSE YEAH ENOUGH BUT I FUCKIN LOVE THIS SONG OKAY IT MAKES ME CRY LIKE I LOVE THIS SONG CRY!
Yeah so go check it out; RIGHT NOW

I Was Right New Years Day
Comment- Love this song, it's so pumped up. About being right and wanting someone to admit to being wrong (we've all had those moments)...She is an amazing singer, WOW :D

Sarcasm Get Scared
Comment- When I saw the lyrics (the little picture thing for the video) I was thinking 'is it like rap, wow' but I was totally wrong, because they are not at all rap, they are good (amazing singer, amazing lyrics no legit and they are of the only bands who have screamo parts that I am like "their good) So, Sarcasm by Get Scared, a really good song :)

Whore Get Scared
Comment- This reminds me of someone I know..huh weird eh? Okay but the song is really good, they know how to put things (I have no idea but I love the chorus) and yeah; it's all around a good song..

XxPerfectTomorrowxX YOU woman (or man) have a great taste in music (-cough- Get Scared -cough-)
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