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Chapter Nine

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Harry Potter is moved to Severus Snape's home for protection after number four is demolished. Can Harry survive the summer at Snapes home? Prehbp HPSS

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Harry looked at Herpo with amazement and a tad bit of annoyance too. Sure, Herpo had just blackmailed Snape into giving Harry back his book, which was amazing. Harry had thought he was never going to get it back again. But, it had cost him the only real contact he had for the rest of the summer. Even though Harry did not like Snape, he had to admit that he did not want to be completely alone for the rest of the summer.

He began to walk slowly back up to his room, while Herpo went off somewhere to celebrate with some of the other portraits. When he got there he threw himself roughly onto his bed and opened up the book to where he had left off. But, he soon found that he was not going to be getting any further on this today. He sighed and got up and began to pace the room.

After a few minutes he thought of roaming the house again, but the memories of being yelled at by Snape were still to fresh in his mind, and he had no wish to run into that man again any time in the near future. He felt like getting outside. At the Dursley's he had been able to go outside, but here he felt like he was even more of a prisoner. No human contact, and confined space. The more Harry thought about it the worse it seemed to him.

'This is how Sirus felt at number twelve.' Harry thought bitterly to himself. 'Under lock and key, always, and never able to get away for even a few hours. No wonder he was so miserable there.' Harry went back to the bed and stretched out on it, staring at the ceiling. He fell asleep with tears on his face from the thoughts of his godfather, and the need to get stronger.

He would get more books from the portraits later.

In the morning, a ravenous Harry went down to the kitchen, eager to get breakfast from Maren. The house elf was delighted to see him so hungry. She more than happily loaded Harry's plate with food, but told him he would have to go eat in the dinning room at the end of the hallway. Harry tried to protest, knowing that it was highly likely that Snape would be there eating breakfast too. But, the house elf would not take no for an answer. With a push and a shove, Harry was being directed down the hallway by the little house elf, until Harry made it to the entrance of the dinning room and Maren went back to the kitchen, leaving Harry standing in the doorway of the dinning room, holding his breakfast and a glass of pumpkin juice. Harry pushed the door open just a little to peak inside to see if Snape was there. He was but, unfortunately for Harry, Snape spotted him before he was able to close the door again. "Potter!" Snape snapped as he pushed his breakfast away from him. Harry watched as Snape stalked towards the door. Snape wrenched the door all the way open. He glared down at Harry and began to speak, his voice ice cold. "I thought I told you yesterday that I did not want to know you even existed! And here you are, interrupting my breakfast first thing in the morning! Explain yourself"

"Well, see, sir... there was Maren, and, well she kind of...kind of insisted that I ate in the dinning room. She would not leave me alone. She dragged me all the way here, even though I told her it would be a bad idea. You have got to believe me. If I had known for sure that you were in the dinning room I would have never come in...and, and..." Harry trailed off unsure if there was something else that Snape wanted to hear.

"Stop rambling, Potter! From now in you eat in the kitchen or your bedroom! Now get out of my sight." Snape hissed at Harry as he slammed the door in Harry's face yet again. Harry walked away dejected. He found himself surprisingly disappointed that Snape had not forgiven him for yesterdays incident. He walked slowly up to his room and began to eat in silence.
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