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'Sup brah? (That is cool, legit)...and THANK YOU, I cannot stand country

Everybody Talks Neon Trees
Comment- HOLYWOWTHANKS! I heard it off American Reunion and I was too lazy to go find it..haha but it is a good song, pumped up, it makes you want to dance like an idiot (or was that just me being hyper)..
So erm if you like this song go watch American Reunion (I'm kidding, but go watch it..I even did and I haven't seen any of the movies)
"It started with a whisper, and that was when I kissed her" (should be a fic)

It's Time Imagine Dragons
Comment- It's a great song, not kidding (amazing lyrics) but it probably will take me a bit longer to get into (I'm so sorry hun, but it's not that two second connection :( so sorry) it is a good song though; the lyrics "I don't ever want to leave this town"..yeah I hate my town at times but I never want to leave (we've been learning more about college and such in CALM and I'm like fuck)

Breath Me Sia
Comment- From the beginning riff on piano I already loved it (I don't know, but piano entries that are really good I love)..she is an amazing singer; and pretty too (but this is about the music).
Good song because= It's somewhat pumped up meets piano and deep meaningful lyrics :D have a great music taste, and yes UPDATE WOMAAAANNN
haha but yea I love breath Me (Who gives a fro if it's old, as long as it's good)
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