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Chapter Eight

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Harry Potter is moved to Severus Snape's home for protection after number four is demolished. Can Harry survive the summer at Snapes home? Prehbp HPSS

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Harry watched a bit confuse as Herpo rushed out of the room. What in the world did the portrait think it would be able to do to Snape? Harry's curiosity got the better of him for the second time that day though and he followed the figure of Herpo along the wall until he was standing in front of the door to Snape's study, the door still closed. Snape had told him only minutes ago that he was to stay out of the study and Herpo noticed that he was not making any attempts to even knock on the door in front of him.

"Well boy?" The portrait asked, agitated that Harry was not barging into Snape's room.

"He just told me to stay out of his study not more than five minutes ago. I am not about to go and do exactly what he told me directly not to do right now. I will wait here."

"Fine." Herpo huffed as he moved to the edge of the last frame and into Snape's study. Harry wondered if Herpo would actually be able to manage to get Snape to hand the book back over. He highly doubted it, but decided to see if Herpo got lucky by some slim chance. As he waited he began to hear the gruff voice of Herpo begin to raise in volume. The door was thick, but if Harry was very still and breathed lightly he was able to make out what Herpo was saying.

"You took MY book away from MY student, and expect ME to sit back and do NOTHING about it! I demand that you give my book back to him RIGHT NOW!" By the end of it Herpo's voice could be heard clearly through the door and Harry did not have to strain to hear what was being said. Snape must have been making some sort of reply because there was a long pause in the noise, where Harry could only distinguish a soft murmuring that he assumed must be Snape.

It was not long before Herpo's voice reappeared though. "This is all because you are jealous of him! He got the book and you didn't. No matter how many times you asked for it, I never gave it to you, and now you have it in your sticky fingers, because YOU STOLE IT!" There was another long pause where Harry could not distinguish what was being said, and he could only imagine how Snape must have been fuming right now. He was being yelled at by a painting. He did not think anyone would respond particularly well to that, but he imagined that Snape would be even more infuriated by it.

"RETURN IT NOW, or else ..." the rest or Herpo's sentence dissolved into a soft murmuring that Harry could not understand, and he wondered what Herpo possible had that he could threaten Snape with. It was interesting that anyone had any leverage on Snape, a portrait made it even more interesting. Harry was caught in the middle of hi thoughts, that he was surprised when the door swung violently inward to reveal a fuming Snape.


"Sir." Harry responded, noticing how tense Snape's body was. Snape stiffly pulled the small book out of his pocket and held it out to Harry. Harry took it.

"I don't want to see you, hear you, or notice any sign that you even exist for the rest of the summer." Snape said tersely and as soon as that was said he slammed the door in Harry's face. Moments later Herpo strode proudly about the picture frames outside Snape's office.

"I told you I would get him." He said, proud of himself, and a bit arrogant.
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