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During half-term I was so bored that I invited Penina, Raven, Lorna and Riley to sleepover. My parents agreed to go out again so I decided to invite Gerard, Ray, Mikey and Frank over as well.

Like last time, Penina, Raven, Lorna and Riley showed up while my parents were still here so that they weren't suspicious. We sat in the living room while our pizza, chips and chicken nuggets cooked in the oven and we watched the kids choice awards "Did Will Smith actually jump out of the plane or did a stunt double do it?" I asked.

"I don't think it's him." Riley said, looking closely at the screeen "I'm pretty sure it's not actually him."

We watched it for a while and me and Riley got really into it "NO! I DON'T WANT HIM TO WIN!" I screamed at the screen "HE DOESN'T DESERVE TO WIN!"

"So long as One Direction don't win any kind of award I'll be happy." Riley hissed.

"I thought you were a One Direction fan?" Penina asked.

Riley shrugged "I like their songs but they just do my head in. I mean like whenever they have to sing on TV or something they always sing 'What Makes You Beautiful'. I mean, they have other songs! And also I heard they're assholes to their fans. Their faces are EVERYWHERE and it irritates me so much!"

"I agree." Lorna nodded "They're awful."

"Girls, we're going out now." My Mom told me, coming into the living room "Also, I think your food is done."

They left the house and we went into the kitchen. Penina, Raven and Lorna had pizza and chips while me and Riley had chicken nuggets and fries "What are we doing after dinner?" Raven asked.

"We should play blind mans bluff again!" Penina grinned "I love that game!"

"Alright, let's play that." I replied "I think I have a scarf we can use."

We finished our dinner and put everything in the dish washer when the boys arrived just in time "We're gonna play bind mans bluff again!" Penina told Frank excidetly, kissing him on he cheek "Who wants to be on first!"

"Not it!"

"Not it!"

"Not it!"

This went on until Raven was left "Eugh, fine, I'll be on first." Ray tied the scarf around her head then shoved her onto the sofa while we all ranaway. Me and Penina crammed into the cupboard under my stairs while Raven stumbled around blindly "I can hear you wherever you are! Ouch! What the hell was that?" Me and Penina poked our heads round the door and saw that Frank had spanked her ass with a tea towel.

We crept out of the cupboard and under the stairs and into the living room. Mikey was in there doing the weird dance he'd done at Riley's house "Shit, she's coming in!" Penina whispered, diving over the sofa and hiding behind it.

Mikey hid behind me "Oh be a man!" I hissed. Raven came closer to us "Mikey, goddammit!" And then Raven caught me because Mikey hadn't let me go "You did that on purpose!" Mikey laughed at me and kissed my cheek. I groaned "Just tie the blindfold."

So Mikey tied the scarf round my eyes and I walked around. This was way harder than when I had been at Riley's house. I felt that I was out of the living room. I started waving my arms around wildly "Where's the furniture!?" I yelled, flinging my arms about "No, guys, I don't like this. I can't find the furniture!"

I walked forwards and asked "Is this the living room?" I gasped "No, this is the corridor!" I heard someone whispering down by the front door. Ha! I had trapped them. I felt my way down the corridor "I can hear you!" I giggled, grabbing hold of someone. I tore my blindfold off and Penina frowned at me.

"Hozzie, can I point something out to you?" Ray asked, dragging me into the kitchen "This is what you did." He threw his arms about "You were literally two centimetres away from touching the kitchen unit yet you couldn't find it!" Ray laughed at me.

"Whatever, it's my turn."

"Let's make this more interesting." I grinned, opening the garage door and flicking both lights on "We can hide in the garage now."

"Yeah, you'd bring that rule in when I'm on, wouldn't you?" Penina pouted.

Frank spun her round then shoved her away from the door. We all ran outside into the garage. We went right to the back and put a chair in the small gap in front of us "You're all in the garage, aren't you?" Penina walked in slowly "I don't like it in here. It's scary. You guys are in here, right? I don't wanna be in here by myself! Oh my god guys!" Penina turned around "I'm leaving."

Penina left the garage and Frank, Ray and Raven crept out of our hiding place and into the spare toilet that was in the garage. They all crouched down by the toilet "Mmm it smells like lemons." We heard Raven say.

Penina came back into the garage and straight into the spare toilet "Got you!" Penina yelled "I've got you!"

"Okay, fine, you've got me!" Raven shrieked "But I don't wanna be on again."

"Don't be such a spoilsport." Ray pouted.

Raven poked his cheek "I know, let's play twister!"

I ran upstairs and got the twister board "Alright, let's take it in turns."

Ten minutes later the only people left in were Raven and Mikey "Give up!" Raven yelled "This hurts!"

"If it hurts then give up!" Mikey replied. I took out my camera and took a picture. Mikey's butt was in Raven's face and Raven had her hand under Mikey's butt "This is so awkward!"

"This is so going on Facebook." I laughed.

[A/N] - Not a great chapter :L
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